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Leftist Agitators Using Those Who Think They’re Protesting Racism

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I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color. … There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.”  ̶ Colin Kaepernick, August 2016

It would be one thing if institutional racism were still prevalent in the U.S., or if we did have a problem with out-of-control, bigoted police officers using lethal force against an inordinately large percentage of black people. None of this is true, however, as the empirical evidence and law enforcement statistics indicate, respectively.

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The astroturf movement wherein increasing numbers of National Football League players, entertainers, sundry opportunists and morons are “taking a knee” publicly to protest institutional racism and police brutality against blacks is in part a distraction to divert the public’s attention from important matters, in part the establishment press and the political left capitalizing on one witless athlete’s campaign of personal aggrandizement to advance ethnic division and, as I said last week, cultural Balkanization amongst Americans in general. Tangentially, it has also become a furtive attempt to undermine the presidency of Donald Trump as the political left strives to characterize him as a racist.

While some NFL teams have come out of late in supporting their players’ right to expression while questioning the appropriateness of protesting in this manner, they and others continue to cite the players’ constitutional right to do so. In truth, the Constitution makes no provision whatever for protecting individuals’ speech or expression, only that Congress ̶ and by extension, federal, state and local governments – have no right to suppress individuals’ speech or expression.

One of the key points I made in my book, “Negrophilia: From Slave Block to Pedestal – America’s Racial Obsession,” was that advancing the notion that America remains an institutionally racist nation is a political and financial imperative for the political left and career civil rights activists. If they are able to establish the convention that America remains an institutionally racist nation, white supremacists abound, and that every instance of police using lethal force against a black individual is murder, then they will have executed a cultural coup, as it were, and will be well on their way toward realizing the kind of division that could substantially coalesce their political power and make them wealthy (or wealthier, as the case may be) in the process.

Those on the political left are already aware that most Americans do not believe we remain an institutionally racist nation, but as we know, the truth holds little significance for leftists. This is why millions of Americans literally believe that Michael Brown was murdered by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, in August 2014 as he stood with his arms above his head pleading “Don’t shoot!” despite there being every indication that Brown intended to murder that police officer, and why the same contingent believes that Trayvon Martin was murdered in February 2012 by a white police officer rather than having been killed in self-defense by a Latino civilian.

Enrolling shortsighted and craven corporate participants (such as the NFL and the management of individual teams), entertainers (who in their ignorance and narcissism eagerly get on board with every ostensibly altruistic stealth socialist cause) and black athletes (who, given the political indoctrination blacks have undergone in this country, somnambulistically get on board with anything they’re told is an important civil rights issue) is simply a strategy, and they’re executing it fairly well.

Add to this the very real fear on the part of the left that it is losing the battle for hearts and minds, and the use of this methodology should come as no surprise.

So, now we are seeing many on the periphery of this issue who, in their ignorance, are “taking a knee” in solidarity with the NFL’s Kaepernick. They believe that they are protesting racism in the abstract (and who could object to that, right?) rather than playing into the hands of organized radical groups dedicated to fomenting racial tension and neutralizing the effectiveness of law enforcement. Here, it does bear mentioning that this strategy truly came into its own during the administration of Barack Obama, our first post-racial president, who dedicatedly empowered such groups through his rhetoric and policies.

As with all social malaise the left claims to wish to mitigate, it deliberately exacerbates the problem at hand whilst casting all blame toward its political opponents. Thus, those who perceive an oppression of blacks ought to look to entrenched leftists as the root of said oppression because they are the one and only reason some blacks remain politically and economically disenfranchised. Unfortunately, due to the idealism and ignorance of many participating in this movement and the power of the ideologically driven establishment press, this is not likely to happen. Blacks, in particular, have been conditioned to summarily trust the words and the intentions of other blacks in such instances just because they’re black; this is why so many self-aggrandizing black people have been able to enrich themselves as they pay fealty to the left and aid in advancing its agenda.

While the “taking a knee” phenomenon as a distraction may engender a dismissive attitude on the part of many, its potential for giving rise to dangerous levels of division, resentment, anger and ultimately widespread social unrest is a cause for grave concern. Many of the “useful idiots” participating in this sham are and will remain unaware of its peril and the true motives of those driving this train until it is too late to check its momentum.

Article posted with permission from Erik Rush

The Washington Standard

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