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Islam In Schools: South Carolina Reviewing Proselytizing for Islam After Geller Report Expose

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The initial complaint was followed by a column from Pamela Geller, who exclaimed that “Public schools have become yet another front in the islamization [sic] of America.” [Sic? That’s how you spell islamization. Idiocy.]

Good. Proselytizing (dawah) for Islam is a violation of the establishment clause. They are not teaching Christianity’s Lord’s prayer or the Jewish shmah. They are disarming our children in what is the gravest threat to their future.

Public schools have become yet another front in the islamization of America. University and college campuses have long been compromised and bought off with jihad millions. Now grade schools, junior and senior high schools are in the sights of the enemy.

Common Core proselytizes for Islam, and the real history of jihadi wars, land appropriations, annihilations and enslavements is scrubbed from school textbooks. High schools offer senior electives called “Islam and the Modern World,” requiring students to purchase the notorious Islamic apologist John Esposito’s The Straight Path.

This needs to be addressed at the State and Federal level. “World History” textbooks have been compromised by Islamic supremacists and Islamic apologists who have been working for decades to propagandize our children’s textbooks.

What the young reader encounters is the outcome of a competition among intellectual, political, and commercial forces. It is inevitably a compromise. But in the case of Islam, the distance between that compromise and observable reality has become dangerously wide. This is the argument of Gilbert T. Sewall, in a report on Islam in American textbooks done for the American Textbook Council (ATC).

The ATC is an independent New York-based research organization, which reviews history textbooks and other educational materials with the aim of improving civic education. Sewall, who directs the ATC and authored its report, was a history instructor at Phillips Academy and an education editor at Newsweek. He has written widely on educational renewal and is the coauthor of an American history textbook.

The ATC review swims against the tide of nearly thirty years of textbook advocacy in favor of sympathetic representations of Islam. The Middle East Studies Association (MESA), the professional association for college- and university-level Middle East area studies, has published three editions of its textbook review since 1975. MESA has sought to bring textbooks into conformity with the prevailing prejudices of university specialists, whose own biases run strongly to apologetics for Islamism and identification with Arab and Palestinian political causes. The latest review (1994) endorsed some textbooks for their sensitivity to Islamic themes and criticized others for their “Euro-American” perspectives.[1] Textbook publishers take such criticism seriously, coming as it does from the leading organization of Middle East area specialists.

Muslim and Islamist activists, purporting to speak for the Muslim community, have added their weight to the academics. Foremost among them is the Council on Islamic Education (CIE), a Muslim-American organization that monitors the treatment of Islam in public education. The CIE and other Islamist groups have a vested interest in the representation of Islam in a homogenized way, shorn of critical references. Their influence has grown; for example, some textbooks list the CIE as a reviewer of their contents.

The results of this textbook advocacy have been unfortunate. In the 1990s, some of the most popular contemporary textbooks substituted superficial treatment of Islam with apologetics and denial. The report by the ATC demonstrates how some of the most basic facts about Islam—those available to any adult reader in the standard works of Bernard Lewis—have been completely obscured from view in widely-used textbooks.

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South Carolina’s Board of Education is currently reviewing its curriculum amid recent protests over sixth-graders being taught about Islam. Earlier this month a parent complained to a local television station after her child came home with a worksheet on the Five Pillars of Islam, which outlines the key tenets of the religion.

“Our concern is that if the need permission to teach sexual education, they should be getting permission to teach religious values,” the anonymous mother of the child told Live5News.

The current school standards, which include teaching about Islam along with Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism and Hinduism, have been in place since 2011. They had never caused a stir up until the past week.

“Up until the past week, we’ve never received a single complaint on them,” State Department of Education spokesman Ryan Brown told Charleston newspaper The Post and Courier Wednesday. “It’s the current political climate, but we can certainly understand parents being concerned. … With some of the rhetoric that has been going on in the news, they’re thinking about those types of things.”

The initial complaint was followed by a column from Pamela Geller, who exclaimed that “Public schools have become yet another front in the islamization [sic] of America.”

Geller has been called the “anti-Muslim movement’s most visible and flamboyant figurehead,” by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The SPLC is a hate machine funded by George Soros designed to smear patriots and voices for freedom. Their followers have targeted and tried to kill leaders on the right. Why is this media outlet legitimatizing them?

Still, Brown estimated that the backlash amounted to fewer than 10 complaints, most from people outside of South Carolina.

“The majority of our Facebook and Twitter comments were from people in Texas and Oklahoma and they tended to be right-wing activists, not that there’s anything wrong with that,” he said.

Brown said a review into the standards was already underway when the complaints started, although he suggested they were taking them into consideration.“The Five Pillars are in the standards, and that seems to bother some people so that’s something we’re looking at very closely,” he added.

But, given that tenants of other faiths are also taught and that no religion is advocated over another, a spokesman of one South Carolina school district said she couldn’t see a reason for alarm.

“They study a variety of civilizations and all that goes along with the culture of any civilization,” Pat Raynor, spokeswoman for Dorchester District 2 said. “It’s just a study of the cultures. It’s not a religion course.”

Article reposted with permission from PamelaGeller.com

Pamela Geller’s commitment to freedom from jihad and Shariah shines forth in her books

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