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Muslim Harasses Group Of Praying Catholics – Gets Knocked Out With One Punch

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This video first surfaced online through Reconquete Francaise, a Catholic movement dedicated to reconquering secular France for Christ. It first was reported as being a Muslim. Some sources have said the man was an alcoholic. It is possible, too, that he may have been both (a lot of Muslims in Europe are heavy drinkers). Either way, this video is how to deal with Islamthe proper way:

Notice what happened: Muslim started harassing, Catholic man gets up, punches his lights out, and then proceeds to beat the pulp out of him.

Nobody would disagree that, in an ideal case, it would be best to try and convert or ignore the Muslim. But that is idealistic and, many times, not realistic, especially in a situation like this.

Having worked with Muslims, only about 1 to 10 percent are actually interested in listening to talk about Christ. The rest do not care or will actively work to oppose you. Keep in mind the 1 to 10 percent figure is listening to you–these are not conversions, which are even less, barring a miracle.

When Muslims act as this man did – harassment, bothering Christians who are praying – it is not just hatred of the Faith, but it is a dominance contest. Like a dog urinating on a fire hydrant, the Muslim is challenging you to a turf war over religion for dominance. Backing away from him, showing him respect, or even kindness is taken as submission to him because there is no love in Islam, only dominance and power.

When the Muslims run at you, you never run away- you run towards them and face them down.

What this Catholic man did was the right decision. He not only stopped the Muslim, but he taught him a lesson he will never forget, and perhaps his Muslim friends will think twice before messing with Christians in prayer.

Article reposted with permission from Shoebat.com

*Article by Andrew Bieszad

The Washington Standard

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