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LOL: Linda Sarsour Claims that Wearing a Hijab Transformed Her from “White” Into a “Person of Color”

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Editor’s Note:  This is as ridiculous as Bruce Jenner attempting to become a woman through body mutilation or Rachel Dolezal, a white woman who “identifies” as black.  People were up in arms over Dolezal when that story broke to the point she lost her job with the NAACP.  I wonder if black Americans are going to find this to be the straw that broke the camel’s back with Ms. Sarsour.  Sarsour has a lot to learn in the that blacks can’t change their skin color, but she can take off and put on that rag on her head anytime she feels like it.  It just demonstrates that Sarsour will use any means to advance her seditious message.

Elder of Ziyon has made the most amazing discovery: Linda Sarsour “magically changed from white to a ‘woman of color’ in an instant,” just by putting on a hijab.

Sarsour says in the above video: “When I wasn’t wearing hijab I was just some ordinary white girl from New York City.” That comes from a Vox video published in January 2017.

But in an April 2017 interview, there is this:

After watching Michelle Pfeiffer’s character in Dangerous Minds, Sarsour decided to become a high school teacher, “inspiring young people of color like me, to show them their potential.” She graduated a year early, gave birth to her eldest son, and enrolled in community college.

I’ve often argued against the idea that opposition to jihad terror is “racist” by pointing out the Islam is not a race, and that converts to Islam don’t change their race when they change their religion.

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But now I see how it works, courtesy of Linda Sarsour: conversion to Islam, or at least devout observance of Islam, really does change one’s race!

It’s magic!

Sarsour should help a sister out and call Rachel Dolezal to tell her that all she has to do in order to become a member of her preferred race is don a hijab.

Article posted with permission from Robert Spencer

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