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MSU Expels Christian because He Won’t Agree with Counseling Sodomite “Couples”

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I have long said that the sodomite agenda has more in mind than “equal rights.” There seems to be at the heart of what they are doing, conformity. There is in their actions a type of confessional that has not been seen since the Inquisition. It is not enough that they have changed the legal definition of marriage, they want you to agree that it is right.

This kind of thinking has caused one student at MSU to be expelled from the counseling program. Because he stated that he could not counsel a homosexual couple as a couple, the school disallowed his intern hours and eventually expelled him. But, the school may have to pay for this stand.

Christian News reports:

A former student a Missouri State University (MSU) has filed a legal challenge against school officials after he was allegedly expelled from the university counseling program for advising that he could not counsel those involved in homosexuality on relationship matters.

This did not mean that Cash was unwilling to counsel sodomites, but that he could not counsel them to remain in a relationship. This, of course, caused the school to cry discrimination.

Christian News continued:

MSU spokeswoman Suzanne Shaw told the Springfield News Leader that “the university strictly prohibits discrimination on the basis of religion or any other protected class.”

It is amazing that she missed the hypocrisy in her statement. They do not allow the discrimination that she was currently committing against a Christian because of his religious beliefs. But if precedence holds there could be a very painful lesson learned by the university.

Christian News reports:

in 2012, Eastern Michigan University paid $75,000 to a Christian student after she filed suit for being expelled from the school counseling program. Julea Ward had declined to affirm a fellow student’s sexual relationship, and was faced with the choices of undergoing homosexual sensitivity training, facing a formal review by the university, or leaving the program and forfeiting her degree.

She chose the review and was consequently expelled from the program. While the university eventually agreed to a settlement over the matter after Ward filed suit, it noted that it would still require counseling students to affirm the homosexual lifestyle.

As I have said before: unless and until Christians begin to make this kind of discrimination hurt financially, they will just continue to be emboldened. Hopeful MSU will feel the pain and think twice before putting a Christian out for their beliefs.

Article posted with permission from Constitution.com.  Article by Michael Ware.

The Washington Standard

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