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Intelligence Committee GOP Leaders: ‘No Spying’ Occurred

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The big story we’ve been following for the last couple of weeks has been the revelation that there may have been a “spy” in the Trump campaign, whose job it was to report info back to the FBI/DOJ.

There has been pushback against that theory from the liberal media, and from Democrats whose sole purpose is to undermine the Trump administration. The problem is that their pushback has never contained any factual information, they’ve not offered any reason for us to discount the reports that there was a mole in the Trump team. Instead, they’ve simply argued that Trump is a liar and that the “spy” was simply a “confidential informant” (which the rest of us would call a spy).

However, after a classified briefing from the Intel community, Congressional members of the GOP are explaining that they believe that the informant was not informing on the campaign, but on the possibility of Russian activity in the campaign.

Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) appeared on CBS This Morning yesterday and argued that there was no “spy” in the campaign, and that the investigation had nothing to do with President Trump.

“When the FBI comes into contact with information about what a foreign government may be doing in our election cycle, I think they have an obligation to run it out,” said Gowdy on “CBS This Morning” on Wednesday.

He added, “Based on what I have seen, I don’t know what the FBI could have done or should have done other than run out a lead that someone loosely connected with the campaign was making assertions about Russia, I would think you would want the FBI to find out whether there was any validity to what those people were saying.”

Gowdy said that following his briefing on Capitol Hill with top intelligence officialsregarding the FBI’s use of an informant to make contact with Trump campaign officials, he was certain that the FBI would conclude that Russia was indeed the target, and not Mr. Trump or his campaign.

“I think the FBI, if they were at the table this morning, they would tell you that Russia was the target and Russia’s intentions toward our country were the target. The fact that two people who were loosely connected to the Trump campaign may have been involved doesn’t diminish the fact that Russia was the target and not the campaign,” said Gowdy.

Gowdy also added that he thinks the President would be fine with the parameters of the investigation, if he had seen the classified intel that Congress had been privy to.

Gowdy said he thinks the president would have a different perspective if he was shown classified documents he and his colleagues were shown last week.  “I think his lawyers have an obligation to share with him what Devin [Nunes] and Paul [Ryan] and I saw last week, I’m convinced when he sees it, he’s going to say ‘you know what, that’s what I told [James] Comey I wanted the FBI to do.”

Therein lies the problem.

The President hasn’t been made privy to the intel, and even though former FBI Director James Comey told him that he wasn’t under investigation… it seemed as if he was.

In fact, while all of the info we can see now seems to indicate that the President (or his closest allies) were NEVER under investigation, the media coverage for the last two years has been almost non-stop in indicating that he was.

The media has forced the President to have a confrontational posture towards the intelligence community and the DOJ, by reporting (almost daily) that he was being investigated for possible criminal activity. The reality is that this was NEVER the case.

Sadly, even in the CBS interview, you can see host John Dickerson blaming the President for the bad blood with the intelligence community. The reality is, if the media hadn’t spent two years reporting that Trump was being investigated (when he wasn’t) then the President’s relationship with the intelligence community would likely be fine.

Over at Fox News, Judge Andrew Napolitano concurs with Rep. Gowdy, and says that there is no evidence that Trump was being spied on.

The allegations from Mayor Giuliani over the weekend, which would lead us to believe that the Trump people think the FBI had an undercover agent who finagled his way into Trump’s campaign and was there as a spy on the campaign seem to be baseless — there is no evidence for that whatsoever. But this other allegation with this professor (whose name we’re not supposed to mention), that is standard operating procedure in intelligence gathering and criminal investigations.

I understand the president’s frustration that he was not informed of the fact that his campaign was being investigated, not because they think the campaign did anything wrong, but some people may have unwittingly… welcomed the Russian involvement in the campaign, and Donald Trump didn’t know about it… If they were there for some nefarious reason, like former Mayor Giuliani suggested, to gather data from the campaign and pass it to the West Wing and Mrs. Clinton, I’d want to see evidence before I made an allegation that outrageous.

This all seems to indicate that no spying was occurring, but it also seems to reinforce the fact that President Trump was never under investigation either.

Article posted with permission from Constitution.com. Article by Onan Coca.

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