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Judge: “Our Laws are about to be Enforced”

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The audible sigh of relief that was heard across the country on November 8th is being remembered as our new President, Donald Trump, continues about the work of keeping his campaign promises. Whether on the issues of abortion, illegal immigration, Obamacare, Muslim terrorism, taxes, regulations, etc… Trump has been hard at work undoing the damage done during the Obama era.

But Fox News’ Judge Jeanine Pirro has a message for America: don’t get complacent yet because Trump is only just getting started.

Like it or not our laws are about to be enforced. Those who live in sanctuary cities that harbor illegals are now teed up to lose federal law enforcement funding and protection. And each and every one of you has a decision to make, everyone in those 300 odd sanctuary counties and cities.

So what’s more important to you?

Would you rather protect illegals who flaunted our laws to come here and some who committed crimes while here or law abiding American citizens who shouldn’t have to lose police protection because they live in a sanctuary city?

If you believe in America and everything we stand for it’s time to demand an end to these criminal enclaves.

In his first whirlwind week president trump signed an executive order directing the withholding of grant money from sanctuary cities who refuse to comply with

Federal immigration laws; the reimplementation of secure communities where state and local governments share fingerprints to help identify undocumented immigrants; force other countries to take back their criminals by using leverage like withholding us visas; a new victim program for Americans victimized by illegals and weekly statistics of Americans victimized by illegals in sanctuary cities and finally an end to the Obama policy of catch and release.

So you can march and you can hate, you can shame and you can demonize the 45th president but I’ve got news for you – law and order is back in the west.

Namby-pamby liberal mayors like De Blasio in New York city and Ed Lee in san Francisco who say their policies improve relations between the immigrant community and law enforcement are now putting American citizens in jeopardy of losing law enforcement protection.

Now I admire the kumbayah goal of community law enforcement identifying criminal activity by illegals. It doesn’t work.

32 years as prosecutor, judge and in a county of about one million tells me otherwise.  Case in point: an illegal beat up and robbed every Friday – payday. I never heard about him, i only found out about him when his illegal immigrant robber finally killed him. He was more afraid of the illegal than the police.

If you are an illegal, friends with a local cop, and you don’t get deported, great. But that doesn’t mean you are going to rat on another illegal. Do you really think that one illegal is going to turn in another illegal, especially when they both live in a sanctuary city? The victim knows that the criminal illegal is only going to be cut loose anyway. The sanctuary city promised not to deport both you and him. Illegals, smart enough to avoid apprehension and get here in the first place, knows that the criminal illegal has a sanctuary safe haven forever.

So why even have a sanctuary city in the hopes of improving relations when an illegal is more afraid of another illegal than he is of the police and so is not going to risk turning in another illegal who will be free to come after him, the whole thing is a farce?

And by the way – for those of you who want to protect illegals and get them to cooperate with law enforcement you don’t need a blanket sanctuary city – the law is already in place. It’s call a u-visa, i used it as da. If you are illegal and want to report a crime, this visa protects you and allows you and your family sanctuary from deportation.

In the end sanctuary cities are safe havens for criminal

Aliens not their innocent victims legal or illegal. Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez deported five times, a career criminal who killed Kate Steinle admitted he came to San Francisco because it was a sanctuary city.

How many parents do we have to parade in front of you to show you the loss of lives by those protected by liberal mayors.

Now Mexico gets into the mix and says that a wall and a crack down on illegal immigrants is an affront to Mexico. They want sanctuary cities. I have an idea how about Mexico pay a tax on the billions of dollars that are sent to them by illegals working here or better yet change their laws so that if you cross the border illegally into Mexico you aren’t sentenced to ten years in jail. What makes Mexico think they have a superior right to protect their sovereignty than we do.

So enough of this benign sounding sanctuary nonsense that protects illegal criminals. At what point do we stop the killings and the violence. Are you actually willing to risk it all to protect the criminal illegal? And who would it be okay to lose? Your son? Your mother?

And to all those mayors like the ones in Los Angeles, D.C., New York who say they won’t retreat as sanctuary cities – my question to you is this who puts you in office? Who did you take an oath to protect? Do you understand that the first order of government is its protection of citizens? That’s your job. So you have a decision to make – are you willing to lose federal law enforcement money that pays for cops on the street to protect American citizens in your effort to resist the deportation of criminals who are here illegally?

Article posted with permission from Constitution.com. Article by Onan Coca.

The Washington Standard

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