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Major Hungarian Acadamic Rips Islam At Conference, Calls For The Deportation Of Muslims For The Good Of Society

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Professor Miklos Maroth is one of the top Oriental scholars of Hungary, having had a prestigious career spanning many years, writing prolifically, and holding some of the most prestigious positions available for academics in Hungary. Yet, even he, scholar that he is, understands the danger that Islam poses and the steps needed to deal with it.

In a recently uncovered video, Professor Maroth said at a conference that Muslims need to be ‘wrapped in pig skin and deported’ for the good of society, if we are to stop and survive the current Muslim invasion.

Sometimes, we receive criticism here at Shoebat.com for our stances of Islam, and the reason why we are so harsh is not because we hate Muslims – to the contrary, we sincerely love and pray for them – but that we understand what Islam is and what it does. Islam is a cancer on society, and as anybody who is a cancer survivor knows, cancer is no joke. Whether malignant or benign, it is all bad and must be removed, lest it attack and destroy the healthy body now or in the future.

Islam has a proven an uncanny ability to morph into different forms before it buries itself deep within the sinews of society, making it a difficult, time-consuming, and taxing process to extract. The deeper it enters, the harder it is to extract.

The severity of the evils which Islam teaches through its theology and makes manifest through its actions must be met with an equal and stronger force, if they are to be opposed. This is not unmerciful, but justice in the most basic sense because Islam has come to kill, steal, and destroy all that Christ has done, is doing, and would do. As Christians are the body of Christ, then it is our responsibility to defend Christ’s body from spiritual, as well as physical, attacks, and part of that means as much loving and praying for the Muslims as it does attacking and destroying them when they seek to impose Mohammed’s evil designs on the faithful.

Article reposted with permission from Shoebat.com

*Article by Andrew Bieszad

The Washington Standard

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