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New Zealand: New South Wales Police Officer Pens Letter To Commissioner Objecting To COVID-19 Tyranny

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Asleep Americans, you bought the circus … (sigh) again. It doesn’t matter which candidate wins, the situation in the united States will not change. In fact, it’s going to get worse. Despite the information exposing COVID-19 as scientific fraud/malpractice and the updated statements by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) that “house arrests” don’t work (and neither do masks), governments across the globe, including many US States, are implementing tighter “people control” measures that infringe on basic human God-given individual unalienable rights, as well as continuing “emergency” declarations that are no longer needed. Governments are issuing “orders” outside of their own laws and, more importantly, God’s laws; but, those “orders” have no teeth unless the orders can be enforced.

Who is enforcing those orders? Government officials are relying on law enforcement officers to enforce these “orders” that have no basis in law. Unsurprisingly, law enforcement officers are complying. In case you in law enforcement missed it, Nazi Germany’s Adolf Hitler issued numerous orders and the “brown shirts” and party loyalists followed those orders, which led to an enormous loss of life of many Germans and other nationalities. To those law enforcement officers who are enforcing inhumane “orders” disguised as “health measures”, congratulations; you have become the brown shirts reminiscent of Nazi Germany.

In New Zealand, where Jacinda Ardern is emulating Hitler to a tee, it is reported that a letter from a police officer was sent to New South Wales Police Commissioner Mick Fuller urging police officers be relieved of enforcing “orders” infringing upon the liberties of the people. The officer is under an internal investigation, but nothing in the letter has been disputed. The letter, appearing on the website Advocate Me under the project title “Cops for COVID Truth” credits the author as Senior Constable Alexander Cooney of the New South Wales police force and contains accurate scientific information and current changes in position by the CDC and the WHO.

The entire letter is long but eye opening. Here are the main points:

  • The RT PCR TEST is fatally flawed, which is why its inventor stated it should never be used to diagnose infectious disease 
  • According to the US Center for Disease Control, the SARS-CoV-2 virus has not been isolated
  • The initial computer modelling that was used to justify the lockdowns, has been shown to be so badly flawed that experts have said “no serious scientist gives any validity”, yet lockdown has remained 
  • Lockdowns are not recommended by W.H.O.
  • The low death rate, even in countries without lockdowns, indicates there is no emergency
  • There are safe medications known to be effective treatments and preventatives, yet these have been prohibited and a rushed vaccine is being forced upon us
  • The guidelines for codifying the statistics allow for them to be inflated 
  • Financial incentives are provided in return for positive test results
  • Major conflicts of interest appear to be involved in critical decision making.

Our governments have locked down the healthy, instead of better protecting the vulnerable.

More than 80% of those with COVID-19 have either very mild symptoms, or none at all.

Asymptomatic transmission is highly unlikely (between 0 & 2%) and yet the government remains wedded to locking down its people, causing catastrophic social and economic harm.

Even the World Health Organization do not advocate for lockdowns as the primary means of controlling the virus.

Yet the police are expected to continue to enforce these measures and at risk of being forced to vaccinate against a disease that is showing not to be virulent, with a vaccine that has had no long-term safety studies and then forcing it upon the population. 

Cooney also pointed out the vaccine deal the government made with AstraZeneca, along with the violations committed by the Big Pharma company.

AstraZeneca has been found guilty of offences relating to off-label or unapproved promotion of medical products, making false claims, kickbacks and bribery, consumer protection violation, healthcare offences, government-contracting violations and more. Since 2000 they have been fined over US$1.1billion dollars for these offences and violations. Still, they have been granted protection from future product liability claims relating to its COVID-19 vaccine.

References to all the points in the letter related to COVID-19 are on the last page.

The letter also references the pertinent laws that prohibit government from requesting “individual to be isolated, detained, tested, vaccinated, medically treated or bodily searched in the absence of a biosecurity control order issued to the individual.” Even a “biosecurity control order” violates the liberties and God-given unalienable rights of the individual. It goes on to site intergovernmental agreements, an international convention of civil and political rights, a Vienna convention, an Australian convention, a section of the Australian constitution, and a criminal code that would render law enforcement officers criminally liable for infringements.

