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Minnesota Senate Candidate Requests State Investigate Abuse Allegations Against Keith Ellison

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While Keith Ellison has called on police to protect him from a female reporter armed only with a mic and camera wanting him to answer questions and called on the House Ethics Committee, not the FBI or local law enforcement, to investigate the allegations against him, a Republican nominee for US Senate has called on the state to investigate Ellison.  Ellison took the same road as Christine Ford in going to politicians for an investigation rather than law enforcement.

Unlike Judge Brett Kavanaugh, Ellison has multiple women who have accused him of verbally and physically assaulting them with actual witnesses who collaborate their stories.  On top of that, at least one of them called the police and filed a report against him at the time of the alleged assault.  None of that can be said of Christine Ford or the other women who have come forward to make unsubstantiated claims against Kavanaugh.

Enter Karin Housley, a Republican candidate for the US Senate.

In a statement by Housley on her website, she wrote:

“I’m calling for the Minnesota Office of the Attorney General to conduct an immediate investigation into the allegations of domestic abuse made against Keith Ellison. As the state’s chief legal division, the attorney general’s office can provide an impartial investigation into the serious allegations.

“Recent calls for a congressional ethics investigation, made by Keith Ellison and echoed by my opponent, amount to nothing more than political cover; Ellison will have left Congress by the time an investigation could be completed. These are serious, recent, and substantiated allegations that deserve immediate attention and raise significant doubts about Keith Ellison’s fitness to serve as Minnesota’s chief legal officer.

“Tina Smith said Judge Brett Kavanaugh ‘committed sexual assault’ and called for a ‘quick and thorough investigation’ into the allegations made against him, despite the judge’s repeated, emphatic denials. But curiously, Tina Smith has chosen to believe Keith Ellison’s ‘categorical’ denials, affirming her support for him and openly campaigning with him.

“It’s time to put an end to the hypocrisy and give Minnesotans the clarity they deserve.”

Blasting Smith, Housley tweeted, “Whatever happened to presumed innocent? Extremely saddened for our country & MN with such extreme representation in the US Senate. Time for Tina to go.”

Smith’s hypocrisy was also exposed by Housley in contrast to how she provides cover for substantiated assault claims against Hakim Muhammad, aka Keith Ellison.

Tina Smith said, “It’s important to realize & to appreciate that Keith Ellison categorically denies” allegations of domestic abuse, then doubled down on her support for him.

Now, she’s running for political cover—and Minnesotans see right through it.

Smith continues to support Ellison, but opposes Kavanaugh, and yet, she gives weight to accusers of Kavanaugh with no witnesses and no evidence while shrugging off substantive claims against Ellison.  And she does it with a straight face, and useful idiots in the media let her get away with it!

Democrats supporting those with real allegations is nothing new, and certainly not in the state of Minnesota.

While I can appreciate Housley’s call on the state to investigate, I hope she does realize just how corrupt the office and administration of Governor Mark Dayton is.  Nothing will ever come of any investigation out of that criminal administration.  It would be like asking the Obama administration to investigate Eric Holder.

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost

Tim Brown

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