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Muslim Woman: “Anyone who doesn’t understand that living conditions under Islam are intolerable is simply blind to reality”

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Last Wednesday, the Geller Report brought a harrowing report from a young woman who grew up Muslim, but whose eyes had opened to the oppression and violence that Islam brings, only to be shut down by non-Muslim leftists when she tried to tell them the truth.

Now comes an even more harrowing and eye-opening report from this same courageous woman:

Hi Ms. Geller,

I’m sorry to bother you again, but I’ve also like to share some horrific stories with you. Thank you for taking your time for reading this.

First some background info on myself:

My family immigrated to the United States in the early 1990s. I was born in Pakistan in 1996.

At the age of 1, my parents brought me to the United States. I grew up here in Georgia and completed all of my schooling here in Georgia.

However, I never realized how I was one of the lucky ones who was able to move to the United States at a very young age and be able to complete my schooling here.

However, my parents, uncles and aunts completed their schooling in Pakistan. They’ve told me heartbreaking stories about what they experienced in Pakistan schools.

My uncle explained to me that when he misbehaved in class, the teacher physically beat up him and left him with bruises.

The teachers also grabbed rulers and chopped off the hands of young children.

In an Islamic Society, no one, not even children are safe.

In schools, they resorted to violence to get students to behave. I was lucky that I never managed to go to school there ever. Children were spanked with sticks.

I figured my parents and the rest of my family knew that schooling in Pakistan was too barbaric and did not want me there.

Also, an Islamic Society, walking around in neighborhoods was not safe.

When I visited in 2003 at the age of 5, I saw some very disturbing things.

In an Islamic society, I felt very unsafe.

There were gangs around to assault people.

No industrialization.

Streets were dirty.

Thugs everywhere.

In homes, there were not any toilets. Using the bathroom was gross.

All of this was a result of lack of freedom.

My parents knew that this was not a society that they would want me to grow up in.

I, myself never experienced true Islamic barbarism, but my parents, uncles and aunts have.

While I’m still grateful that I lived in the United States all my life, I am still very concerned about how violent and oppressive these Islamic societies are today.

Anyone who doesn’t understand that living conditions under Islam are intolerable is simply blind to reality.

In a society dominated by Islam, no one is safe.

Please feel free to post this on your website (anomynous please). These stories and what I observed from not living there are truly awful. Everyone should feel lucky that they did not have to live in a cruel environment.

Article posted with permission from Pamela Geller

The Washington Standard

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