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No One Should Resign Over Decades Old Accusations With No Proof

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I never cared for Al Franken, I thought he cheated his way into office in the first place, but at the same time, I do not believe he should resign. Almost all accusations of sexual misconduct made against politicians, people in the entertainment business, etc. made these days are only empty accusations, completely without any evidence. A good percentage of the accusers have been found to be liars.

Roy Moore’s accuser, Beverly Young Nelson recently admitted she forged portions of Moore’s High School Yearbook, making herself a total liar and losing any credibility she may have had in the first place.

The same goes for all the women who have accused everyone from Harvey Weinstein to President Trump.  Not one of them has come to the table with a single piece of evidence other than simply their word against the people who they are accusing.

Absolutely no proof that any of these accusations is true has been presented in any case thus far.

Most of the accusers are citing incidents several decades old making most of them impossible to prosecute because of the time limits imposed on crimes via the Statutes of Limitations. Since incidences of groping, verbal and physical sexual misconduct were supposedly done several decades ago in most cases there isn’t anything the accusers can do by law. This because at the time when most of these accusations occurred this type of behavior was common in most occupations, and at that time no law existed penalizing this type of sexual misconduct. Even today, the line is very thin when it comes to sexual inappropriate behavior concerning the law and when one accuses someone of inappropriate sexual conduct it simply implies the accused either touched the accuser in a sexual manner or the accused became sexual in a verbal manner. Either way, these women who have come out of the woodwork after several decades would not get very far in a https://employment-law.freeadvice.com/employment-law/sexual_harassment/time_limitations.htm, mainly because they would not be able to come up with any physical evidence to back up their claims after such a long period of time.

There are statutes of limitations, or time limits, on sexual harassment claims. This means that a person seeking to file a claim or to sue for sexual harassment must …

The other question of just why one would wait so long also discredits the accusers who waited decades before saying anything. Think about it, if it was so important to bring it up in the first place, they wouldn’t have waited several decades to do so, they would have done it almost immediately because it weighed so heavily on their minds.

Those who are accusing Weinstein and other prominent Hollywood celebrities of sexual misconduct would be hard pressed to actually prove their claims when in most instances it was the accuser who either initiated or accepted the offer for sex so as to get a part in a movie or television series.

The 15 minutes of fame mindset is responsible for a large percentage of these claims, all others are entirely politically motivated where the accusers have been actually paid to bring up such accusations.

The lack of evidence and credibility associated with every case of this nature and the near impossible task of actually proving any wrongdoing, beyond a shadow of a doubt is the reason Bill Clinton doesn’t give a damn who accuses him of inappropriate sexual behavior or even rape. He knows no one will ever be able to prove it.

Everyone who has been accused of some type of inappropriate sexual behavior in Hollywood, in the media, or in politics should simply brush it aside and continue with daily life unless an accuser actually has physical proof of the deed.

It all boils down to just what people think they can get away with via Political Correctness in accusing someone of being perverted, yet having no evidence to back it up.

With this in mind, no, Al Franken should not resign, under any circumstances, neither should anyone accused without the accuser’s concrete proof. The people who have either been fired or resigned from their positions because of baseless accusations should be reinstated until such claims can be proven.

Article by Tony Elliot

The Washington Standard

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