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Ignorant, Racist Mizzou Students Call For Removal of Thomas Jefferson Statue

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A few months ago, we saw a nationwide controversy over the Confederate Battle Flag with liberal ignorant individuals claiming the flag was symbolic of racism and slavery. The “ignorant” complaints and demonstrations resulted in some southern states removing the flag from flagpoles. Yet, that wasn’t enough. These same “ignorant” individuals attacked confederate memorials, graves of prominent confederate soldiers/generals, and the carving commemorating three generals on the side of Stone Mountain Park in Stone Mountain, Georgia. In many cases, cities and states removed these memorials and monuments.

Not content with trying to erase history regarding the War to Enslave the States and the Confederate States of America, a new group of “ignorant” individuals, college students, at the University of Missouri demand removal of a statue of Thomas Jefferson, founding father and author of the Declaration of Independence.

According to Breitbart:

Jefferson’s detractors at the university started an online petition demanding the removal of the statue located on the east side of Francis Quadrangle.

The petition started by Mizzou student Maxwell Little hyperbolically begins, “The need to project a progressive environment is just as important as food and shelter to survive” and goes on to plead for a “welcoming environment,” charging that the statue of Jefferson doesn’t facilitate that end.

The petition also calls the statue of Jefferson an example of “nonverbal code” that says black students are “unwelcome” at the school.

It was only a matter of time that these ignoramuses would jump to remove any historical memorial or commemoration of this nation’s founding and its founding fathers. After the attack on the Confederate Battle Flag resulted in government officials “hopping” to their tune, it opened the door for further historical revision and attacks. Some city officials repeated like a parrot the claims put forth by these “ignorant” groups regarding the Confederate Battle Flag.

Having a statue of Jefferson on a university “quad” is now considered “offensive” and an unspoken message to black students that they are not welcome at the school. If that’s the case, then every statue of Martin Luther King, Jr. or any memorial to Dr. King at any public place is an unspoken message to white people that they are not welcome wherever that statue is. This group of students are being ridiculous; but, that appears to be pandemic in the university arena. One would think the universities have a new curriculum for liberal progressives where students can earn an “ID 10T” degree.

It only gets better from here in ridiculousness. These ID 10T candidates pointed to an unproven claim that Jefferson fathered a child with one of his slaves, Sally Hemmings. This group is calling Jefferson’s actions “rape” and claim the statue sends an “unspoken message” that women are “unwelcome.” Mr. Little claims, as well, the statue is “disrespectful” to victims of sexual abuse at the university.

Fiction writer Tom Clancy couldn’t make up a story this ridiculous.

The petition filed by Little states, “Some individuals may not see Thomas Jefferson’s statue in the quad as a form of oppression, but in higher education settings where highly conscious students are present, it is relatively easy to see and read such nonverbal messages.” Little highlighted work by Burgoon, Guerrero, and Floyd on “facial expressions” being communicative but architecture, decorations, color, time cycles, or punctuality is overlooked as a communication tool. He claims the statue of Jefferson on the quad affects him “emotionally and psychologically.”

If Mr. Little is an example of a “highly conscious student,” then the Moon is made of green cheese and the Earth is flat. More than likely, Mr. Little is an example of an insecure, low self-esteem student schooled in racism, sexism and the utopian lie of communism.

Little cited plenty of “experts” and “historians” with hardly a unique point of view written; but echoed the sentiments of these individuals, probably from something in a class he attended. He states, “Removing Jefferson’s statue alone will not eliminate the racial problems we face in America today, but it will help cure the emotional and psychological strain of history.”

The “racial problems” America faces today are a direct result of a community organizing, racist Dictator-in-Chief who has stirred the ashes reigniting a fire that had almost died out. Still, how does removing a statue help “cure the emotional and psychological strain of history?” History is still there — it’s just been covered up by PC nonsense. And, please tell the entire nation, Mr. Little, how in the world individuals, such as yourself are suffering an “emotional and psychological strain” from history when you were not even there?

Little is affected for sure. Some might even say “emotionally and psychologically” impaired and a statue has nothing to do with it. The petition has garnered 93 signers on the way to 100. Reading some of the comments left on the page leaves one with little doubt where our country will be when these ID 10T degree holders start holding government positions.

Qiana Moore-Nightingale from Chicago, IL wrote, “Black students deserve to be respected on Mizzoy’s [sic] campus.”

