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Media Focuses On Gun Violence – Ignores Growing Violence Against Teachers & Students

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For the last two weeks, news outlets have been reporting on the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida, where 17 individuals lost their lives.  The public has heard from students calling for gun control/confiscation, a teacher describing the gunman in “SWAT” gear, and several students claiming there was more than one shooter.  The Sheriff of Broward County, Scott Israel, appeared on CNN with Jake Tapper who, surprisingly, exposed the Sheriff as more incompetent than knowledgeable.  A host of media personalities became more interested in stirring up a frenzy among the entire US population over gun control, using student David Hogg as their front man, than what exactly is happening in schools across America.

Very few news outlets touched on the scandal exposed by The Last Refuge at The Conservative Treehouse, and covered at Freedom Outpost, involving the school system and the Broward County Law Enforcement to stop arresting so many students in order to garner more State and federal funds.  News outlets that did cover this scheme reported it once and continued with the sensationalism of the gun control issue.  However, this scandal not only affected students, but teachers as well.  Yet, no one has really heard from teachers, other than Stacy Lippel, whom she described as being in “SWAT” type gear before the gunman shot her.

The policies adopted by the Broward County School District, in conjunction with the Broward County Law Enforcement office, were the brainchild of Robert Runie, who worked for Obama education secretary, Arnie Duncan, in Chicago, and the likely inspiration of the Obama policy initiated nationwide.   Because of those policies, the Broward County School district decreased the number of student violations to access State and federal funds.  The policies of Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah and his henchman, former Attorney General Eric Holder, were designed to coerce schools to lessen punishments for students engaged in inappropriate behaviors and crimes or ignore those behaviors all together, with an emphasis on race, under threat of investigation.  And, as it seems in the case of Broward County, allow schools to access more State and federal funds once the policies decreased the number of student violations.

RealClearInvestigations journalist, Paul Sperry, reviewed the Broward County Public School documents related to the PROMISE program.  Sperry claimed the aim of the program allowed “‘thousands of troubled, often violent, students to commit crimes without legal consequence’ in the name of saving minority and low-income students from the ‘school-to-prison pipeline’.”   Instead of the school suspending, expelling and arresting students for delinquent and violent behavior, students were funneled into interventions such as “teen court” and “restorative justice” per the policy.

According to the PROMISE agreement, signed by the school district and law enforcement, Florida Statute indicates, “Zero-tolerance policies do not require the reporting of petty acts of misconduct and misdemeanors to a law enforcement agency, including, but not limited to, disorderly conduct, disrupting a school function, simple assault or battery, affray, theft of less than $300, trespassing, and vandalism of less than $1,000.”  (footnote 5, page 3, last sentence)

Yet, from what has been learned, the Broward County Law Enforcement Agency extended these “policies” to more serious crimes.  And, per veteran FBI agent, Michael Biasello, who spoke with RCI about the Parkland high school shooter, “He had a clean record, so alarm bells didn’t go off when they looked him up in the system.  He probably wouldn’t have been able to buy the murder weapon if the school had referred him to law enforcement.”

As Breitbart reported, these school discipline policies are in effect in over 50 districts across the republic.  And, these policies adopted by these school districts have placed numerous teachers in jeopardy of abuse, assault, and in danger of losing their lives.

As the short video, Silenced Classroom, indicates, several teachers in one school district have suffered crimes committed against them by students, with one teacher being unable to return to work.  According to Deborah York, a retired teacher in Edina, Minnesota, “a lot of fear in schools, not only physical fear of being assaulted or violently abused, but ‘system fear’ that’s coming from the top down about gag orders and data privacy, where you can’t talk among your fellow teachers, even to share information.”

York went on to say, “If you do, you get into these lengthy investigations where they try to destroy you and – in a way – they’re trying to get rid of you.”

York’s group created the video, Silenced Classroom.

According to Breitbart:

In December, York and her group met with U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, other Trump administration education officials, and the Human Rights Commission to address the rise in school violence – particularly since the Obama Dear Colleague letter – and to ask them to consider a campaign to make the recent Minnesota teacher protection law a national law.

Breitbart News reached out to the U.S. Education Department for comment about the meeting with York and her colleagues, but received no immediate response.

The American Federation of Teachers (AFT) has been supportive of the Obama school discipline policy. In fact, AFT is asking its members to register for a webinar about how to “protect the Obama-era school discipline guidance” that allows disruptive and even aggressive students to avoid disciplinary procedures “to help schools prevent and address discipline practices that discriminate against students of color.”

Students are not the only individuals who should be afraid inside a public school building.  Out of control students, as well as those who commit crimes, threaten teachers as well.  Making the entire situation worse is a teachers’ union that supports and shelters “disruptive and aggressive students” from disciplinary procedures, which this union seems to think is discriminatory against students of color.

