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More Cover From The Criminal White House – “Corrects” Kamala Harris’ “Reduce Population” Comment (Video)

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Clearly, Kamala Harris said what she said regarding reducing the population in her speech on the climate change hoax.  However, the criminal White House sought to correct her clearly stated comments and change “population” to “pollution.”  Clever move, but it ain’t working here.

On Sunday, I reported on her comments and pointed back to Bill Gates doing something very similar, which the self-appointed, bought-and-paid-for “fact checkers” tried to dismiss with their claims of “conspiracy theorists,” but the videos speak for themselves.

First, here’s Harris.

Now, here’s Gates.

Now, you can clearly see what Harris said.  No one can deny what she stated.  However, when the White House posted it’s transcript of the speech, they decided to change her words from “population” to “pollution.”

Mac Slavo pointed out, “Newsweek claimed her “gaffe” “sparked anger” among “conspiracy theorists.” The outlet further reported that there is no indication that Harris was actually outlining a plan to reduce the world’s population during her speech in order to combat the effects of climate change or other political goals, and instead had merely misspoken.”

Though not as bad as the criminal-in-chief Joe Biden, Harris has had her share of stupid comments for sure, including a recent ridiculous claim regarding Artificial Intelligence.

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

Tim Brown

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