Randii Williams from Silver Springs, MD stated in the comment section, “I’m signing this because I’m african american [sic] and native american [sic]. I do not support Thomas Jefferson’s legacy.”

Jefferson’s legacy was a Declaration of Independence — a statement sent to King George III of England announcing the independence of the colonies from an oppressive, tyrannical ruler. I guess Randii Williams would have preferred to be a subject of England, or probably some other nation as Britain may not have kept the colonies. Williams definitely pulls the “race card,” but what does being African American and Native American have to do with whether or not you support freedom and liberty? And, where does Qiana Moore-Nightingale get that blacks are disrespected on a university campus because of a statue?

Commenter Pam Owens from Salem, WI said she “felt that Pres. Jefferson was racist by his remarks” that she has read and “he forced indecent acts on a minor slave girl named Sally Hemmings.” If that’s all Pam Owens got from reading Jefferson’s remarks and letters, then Ms. Owens missed the greatest part of Jefferson’s legacy — freedom and liberty. If Jefferson and the other founding fathers had let things go along without declaring independence, Ms. Owens might not have the “freedom of speech” and the ability to support ridiculous petitions as she does today. But, those thoughts never enter the minds of the PC disabled and stupid.

In another display of incredibly stupid, Quincy Berry wrote, “Statues should be ICONIC! Someone a BLACK WOMAN like myself should be inspired and encouraged by walking through campus.”

As us nurses like to say, “we can’t fix stupid, but we sure can sedate it.” Thorazine all around for these Mizzou students, please. How can one not be inspired and encouraged by the founders’ fighting for and securing freedom and liberty against overwhelming odds against defeating the British?

This is not the only attack against the statue of Jefferson. “Last week, students launched a social media effort featuring the hashtag #postyourstateofmind and urged students to cover the statue with sticky notes sporting messages such as ‘rapist’ and ‘racist’.” Jefferson, instead of being known for advancing the independence of the colonies and establishing a nation, is now being dubbed a “rapist” and a “racist” by students looking for anything to attack for their 15 minutes of fame.

The movement doesn’t appear to have a large following and Ian Paris, president of Mizzou’s Young Americans for Liberty chapter, stated it was an example of PCism, calling the effort “misplaced anger.” He claimed that any attempt to remove the Jefferson statue would be a disservice, not only to Jefferson’s memory but to the university itself. Paris stated to the College Fix it was fallacious to “require all historical figures to be judged by contemporary standards” and Jefferson’s owning of slaves “does not discredit him as an advocate for liberty in early America.”

Finally, a student with reasoning skills.

Skyler Roundtree, chairman of the Mizzou College Republicans told the LA Times, “I feel like we’re forgetting important moral and political values Thomas Jefferson stood for.” Roundtree also stated America has reached a place in our culture where “when someone takes offense at something, then it should be removed.” He added, “We are living in a time where our society has begun to sacrifice morals and traditions only to be politically correct.”

American society is certainly sacrificing every moral and tradition ever held. It used to be “moral” to have your pants covering your underwear, but now, young males walk about showing their backside and dingy underwear. Tradition used to include saying, “Merry Christmas,” but now, that greeting is offensive ushering in the PC term “Happy Holidays.” Examples of our “compromise” on morals and traditions are too numerous to list.

Despite the ridiculousness of the petition, it will receive serious consideration. It wouldn’t surprise many if the statue was removed given the climate of offense that engulfs this nation. It has come to the point it’s easier to list what isn’t offensive as that list is almost non-existent.

Forget history. Forget the legacy of freedom and liberty our founders fought to give this nation. It means nothing to the PC, ID 10T degree earning, and stupid liberal progressives. Moreover, these individuals are part of our posterity — a group of individuals who find offense in everything, including freedom and liberty and those who secured it for their posterity.

Hold on and preserve what American history can be secured since history is slated for revision and all reminders of it removed to suit those who are offended by being an American or Americans who support freedom. The “hyphenated” PC crowd finds offense with inclusion into being “American” only. Hopefully, these “students” will find someone “perfect” whose past indiscretions will not offend their delicate psyches and emotions. If not, every semblance of America will be gone, lost to their nonsensical demands and replaced with whatever happens to fill the void. Unfortunately, if they are not happy with the replacement, good luck with having the freedom to start ridiculous petitions, engage in free speech and free association.

*Article by Suzanne Hamner

The Washington Standard

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