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New Group Exposes the Consequences of Tom Steyer’s Radical Environmentalism

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A new website shows how Billionaire Tom Steyer is systematically wreaking havoc on rural communities by forcing far left environmentalism down the throats of middle Americans.

The recently launched Steyerville.com paints a vivid picture of the communities that have fallen victim to these policies, calling them “Steyervilles.” The site is the brainchild of Power the Future, a group started this year by Daniel Turner that pledges to “highlight truth, unmask agendas, expose hypocrisy, and reduce hyperbole.”

Steverville.com focuses on communities in Ohio, New Mexico, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

Turner lays the blame for this at the feet of Steyer, who has long used his fortune to back left-wing environmental policies.

“Beloved by the radical environmental movement, his money influences elected officials and his activism is virtually unchallenged by the media, regardless of the damage he does to the men and women in rural America,” the site reads.

The new site points to Boone County as an example. The county thrived off the coal industry until the left-wing Sierra Club pushed the coal mines out of business. Since then, employment has been more than cut in half and three elementary schools have closed their doors due to the reduced tax revenue.

“Steyer’s activism has consequences, and it’s visible in these towns,” Turner told the Free Beacon. “Every shuttered store, every closed school, every multigenerational family that separates because mom and dad lost their job: This is all on his hands. We will make him own it.”

The site continues:

“Steyer and the billionaire funders like him: Mike Bloomberg, George Soros, and countless Hollywood elites, who paid activists and phony protesters to pressure political leaders to enact their agenda. The activists left, the protesters are gone, and destroyed communities Tom Steyer cannot find on a map nor would Mike Bloomberg deign to land his private jet near suffer the consequences of their activism. He built this, and so we named it after him, to hold him accountable, to shame him for his actions, and to hopefully stop him from doing it again.”

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost. Article by Sean Cotton.

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