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New Mexico: Band of Armed Volunteer Patriots Vow Continued Patrols Of Border

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A band of armed citizen patriots who have volunteered their time to patrol the US/Mexico border to assist Border Patrol in the state of New Mexico despite being evicted from their previous camp.

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The group of armed citizens who have been aiding Border Patrol in New Mexico was kicked out of their campsite after the Communist American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) called on the governor and attorney general to investigate whether members of the group were holding migrant parents and children at gunpoint.

While the AG’s office did begin an investigation, Jim Benvie, spokesman for the group said they were not breaking any laws and that their mission was simply “Helping Border Patrol.”

“You can try to manufacture we’re breaking laws, but the fact of the matter is we’re here and we’re going to stay here and the hell with them,” Benvie said.

“We’re continuing to work with our state and local partners and the investigation is ongoing,” said David Carl, a spokesman for the Attorney General’s Office.

Formerly known as Constitutional Patriots, the group changed its name to Guardian Patriots after both Paypal and GoFundMe closed their online campaigns and they were evicted from their campsite by Union Pacific in mid-April.

“Nobody who’s been on the border left,” said Benvie.  “There’s been no breakup. Everyone is still here.”

Las Cruces Sun News reports:

The Guardian Patriots have a new campsite on private property, but for safety reasons they do not want to reveal the location, according to Benvie.

He said some members have had to deal with death threats, and that, recently while on patrol, “one of the vehicles, all four tires were stripped off the vehicle in a specific location where it was parked,” Benvie said.

The eviction from the original camp on April 22 happened after Union Pacific officials said the group was trespassing on railroad land. It came a few days after the arrest of a man who had claimed to be the “commander” of the United Constitutional Patriots New Mexico Border Ops. Larry Mitchell Hopkins, 69, is facing federal weapons charges that are not related to his border activities.

Hopkins, also known as Johnny Horton Jr., is being held without bond in Albuquerque. The FBI declined to comment on why he was arrested for violations that date back two years ago in Flora Vista.

Benvie repeated his assertion that Hopkins did not carry a gun and was “simply cooking and provided a trailer” at the campsite near the border fence.

Benvie believes that if he and his fellow citizens left their post, the wouldn’t be doing their duty.

“If we left here right now we’re letting America down,” said Benvie.

He also refuted claims that his group have made racist comments and behaved intimidatingly towards anyone.

He also informed the Sun News that the group is very careful about who they allow to be a part of aiding them, which is actually a good thing as we know that federal informants do try to infiltrate law-abiding groups in an attempt to be provocateurs.  Just look at both Bundy Ranch and the subsequent protest in Oregon just a couple of years later.

Specifically, Benvie noted that an Oklahoma man arrived at their camps in April with a handgun and semi-automatic rifle, eager to use his weapons.  However, they sent him packing.

“He had never been vetted,” Benvie said. “He was never a member of the group.”

“’Dude, it ain’t like that. We’re not using guns. We don’t point guns at people,’” Benvie said of one of the members of his group who viewed the man as trigger happy.

Allegedly, the man became irate and expressed his desire to “shoot them all,” at which point they got rid of him, and reported him to the authorities.

“We got rid of him and we filed a police report,” Benvie said.\

Benvie said the group is armed and carries their weapons in their vehicles for emergencies.

According to the Border Patrol, they “welcome assistance from both the public and private groups in locating illegal immigrants.  However, the agency “does not endorse private groups or organizations taking enforcement matters into their own hands.”

Now, if we actually followed our Constitution, all of this work would be being done by the constitutional militia as they would be called up by Congress and under the direction of the president.

Oh, how I wish we could get back to those days.

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

Tim Brown

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