What happened to the days of being held responsible for one’s actions, regardless of color, creed, nationality, religion, age or gender?  What happened to the days of individuals being held to the law for acts deemed criminal?  What happened to parents disciplining their children for inappropriate behavior in schools?

It seethes of irony when students and parents of schoolchildren grace the media outlet pages after the Parkland, Florida shooting begging the “government” to keep their children safe when government policies contributed to the problem in the first place – from the top down.  These individuals focus on the tool used instead of the policies that contributed to the incident.  Moreover, these individuals have not considered what violence/potential violence teachers are facing as they attempt to educate/indoctrinate their children.

To push the belated Obama-era policies, the teachers’ union is joining with the NAACP and the Dignity in Schools Campaign.

AFT is joining with the NAACP and The Dignity in Schools Campaign – which  includes members such as affiliates of the Southern Poverty Law Center, the ACLU, Black Lives Matter, Mom’s Rising, and Girls for Gender Equity – to fight to maintain the Obama-era school discipline policy during what they call a “Week of Action to Protect the Federal School Discipline Guidance,” from March 16-22.

Dignity in Schools describes its mission as challenging “the systemic problem of pushout in our nation’s schools” and working “to dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline.”

“[T]he Dignity in Schools Campaign builds power amongst parents, youth, organizers, advocates and educators to transform their own communities, support alternatives to a culture of zero-tolerance, punishment, criminalization and the dismantling of public schools, and fight racism and all forms of oppression,” the groups states.

One can see why teachers have little confidence in their own union when that union partners with known criminal organization, Black Lives Matter;  known leftist hate group, Southern Poverty Law Center;  and, known left-wing organization, the ACLU, among others.  The list of organizations with which AFT chooses to partner reads like a “hodge-podge” of left-wing ideologue fringe groups that represent a small percentage of the populace, and definitely, does not represent teachers.

AFT president, Randi Weingarten, submitted a letter to President Trump, requesting a meeting between the President and union leaders.  In the letter, Weingarten referenced specifically Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and educators in Newtown, Connecticut while indicating representation for educators and school staff across the country.  Weingarten claimed, “We … have, through these tragic events, developed a deep understanding of the supports and resources needed to help educators, children and communities following gun massacres.”

The president of the AFT, like the media, is focusing on the “gun massacre” issue, the symptom, while advocating keeping the policies, the problem, that contributed to the symptom in the first place.

Breitbart continued:

However, in the wake of arguments heard by the Supreme Court Monday in Janus v. AFSCME, a case about whether unions should be able to force workers to pay union dues, York and teacher advocate Soni Styrlund say they have received an email from AFT president Randi Weingarten stating she is open to meeting with them to discuss the Minnesota teacher protection law.

Prior to this email, York and Styrlund both say union officials had informed them union members’ benefits do not include ensuring a safe environment for teachers.

Breitbart News reached out to AFT to ask whether the union would consider support for the Minnesota law on a national level, and also whether union membership involves assisting teachers with a safe and supportive environment. No immediate response was provided by AFT.

The union members’ benefits do not include ensuring a safe environment for teachers.  The government is not responsible, as clearly indicated by the Runcie-inspired Obama-era “let a student criminal go free” policies.  Clearly, the school district is not responsible since York indicated her school district attempted to silence teachers.  So, who is?

Clearly, schools have become more dangerous, for teachers, as well as students.  Yet, the teachers’ union, the school districts, the State governments, nor the federal government want to address the consequences these “policies” promoted by Obama and his lackeys, which were the brainchild of Runcie, have had upon teachers in the school system.

Paul Sperry, writing for The New York Post, on December 23, 2017, indicated schools were more dangerous.

Since President Barack Obama pressured educators to adopt a new code of conduct making it harder to suspend or expel students of color, even kids who punch out their teacher aren’t automatically kicked out of school anymore.

Previously, “If you hit a teacher, you’re gone,” said Peter Kirsanow, a black conservative on the US Commission on Civil Rights. But that’s no longer the case, he says, thanks to race-based discipline quotas sweeping the nation’s schools.

In just the first year after Obama in January 2014 issued his new discipline guidelines — which came with threats of federal investigations and defunding — schools saw more than 160,000 “physical attacks” on teachers across the country. And yet the assailants were expelled in fewer than 130,000 cases, Kirsanow said, citing the latest available federal data.

Many teachers have been sent to the hospital by students emboldened by the lax discipline rules — which remain in full force, despite the change in administration, and have now been adopted by 53 of the nation’s largest school districts, including NYC.

Here are some examples of violence against teachers from various sources.

