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Hussein Soetoro Backing Clinton AR Use and PSY-OP on the Public

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As the old saying goes, “birds of a feather flock together.”  It has never been more evident as Dictator Hussein Soetoro hits the campaign trail with Dictator-in-waiting Hillary Clinton.  Once fierce rivals in the 2008 Democratic nominee campaign for president, these two have now become co-dependents proving there is no honor among thieves.

According to CNSnews.com:

Her chances of winning hinges on rallying Obama’s coalition to her cause.  Obama’s legacy depends on her success.

Aides to both say the foe-to-friend story will be at the center of the Obama-Clinton show Tuesday.  In his remarks, the president will act as a character witness for his former adviser, who is struggling to convince voters of her trustworthiness and honesty.  There is no better politician to testify on her behalf, many Democrats believe, than the man who once counted himself among the Clinton skeptics but came around to be one of her biggest boosters.

A man who has proven to be a traitor, a criminal, a lawless individual and Godless man is “vouching” for the “trustworthiness and honesty” of another traitor, criminal, lawless individual and Godless woman.  How rich!  Odd isn’t it that Bill and Hillary Clinton first exposed Hussein Soetoro as not meeting the requirements for holding the office of the president according to the Constitution;  yet, this man is backing this crime family to occupy the White House.  Hussein Soetoro is not the “forgive and forget” type.  His backing of Hillary has only one purpose – to secure a pardon should he be subsequently charged with crimes against the united States once he leaves office.

According to David Axelrod, “the chief architect of Obama’s 2008 race for the Democratic nomination against Clinton,” “I think that he can be very helpful, particularly with Democratic voters and some independent voters who have doubts.  He can do that by sharing his own experience.  They were rivals, they had their differences;  that gives him some additional standing.”

More from CNSnews.com:

The Clinton campaign also is hoping that Obama’s presence at her side serves as a reminder of another, more popular chapter in Clinton’s career. For four years, Obama trusted her to circle the globe representing his foreign policy. She sat at his side in the Situation Room. She was the good soldier, putting aside her political ego to join the administration of the man who defeated her. During her tenure at the State Department she was viewed favorably by most Americans.

“As someone who was a former rival and came to put a lot of faith in her, we believe the president’s support for her is particularly meaningful to voters,” said Clinton campaign adviser Jennifer Palmieri.

Clinton’s appointment to be Secretary of State had nothing to do with the “trust” Hussein Soetoro had in this woman.  It had nothing to do with her being “the good soldier.”  She certainly did not sideline “her political ego to join the administration of the man who defeated her.”  If history is any indication, the Clintons are ruthless when it comes to crushing rivals, those who oppose them, and those who dare expose their criminal activities.  This was nothing more than an agreement between rival mafia leaders.  Hussein Soetoro awarded Clinton what she wanted to hush her up – name her Secretary of State and promote her as the next Dictator-in-chief.  Clinton agreed to drop the claim of his ineligibility and secure a presidential pardon for Hussein Soetoro against any charges should she be elected.

This is the woman who ruthlessly dogged and harassed the women accusing Bill Clinton of rape.  This is the family who has a trail of bodies that would extend from Little Rock, Arkansas, to Los Angeles, California, to New York City, New York, and back to Little Rock.  Yet, we are to believe Hillary “graciously” accepted defeat by one Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Soebarkah.

And, these “campaign whores” driveling this tripe expects American citizens to believe Hussein Soetoro has “reformed” his pettiness, passive aggressive behavior, and need to sadistically inflict some type of injury against his opposition and rivals.  This is the man who closed open-air memorials out of spite to World War II veterans during the “shutdown” of government.  This man who unleashed the IRS dogs against Tea Party, Constitutional and conservative groups has somehow had a change of heart where his opposition and rivals are concerned.  This usurper who has effectively neutered Republicans, tied the hands of Congress, stripped authority from Border Patrol, and released hundreds of thousands of illegal alien criminals has been reborn.  Or, that is what we are to believe since he now supports Hillary Clinton, who sought to bring him to his knees in 2008 and who is under investigation for wrong-doing regarding the personal email server at her home she used for official government business.

Criminal supporting criminal.  Anti-constitutionalist supporting an anti-constitutionalist.  This is par for the course when it comes to Democrats and Republicans alike.  After all, for political parties, it is all about the party, not the Constitution.

With Hussein Soetoro supporting Hillary Clinton for the 2016 Democratic nominee for president, one should not believe he has changed his “spots.”  It is another example of the corruption, cronyism, and crooked politics that infests government and the political parties.  Given half a chance, Clinton would slit the throat of Hussein Soetoro as she smiled in his face while the Dictator-in-chief would stab her in the back, throw her under the bus and blame it on “climate change.”

In other words, this is the biggest ruse and psyop on the American public by two criminal politicians ever in the history of this nation.  Hopefully, the voters will see through this charade for what it is.  If not, there is no helping those who refuse to see.

Article by Suzanne Hamner

The Washington Standard

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