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National Nurses United Oppose New CDC Mask Guidelines – All Positions Lack Scientific Evidence

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For over 15 months now, the American public and the world have been on a roller coaster ride when it comes to coronavirus and COVID-19. The reasons for this are varied; however, the main reason is the sources in which the people placed their confidence are politicized, obstructive, deceitful, engaged in conspiracy, and pushing a false narrative. These sources are using faulty measures and disinformation/misinformation to control the public and those who rely on the entities to establish guidelines, protocols, and safety initiatives to assist in caring for the public health. Moreover, health care workers on the frontlines have abdicated their responsibility to conduct their own research, instead placing blind “trust” into these sources/entities that have proven, over time, to be unworthy of public and professional confidence. Because of this, Americans and the world, who have confidence in the primary care physicians and the nurses who work in various health care settings, have not received accurate information regarding COVID.

An example of an organization that is lagging behind is the National Nurses United (NNU). As the largest nursing union in the united States, the NNU is in disagreement with the Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) decision to allow those who have received the full course of COVID injections to dispense with the face diapers. Why does the NNU oppose the CDC guidelines? According to NNU executive director Bonnie Castillo, RN, “This newest CDC guidance is not based on science, does not protect public health, and threatens the lives of patients, nurses, and other frontline workers across the country. Now is not the time to relax protective measures, and we are outraged that the CDC has done just that while we are still in the midst of the deadliest pandemic in a century.”

For readers, followers and supports of The Sons of Liberty Media, the amount of information on this coronavirus – that has never been isolated, purified or proven to exist using the standard of Koch’s or Rivers’ postulates, the pandemic – which has been orchestrated by the World Health Organization, world governments and entities inside those governments earning it the terms “plan-demic” or “scam-demic”, and the COVID-19 injections – experimental mRNA gene therapy treatments that have not been proven safe, effective or reduce spread and transmission, has been gathered by various authors, health experts, nurses, and health journalists and archived for all to review, analyze and confirm. How is it that those of us who have spent over a year of research have access to information the NNU does not? In actuality, we don’t. What we do have is a desire to discover the truth, knowing unelected bureaucrats that exercise control over elected bureaucrats do not have anyone’s best interest at heart except their own. It’s the same with elected bureaucrats – always making sure they stay in power and can exercise control over those they are elected to serve.

Could not any nurse member of the NNUs read the side of the face mask box? Did not any member of the NNU understand the words on that box – the mask does not protect against cold, flu, coronavirus or any respiratory illness? Didn’t any NNU nurse learn in school about face masks? Apparently, not, or if they did, they rejected their education in favor of the narrative of three letter agencies. Before anyone gets bent out of shape trying to claim this is a “hit piece” on nurses, it isn’t. It is a questioning of why these nurses abandoned their training, their obligation to patients, and their duty in order to follow blindly bureaucratic agencies without question.

How many videos posted to Facebook by nurses are still circulating detailing the atrocities that occurred in hospitals in New York City? Where are the reports these nurses filed reporting the abnormalities? Where is their training and education in reporting the anomalies to the proper authorities? Instead, these nurses choose social media platforms to whine, complain and feign helplessness in the face of tragedy instead of relying on their legal and ethical training to guide them in taking proper action.

The NNU, which boasts 170,000 members around the country, are claiming the CDC’s new guidelines threaten their patients. Pictures on their own website show nurses wearing cloth facemasks and ear loop masks despite eight scientific random controlled trial studies indicating these masks provide zero protection against illnesses. And, we know prolonged mask wearing, according to studies and recent reports, causes all types of health issues and exacerbates certain diseases/illnesses. But, as we have seen with other “professional” organizations and groups, the “official narrative” is always upheld and operates on outdated information or misinformation.

Castillo also said in her statement, “CDC issued this new guidance even though the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) emergency temporary standard mandated by President Biden’s Jan. 21 executive order has been delayed for two months. This lack of protection compounds the dangers that nurses, and other essential workers continue to face on the job.”

Moreover, the union continues to quote “test numbers, using a faulty PCR test and one not designed for diagnostic purposes, as well as perpetuating the narrative of deadlier strains and variants to justify their support for continuing face diaper wearing. In other words, this union promotes the implementation and continuation of medical tyranny, not factual information. One has to question why?

NNU president Jean Ross, RN, claims the CDC did not fully “recognize the science” on the transmission of this “deadly virus” or the agency would not have issued a new guidance. The NNU is the pot calling the kettle black. Not surprisingly, the NNU appears to support the “padded” numbers of deaths assigned to a virus that has not been purified, isolated or proven to exist. Those padded numbers come from the same CDC, who instructed physicians to include COVID-19 on death certificates then had to qualify their numbers, admitting that only six percent of reported COVID deaths had COVID-19 as the only diagnosis. This union accuses the CDC of not recognizing the science while it relies on the CDC as the purveyor of the “science” in testing and numbers of COVID-19 deaths.

