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New Illegal Protections Put in Place for Planned Parenthood by Obama

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Editor’s Note: The reason these rules are illegal is that the executive branch has no authority to make law. That branch is to simply enforce legislation that Congress writes according to the enumerated power they are granted.

There has been much made over the videos uncovering Planned Parenthood’s barbarity. The casual way they spoke of baby parts, like widgets from a factory. There have also been many attempts to separate state funding from the murder factories. All legislation has failed.

Now, states have been barred from the attempt. No more do states have the right to refuse to work with abortion companies.

Christian News reports:

The Obama administration finalized a rule on Wednesday that bans states from defunding family planning organizations such as Planned Parenthood because they abort unborn children.

“This rule will strengthen access to essential services like cancer screenings and contraception for some of the most vulnerable patients in this country,” Chief Medical Officer Karen Scott of the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health, said in a statement. “Public comments showed overwhelming support for finalizing the rule, which clarifies that all organizations able to provide these services should be eligible to compete for funds.”

The White House is dressing this up as needed protection for women’s health care. But what this really comes down to is the federal protection of federal abortion funding.

Christian News continues:

“Reducing access to Title X services has many adverse effects. Title X services have a dramatic effect on the number of unintended pregnancies and births in the United States,” HHS said in September.
“For example, services provided by Title X-funded sites helped prevent an estimated 1 million unintended pregnancies in 2010 which would have resulted in an estimated 501,000 unplanned births.”

Not all see this the same way.

But the religious liberties group Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) decried the new regulation, remarking that there are plenty of organizations that offer the same services as Planned Parenthood, minus the child-killing. It said that states should have the freedom to fund the women’s health groups that they wish.

“Planned Parenthood isn’t superior to true, publicly-funded health care centers—which are far more numerous—simply because it claims to focus on dispensing birth control, despite being America’s largest abortion business,” said Senior Counsel Steven Aden in a statement.

The problem with this line of thinking is that the two services are not mutually exclusive. Some organizations and facilities offer medical care, testing, and birth control but do not murder babies.

And is this not what Obama is seeking to protect?

Article posted with permission from Constitution.com. Article by Michael Ware.

The Washington Standard

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