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Los Angeles City Council Creates Republican Contractors Blacklist

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This is wildly illegal and un-American. It’s also the new normal. Especially in the one-party state of California where democracy goes to die. And it will be defended by Democrat judges. The only way to fight back against it may be with the same treatment.

Blue cities are now openly creating political blacklists and making them law.

In a unanimous decision, the Los Angeles City Council on Tuesday passed an ordinance that requires companies who do work with the city to disclose if they have any ties to the National Rifle Association.

The ordinance – which follows similar ones passed by the council requiring contractors to disclose any involvement in the construction of President Trump’s proposed border wall and any past investments in or profits from slavery – has already drawn protests from gun rights activists and threats of a lawsuit.

The wall was at least a boycott based on a specific contracting project. Support for the NRA is a purely ideological boycott. It’s no different than Republicans refusing to give contracts to anyone who donates to the ACLU or the Southern Poverty Law Center.

It’s the use of tax monies gathered from, among others, Republicans, to punish Republican contractors and reward Democrat contractors. Diversity quotas were already being used to do that, but now this is corruption with a touch of McCarthyism.

“Politicians are free to disagree with the NRA’s pro-freedom, firearm safety, and self-reliance message, but they aren’t free to censor it — as this would do when NRA supporters drop their NRA memberships for fear of losing their livelihood from being on this blacklist,” NRA attorney Chuck Michel told the Los Angeles Times. “This is modern day McCarthyism, and my clients are confident no judge will let it stand.”

According to a letter sent earlier this month to the city, the NRA plans to file suit against the city – arguing that the ordinance violates the First Amendment and is “an unconstitutional effort to restrict and chill an individual’s right to associate and express their political beliefs.”

The goal here is to intimidate anyone who might contemplate donating to conservative groups.

The Supreme Court may eventually take it down, but by then the damage of the blacklist will be done.

This is, as I said, the new normal. It’s a political and cultural war aimed at enforcing the total dominance of the Left. And where better than California where democracy goes to die.

Article posted with permission from Daniel Greenfield

The Washington Standard

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