Moreover, the letter claims the actions of police officers in enforcing “orders,” not laws, damages their relationship with the community and brings about tyranny through removing the rights of the people as well as their own. It also contains the remedies police officers should demand from their superiors.

We ask that you consider the information provided herein and the NSW Police Force statement of values:

– Each member of the Police Force is to Act in a manner which:

Places integrity above all;

Upholds the rule of law;

Preserves the rights and freedoms of individuals;

Seeks to improve the quality of life by community involvement in policing;

Strives for citizen and police personal satisfaction;

Capitalises on the wealth of human resources;

Makes efficient and economical use of public resources; and

Ensures that authority is exercised responsibly.

Many of us believe that we are removing our own rights and freedoms by enforcing these rules upon the community, including our family and friends. And the community are confounded by the intensified police enforcement around peaceful freedom protests and how inconsistent this was when compared with the Black Lives Matter protests. This contradiction is further destroying public confidence.

With trust in our police force now seriously eroded, we ask you to consider now challenging the necessity of the ongoing restrictions to restore community trust, by being an integral part of returning our State and Country back to normality.

Unfortunately, Mr. Cooney is confused about the Black Lives Matter “protests”. In the united States, none of those gatherings were “protests”; they were lawless individuals engaging in crimes of rioting, looting, vandalism, arson, trespassing and attempted murder. Maybe it was different in New Zealand.

The question now becomes, “why are law enforcement officers in America not standing against the tyranny inflicted upon the people by State and local government?” The law, the Constitution, is on their side. It limits government from inflicting political, social, and medical tyranny. Yet, too many police officers/departments are allowing government to use them as “brown shirts” to “control” those resisting the dictatorial mandates based on fantasy, not fact. Could it be there is an epidemic of police departments hiring criminals, pedophiles, rapists, batterers, and psychopaths to “enforce” anything and everything without question? One would have to say yes. And, aren’t Americans seeing many law enforcement officers with a “god complex” who arbitrarily shoot first, ask questions later causing untold trauma to adults and children? If that isn’t enough, aren’t we seeing fearful police officers shooting dogs without assessing the nature of the animal? Arrogance and narcissism run amok in law enforcement officers these days. Look at the news and articles at Sons of Liberty Media before declaring all of this false.

All law enforcement officers are not like those described above – there are good officers in all law enforcement agencies. However, those “good” officers are tarnished by the actions of their colleagues and covering for them as well. Moreover, when law enforcement agencies can investigate their own, rarely does the agency hold the officer to the same law as citizens. And, rarely, are police officers sentenced according to the law. Most are terminated and receive probation. Through “qualified immunity”, these officers are “protected” in certain circumstances.

It only makes sense they would “follow orders”, claim it as a defense, and discard their oath to engage in activities that feed those possessing mental deficiencies. Others will use the defense of needing a job. Yet, these same individuals didn’t see that enforcing the tyrant’s dictates caused others to lose their jobs – some permanently. All uniforms should be changed to the style of the Hitler “brown shirts”. Only then would it hit home with these law enforcement agents what the government tyrants think their job involves. Hint: it isn’t to uphold the law.

It’s baffling that in the country that threw off tyrants to establish a nation based upon freedom, liberty and God-given individual unalienable rights, as well as representative constitutionalism, that police officers are willing to act as the enforcers of tyranny enacted by out-of-control government officials. It’s particularly confusing when law enforcement officers follow dictatorial edicts knowing the laws are against the issuing tyrant. Just as individuals should hold the medical professionals accountable for their malpractice, individuals should hold police officers accountable as well through lawsuits. In the age of some individuals discarding morals, values, and principles, the only other area left to prove the point is by tapping their pocketbook. After all, they have sold out to the tyrant for a paycheck instead of following the law.

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

Suzanne Hamner

Suzanne Hamner (pen name) is a registered nurse, grandmother of 4, and a political independent residing in the state of Georgia, who is trying to mobilize the Christian community in her area to stand up and speak out against tyrannical government, invasion by totalitarian political systems masquerading as religion and get back to the basics of education.
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