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ICE Director Blasts Nancy Pelosi: “How Dare She Say We Are Terrorizing Communities!”

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Acting Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Tom Homan ripped into House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) after she made comments that President Trump had used ICE in the San Francisco Bay area to terrorize the people there.

“Just last week, President Trump decided to terrorize innocent immigrant families in the Bay Area with his unjust and cruel raids,” Pelosi said on Wednesday, March 7 following a series of arrests of illegals by ICE.

“The people of California will not be bowed by the Trump administration’s brazen aggression and intimidation tactics,” the California Democrat said. “Californians will continue to proudly keep our doors open to the immigrants who make America more American. We will fight this sham lawsuit and will fight all cowardly attacks on our immigrant communities.”

“The President has now desperately decided to brazenly abuse the legal system to push his mass deportation agenda.,” Pelosi added, forgetting that the mass deportation is part of US law.

“How dare she say we are terrorizing communities,” Homan said.

Homan pointed out that besides being in the country illegally, that of those rounded up in the Los Angeles sting 88% were already convicted criminals.  Overall, in the California arrests, 81% of those arrested were also convicted criminals.

“Her quote was beyond the pale,” Homan said.

Homan responded not only to Pelosi, but to Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) who, along with Governor Jerry Brown ripped the Trump administration for doing their job on immigration.  He pointed out that Feinstein voted for the Immigration Control and Financial Responsibility Act of 1996, which gave his department the authority to conduct the arrests.  One has to question how that authority was taken from the militia in our Constitution and given to an alphabet DC agency though.

“If people don’t like it, people like Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein can certainly change the law, they are legislators,” Homan said.

Mr. Homan also tore into Oakland’s mayor, Libby Schaaf after she warned illegals in her city that ICE arrests were coming.

“She gave them warning, and there’s 800 that we were unable to locate because of that warning, so that community is a lot less safe than it would have been,” Homan told “Fox & Friends.”

Of course, those numbers were disputed by San Francisco spokesman for ICE, James Schwab, who said the numbers were much lower and that when he asked for a correction, he was told to deflect.

“I quit because I didn’t want to perpetuate misleading facts,” Schwab, told The San Francisco Chronicle. “I asked them to change the information. I told them that the information was wrong, they asked me to deflect, and I didn’t agree with that. Then I took some time and I quit.”

Schwab was hired in 2015 and resigned last week.

Last week, the Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against the state of California for its illegal sanctuary cities policies under new “laws” that were recently passed.

The complaint alleges that state laws AB 450, SB 54 and AB 103 were created to impede existing immigration laws.

  • AB 450 – forbids private employers from cooperating with immigration agents who conduct worksite enforcement operations. It also requires those employers to inform workers about such operations.
  • SB 54 – restricts law enforcement officials from notifying federal immigration agents of release dates for prisoners in their custody who have been convicted are facing deportation and prohibits local law enforcement from transferring them into federal custody.
  • AB 103 – requires the state to inspect detention facilities where federal authorities are holding immigrants who face deportation.

Of course, Governor Brown ripped the Trump administration over the lawsuit.

“This is really unprecedented for the chief law enforcement officer of the United States to come out to California and act more like Fox News than a law enforcement officer,” Brown said.  “This is a political stunt.  We know the Trump administration is full of liars. They’ve pled guilty already to the special counsel.”

“This is basically going to war against the state of California, the engine of the American economy,” Brown said.  “It’s not wise, it’s not right, and it will not stand.”

That’s really not true.  California is a huge state of Socialism. Stop providing them welfare money and stop having the CIA fund businesses there and we’ll see how much of the “engine of the American economy” they are.

Still, Governor Brown’s Attorney General is standing by his man.

“California stands on firm legal footing when it takes action. We believe we are in full compliance with the federal Constitution and federal law,” said California Attorney General Xavier Becerra.

I’m sure there is going to be a lot of fireworks in this lawsuit, but the fact that there is actual immigration enforcement and that it’s being challenged by people we know are corrupt is quite telling.

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost

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