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Lawless Rep. Barbara Lee Explains How Every Business Can Afford a $50 Hour Minimum Wage – All You Need Is Taxpayer Funding

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The California Senate primary is proving challenging for Rep. Barbara Lee. The race already has the establishment Democrat candidate, Rep. Adam Schiff, and the obnoxious leftist candidate, Rep. Katie Porter, and Rep. Lee has been working overtime to get attention. The Castro pal tried to play the victim by getting kicked out of a congressional hearing on Cuba and then she got desperate and proposed a $50 minimum wage.

As John Perrazo at Discover the Networks reports in the profile of Rep. Barbara Lee, when asked to provide “a specific number [dollar amount] for what you’d like to see the federal minimum wage at,” Lee replied that an acceptable minimum wage would be “$50 an hour.”

How are small businesses supposed to afford that? The Communist Senate candidate had an answer.

“First let me say, I owned and ran a small business for 11 years. I created hundreds of jobs. Benefits, retirement benefits, also health care benefits. I know what worker productivity means, and that means that you have to make sure that your employees are taken care of and have a living wage,” she claimed.

What sort of “small business” would a leftist big government type create?

According to her website, she founded a mental health services organization called the Community Health Alliance for Neighborhood Growth and Education.

CHANGE, Inc  apparently “provided mental health services to the East Bay’s most vulnerable individuals.”

So I’m going to guess that the “East Bay’s most vulnerable individuals” were not the ones footing the bill, the government was. And it’s easy to pay a $50 per hour minimum wage when the taxpayers are the ones paying for it.

.Consider how much California is currently paying for homeless services.

The first apartments cost an average of $479,000 a unit. Some went as high as $650,000 a unit. But that wasn’t good enough. Two years later, the cost of an average unit hit $531,000, with some apartments going up to $746,000.

Unable to build apartments for less than the cost of a mansion, Los Angeles launched a pilot program to build 8×8 aluminum sheds for the homeless for only $130,000 each. The average cost of a home in LA is $500 per square foot. The aluminum sheds with 64 square feet of space managed to completely blow that away.

The homeless had been setting up their own tent encampments for free. So the city launched a pilot program to have the government set up tents for the homeless for only $2,600 per tent.

That’s $2,600 a month.

A $ 50-an-hour minimum wage is easy. Until the taxpayer funding runs out.

You can read more at Discover the Networks profile of Rep. Barbara Lee.

Article posted with permission from Daniel Greenfield

The Washington Standard

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