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Nazi-Jihadist & Former DC Area Police Officer Nicholas Young Found Guilty Of Trying To Back Islamic State

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Nicholas Young is the Nazi convert to Islam about which the Geller Report gave you the news last week.

The Washington Post says in this report: “But the paradox at the heart of the trial was Young’s interest in both Islamic radicalism and Nazism.”

That’s not a paradox.

That is, as I reported last week, a near-perfect ideological marriage.

Both Nazis and jihadis hate Jews and blame them for all the troubles in the world.

Both are violent, authoritarian, thuggish, and bullying.

Both rely heavily on intimidation.

Once Nicholas Young became a Nazi, his conversion to Islam was easy, and required virtually no adjustment of his beliefs.

“Former D.C. area police officer found guilty of trying to back Islamic State,” by Rachel Weiner, Washington Post, December 18, 2017:

A former police officer for the D.C. Metro system was found guilty Monday of trying to help the Islamic State, making him the first law enforcement officer nationwide to be convicted in a terrorism case.

Nicholas Young, a 38-year-old Muslim convert from Alexandria, Va., faces up to 60 years in prison. After only a few hours of deliberation, a jury in federal court in Alexandria found he obstructed justice and offered financial support to a friend he thought had joined the terrorist organization.

In fact, the man was an undercover informant who befriended Young as part of an FBI sting operation….

Young was under scrutiny by the FBI for six of the 13 years he patrolled the public transportation system of the nation’s capital. He used his vacation time to join the civil war in Libya in 2011, leaving the FBI wondering whether he fought with a terrorist group, and watched Islamic State videos while on break. He was commended by one U.S. attorney’s office for his work as a police officer, only to be put under grand jury investigation by another.

He is probably the first person convicted of backing the Islamic State to consider himself a conservative, venerate former congressman Ron Paul, and express interest in joining the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

But the paradox at the heart of the trial was Young’s interest in both Islamic radicalism and Nazism. Young dressed up as an SS officer in World War II reenactments and had a tattoo on his arm celebrating his unit. He also collected literature advocating violent jihad and watched Islamic State videos.

Prosecutors posited that virulent anti-Semitism connected the two seemingly incompatible forms of extremism. A former roommate testified that Young, during a school project that took them to a meeting of white supremacists, told him, “‘Don’t discount the Muslims’ ability to fight against the Jews.’ ” On Young’s computer was evidence that he had researched historical links between Nazis and Muslims. A law enforcement officer who met him while working undercover said Young and his friends often insulted Jewish people.

Young did not testify, but his attorneys argued Nazism was emphasized to obscure the coercive nature of the investigation….

Born and raised in Northern Virginia, Young attended George Mason University, where he participated in ROTC and the Muslim Student Association. He left college without a degree and worked in security before becoming a Metro Transit police officer in 2003.

Although he was critical of American power in the Middle East, Young insisted he never celebrated civilian deaths or encouraged an informant he knew as Mohammed, or “Mo,” to join the Islamic State.

“Follow your conscience,” he told him, according to defense attorneys. “You can change your mind.”

But in online conversations with the informant shown in court, Young did seem to at least excuse terrorist attacks as justifiable responses to what he said were Western provocations.

“All they have to do is be ‘nice,’ like not killing us,” he wrote after a terrorist attack in Paris. “You can’t complain about that knuckle sandwich you were asking for,” he wrote after another.

And when Mo said he was determined to go to Syria, Young gave him advice and then lied to the FBI. He asked about people he had met in Libya and suggested the Islamic State was Syria’s best option.

“The West and its puppet coalition are almost competing with Russia to see who can pummel that country the most,” he wrote. “Everyone needs to join under one banner to repel them.”

Finally, when Mo last summer said Islamic State fighters needed Google Play gift cards so they could correspond with recruits on encrypted messaging applications, Young sent $245 worth….

Article posted with permission from Pamela Geller


The Washington Standard

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