This same union applauds the federal government mandating specific nurse to patient ratios for hospital units. Due to the many variables that determine hospital unit staffing, nursing administration over each hospital unit is better equipped to determine what is needed, along with input from nurses on the units, than bureaucrats without any patient care experience sitting in the halls of Congress. But, I digress.

How can anyone point to “science” to justify measures “science” has repudiated around a virus “science” has not confirmed to exist? Ironically, nurses in this union are relying on the CDC to keep them informed, while refusing to verify what is being relayed to them; then, the union questions the “guidelines”, accusing the CDC of failing to recognize science. You can’t make this up friends. After discovering the CDC, the NIH, the WHO, Fauci and his merry band of liars have peddled falsehoods to the public, why is any health care professional relying on these agencies and people to provide accurate information on anything? One has to question the motivation of this union.

Despite the united States having over 3 million nurses, this union only boasts 170,000 members. Again, where are the nurses outside of this union in speaking out against non-scientifically proven measures and against measures that have been proven to be ineffective and actually cause harm? It is as though nurses are ignoring their obligation to advocate for patients, the community and themselves. Worse, nurses are ignoring their education completely in favor of pushing the narrative instead of exposing the fraud.

When engaging nurses in private conversation, as well as other health care professionals such as physical therapists, the individual practitioner admits masks don’t work, social distancing does nothing and isolation/quarantine of healthy individuals is unwarranted. However, these same individuals cave to their employers – hospitals, health care agencies, the government, in donning face diapers, urging social distancing and promoting isolation/quarantine of healthy individuals. Why? The only answer is fear – fear of reprisal, termination, sanctions, and ostracization.

As a retired registered nurse, the first thing done when this “pandemic” hit the news was research. That research is now going into its 16th month and will continue. The research was not done because it was part of a job; it was done because it is an obligation, a duty, and a calling from God – all not forfeited because of ceasing to practice.

Either nurses have not done their research or many nurses of today have neglected their educational training, as well as their oath. The going along to get along has consequences. But, so does standing for the truth. Florence Nightingale, as a nursing pioneer, is a high standard to maintain. She is credited with improving unsanitary conditions for soldiers and promoting hygenic measures still used today. Moreover, she is remembered for her skills as a statistician, developing pie charts on patient mortality that influenced medical epidemiology. Nightingale is also part of US history in that she provided her expertise in managing field hospitals during the War of Northern Aggression. The country of India is a beneficiary of her knowledge through her service as an authority on public sanitation for civilians as well as the military. The “Lady of the Lamp” certainly left her mark on 20th century medical care. Wonder what adversity Florence faced in her highlights of unsanitary conditions that posed a threat to wellness?

What will history say about the nurses of the 21st century? Will nurses of the 21st century be remembered as those who advocated for patients and themselves in upholding patient rights or as those who bowed to pseudo-science, relinquishing their obligation and duty to follow those who place agenda before people? Just as Florence Nightingale engaged in education, nurses today have that same responsibility – education of their patients and the public on health and disease. How can one educate the public and patients when one does not have all the information? Moreover, nurses educate each other and at times, physicians – as in the case of Florence Nightingale.

Florence, if she had access to social media, would not have whined, complained or feigned helplessness in videos. She would have taken decisive action, and in her time, she did, without fear. She is the standard by which all nurses should strive to achieve. Have nurses forgotten this? In looking at many nurses of today, the answer is apparently yes.

As this “plan-demic” continues, the time to stand against medical tyranny is closing fast. Complying with unscientific measures, promoting a false narrative, and supporting unproven, unsafe, ineffective treatments contribute to the rise of this tyranny, where the individual is denied their basic rights of self-determination where health care is concerned. Is that what nurses really advocate these days? Is that what you want for yourself? Because if you advocate it for others, it will eventually come home to roost for you, your children, your family and your friends. It’s not enough to refuse. It’s important to speak out boldly, without fear. Do your own research. Investigate what doctors, experts in the fields of virology, epidemiology, and medicine, and other nurses have uncovered about this coronavirus, COVID-19, and the mRNA gene therapy treatment injections that is not being presented to you by nurses unions, nursing associations, the CDC, the NIH, the WHO, medical journals, and those paraded in front of cameras and on Operation Mockingbird news outlets daily. Analyze the information without bias.

It is nothing less than what Florence Nightingale would have done; and did. It is nothing less than what nurses should do today. If you can’t do that or refuse to do that, the profession is disgraced, dishonored, and discredited as well as all the work done by Florence Nightingale and those who strive to achieve her standard and honor God through their actions.

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

Suzanne Hamner

Suzanne Hamner (pen name) is a registered nurse, grandmother of 4, and a political independent residing in the state of Georgia, who is trying to mobilize the Christian community in her area to stand up and speak out against tyrannical government, invasion by totalitarian political systems masquerading as religion and get back to the basics of education.
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