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Navy SEALs Used It For Energy, US Olympic Swim Team Swept Medals With It – Now, You Can Enhance Your Energy Within 10 Minutes WITHOUT Putting A Single Thing INTO Your Body! (Video)

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I watch daily as people poison themselves with huge quantities of caffeine, drinking loads of coffee or self-professed energy drinks only to discover it really isn’t providing them any real energy and it’s giving them health issues.  I discovered a revolutionary therapy that uses light, not chemicals or pharmaceuticals, to enhance the body’s energy.  Best of all, it uses the body’s own light to make it happen.

I’ve written and produced radio shows in which I talk about LifeWave.  The technology for their simple, little patches, which cost less than a cup of coffee per day, is phototherapy and they were developed by a man named David Schmidt, founder and CEO of LifeWave.

Prior to LifeWave, David worked with a number of other people on producing survival equipment for the US Navy.  He first produced a device, the size of a can of cola, that could provide oxygen for hours to a person rather than lighting a special kind of candle on a submarine as an alternate form of producing oxygen.  He was then ushered into some special projects, one in particular included the Navy SEALs.

According to Schmidt, amphetamines and a host of other things were used by SEALs in order to improve energy and so, David went to work on the very first set of patches, the Energy Enhancer, that would be carried by a new company he would form later, LifeWave.

David looked to light therapy and its connection to the human body.  As a result, the Energy Enhancer patches were born and were a huge success.  Listen as he explains what took place and how these patches work below.

Years later, members of the US Olympic swim team would discover the power of the Energy Enhancer patches.   As a side note, Dr. Leonard Horowitz mentions these patches in his Death In The Air – Globalism, Terrorism & Toxic Warfare talk from 2006.

It was reported that several Stanford swimmers who had made the Olympic team were going to be looked at for doping and the patches were going to be tested for the same.

At the time, the San Francisco Gate reported:

Schmidt described the LifeWave Energy Enhancer as two circular patches, each about 15/8 inches in diameter, with an adhesive backing. The patch essentially looks like an adhesive bandage. Schmidt said his company recommends using them on any of four acupuncture points: on the wrists, on the chest, around the knees and on the inside of the ankles.

Schmidt said he invented a way to stimulate acupuncture points electronically without moving herbs or drugs through the skin. He described the process as programming amino acids in water-based solutions, much the way computer chips are programmed, to send information into the body without magnets or batteries.

The result, Schmidt claimed, is that a person’s stamina improves within 10 minutes of using the product.

Schmidt said clinical studies show significant boosts in stamina for athletes who use the patches.

“I can understand why coaches or athletes would have questions, because this technology is very new, very different,” Schmidt said. “I think it’s a very good thing for sports. It’s a way for athletes to improve their performance and not endanger their health.”

Take a listen to David’s comments on the use of LifeWave Patches by Olympic team members below.

This scientific study published by the National Institutes for Health concluded, “Cortisol concentrations and eVAS scores showed significant differences between groups, which is consistent with the patches increasing energy production, warranting further testing.”

Lifewave’s line of life-enhancing patches goes way beyond the Energy Enhancer though!

The X39 activates a copper peptide in you body which activates your body’s own stem cells.  As an aid the X39, Schmidt produced the X49 which enhances endurance.  They are available individually or as a bundle.

You can see and read about additional results of clinical trials with the patches here and there are tons of testimonial videos regarding these amazing x39 patches, which you can view here.

LifeWave has produced an entire line of patches:

Schmidt has also developed a line of skin care, as well as aromatherapy products.

Products can be purchased individually or some come in bundles, such as the Y-Age series, the aromatherapy series, the Alavida Regenerating Trio and the X series.

And if you are skeptical, worry not because, as a LifeWave customer, you get a 90-day money-back guarantee!

LifeWave also creates an opportunity for people to earn as a result of their incredibly generous business model.  If you are interested in that, along with wholesale and better than wholesale pricing, you can click here and join, and I recommend getting the Silver package or greater (Diamond gives you the absolute best pricing and amount of patches that you can share with others) to start. You can click here to contact me for help or more information.

Brand partners have a 30-day money-back guarantee!

Is LifeWave right for you?  With a 90-day money-back guarantee, you’ve got nothing to lose except an opportunity to improve your health and well-being!

Tim Brown

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