John Ekblad – former St. Paul, Minn., science teacher, who was “beaten and choked out” by a 16-year-old black student, who came up behind him, called him a “f–king white cracker,” put him in a stranglehold, then bashed his head into a concrete wall and pavement, causing him to suffer a concussion and brain damage.  He now suffers short term memory loss and some hearing loss.  (Sperry, The New York Post)

Deborah York – former Minn. Teacher assaulted in 2009 by a first-grade student in her classroom who also injured 13 of his classmates.  York required three surgeries for injuries to her back and neck.  (Breitbart)

In Harrisburg, Pa., a series of violent altercations with students led to a wave of teacher resignations last month. At least 45 teachers quit due to safety concerns stemming from “alternative” discipline practices and a three-year backlog of expulsion cases — including more than 100 involving assaults on teachers. Even elementary-school teachers complained of kids slapping, kicking, scratching and spitting on them.

In Buffalo, a teacher who got kicked in the head by a student said: “We have fights here almost every day. The kids walk around and say, ‘We can’t get suspended — we don’t care what you say.’ ”

In Charlotte, NC, assaults on faculty have climbed two years in a row, as schools implement Obama’s discipline reforms. “There were staff that were afraid of students,” said Annette Albright, one of more than 300 staffers hit by students in the last reported school year.

In Silver Springs, Md., disobedient students became more brazen, bringing “knives in school [and] threatening teachers,” after Montgomery County public-school administrators told teachers that “the number of minority suspensions had to be closer to the percentage of the whole student body,” high-school history teacher Jamie Frank complained. Even repeat offenders are given a pass: “It’s most likely that that child will be back in school if they are a minority student,” Frank said.

In Oklahoma City, which softened student punishments in response to a federal bias complaint, “Students are yelling, cursing, hitting and screaming at teachers, and nothing is being done,” an Oklahoma City public-school teacher said. “These students know there is nothing a teacher can do.”

In Milwaukee, which also has complied with the Obama mandate, a 16-year-old black student in August knocked a teacher to the ground and punched him over and over, while a sixth-grader tried to strangle another staffer with his lanyard and faced no consequences.

In NYC school suspensions, school assaults — including attacks on teachers — have soared 48 percent, in the 2015-2016, according to State Education Department data. Schools have turned deadly on his (Mayor De Blasio) watch. In September, a high-school student stabbed two other students inside their Bronx classroom, killing one and critically injuring the other. It was the first killing in NYC schools in nearly a quarter-century. (Abel Cedeno, 18, has pleaded not guilty to manslaughter charges.) (Sperry, The New York Post)

So, while leftist, virtue-signaling parents are out across the country “demanding” gun control to keep students safe, teachers, and students alike, are in constant jeopardy of possible injury and death from students inside the classroom, brandishing everything from lanyards to knives.  Where is the parental outrage about teachers being attacked by students and students being attacked, and in some cases, killed by other students not brandishing firearms?  While naive students like David Hogg and these virtue-signaling parents protest against the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, it is clear they are ignoring a growing violent sub-culture taking place in the school system thanks to failed “feel good” school policies to overlook criminal and violent behavior of the students themselves.

Funny, the lamestream enemedia doesn’t feel the need to discuss violent students attacking teachers as a result of these failed policies that allowed a student to commit mass murder in a high school in Parkland, Florida.  Not one lamestream enemedia outlet has addressed these incidences against teachers or the growing violence these teachers face as they try to perform the job of educating children.  They decry arming teachers in the schools to counter threats, likening it to turning schools into “war zones” and claiming teachers would indiscriminately shoot students of color.  With the violence directed at teachers and students, schools have become war zones because of these policies that reward criminal behavior in exchange for money.  Teachers, and students, are left defenseless against these threats while unions, school districts, governments and the media gloss over the real problem to focus on an issue that will not provide solid solutions.

Solutions begin in the home.  This should be self-explanatory – parents need to parent the children, teaching appropriate behaviors, correcting inappropriate behavior, and teaching right from wrong.  Unfortunately, too many parents are failing.  If parents fail, the school system should apply appropriate discipline measures should students engage in inappropriate behavior;  the Obama-era failed policies should be eliminated.  Should the student engage in crime, criminal behavior should be dealt with in the criminal justice system with the laws applied equally to all, regardless of color, nationality, creed, religion, age or gender.

Before leftist, virtue-signaling parents yell for government intervention to infringe upon the rights of others and follow a naive “schoolboy” with no life experience, they need to clean up their own backyard by recognizing the violent atmosphere present in schools, the potential violence teachers face from inside their own classroom, and the threat to students instead of targeting firearms that would permit law-abiding individuals from engaging in self-defense against the product of failed parenting.

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost. Article by Suzanne Hamner.

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