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Obama Citizen & Immigration Services: Citizenship Is Means to Combat Terrorism at Home

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The growing threat of rampant terrorism here in the US concerns many Americans as Obama “imports” unvetted Muslims from the Middle East and unidentified, undocumented illegal aliens invade the nation through our porous southern border. While Obama and his administration declare patriotic Americans “terrorists,” the identification of real threats remains undone. So, how does our nation thwart the threat of terrorism inside our borders? According to top immigration agency, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the way to “blunt homegrown terrorism” is by offering illegal alien invaders citizenship. At least, that is the plan sold to a Senate subcommittee.

In records obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation, the agency declared to the Immigration and the National Interest Subcommittee, “In furtherance of DHS’s mission to safeguard the homeland, [United States Citizenship and Immigration Services] is committed to fostering integration and community cohesion.”

To understand their position, one has to understand their terminology. When DHS talks about “fostering integration,” their meaning is dumping thousands of unvetted, undocumented illegal alien invaders into our cities and towns without our direct knowledge or concern of the economic, social or political impact. Anytime the words “community cohesion” are used, the DHS, as well as this administration, intends for Americans to alter their community to “fit” the illegal aliens instead of illegal aliens melding into our community, accepting our way of life. Any US citizens not “on board” with rampant illegal immigration and the importing of unvetted Muslims is dubbed “racist,” “isolationist,” “bigot,” “Islamophobe,” and “heartless.”

USCIS engages and supports partners to welcome immigrants, promote English language learning and education on the rights and responsibilities of citizenship, and encourage US citizenship.

The key takeaway here is the word “immigrant.” No longer is there a distinction between “illegal” and “legal” immigrants — the government classifies them all as immigrants. In this way, US citizens who oppose illegal alien invasion can appear to be against immigration in totality. In truth, Americans have welcomed and continue to welcome immigrants who have come to this country legally to assimilate into our culture. Patriotic Americans understand that rampant illegal immigration threatens our sovereignty, economy, society, and culture. Moreover, Muslim immigration threatens to destroy our constitutional government through “stealth” by attempting to implement their theocracy within our borders while wreaking havoc by participating in jihad on American soil.

And, how is the promotion of English language learning working out for USCIS? Go into any Social Security Administration office and look at the placards and posters on the wall in over 100 languages. Call up any business’s customer service and instructions tell callers to “press ‘1’ for English.” The government doesn’t even know the Constitution, and if they do, trample it daily. Yet, the government instructs these illegal aliens on “rights and responsibilities of citizenship.” More likely, the agencies instruct these invaders to access entitlement programs to bankrupt the system while encouraging these invaders to inflict harm on communities. It would follow along with Obama’s agenda to destroy the nation.

The overall favorite here is “encourages US citizenship.” With legal immigration, most individuals entering the country plan, for the most part, to attain US citizenship because they desire to assimilate into a nation based on upholding individual God-given rights. Granted, some overstay Visas and remain in the country, becoming “illegal.” Apparently, the government realizes that many of these illegal invaders have no intention of being citizens, hence the “encouragement” to apply. The analogy boils down to something my grandmother used to say — “why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free.” Illegal aliens have no desire to attain US citizenship when they can readily access programs reserved for citizens without being citizens. If they desired US citizenship, these invaders would have entered legally. Our government actually encourages and rewards illegal alien invaders by allowing these criminals access to programs normally available to citizens only.

The subcommittee had pointed to the arrest of Six Somali men on terror-related charges in Minnesota — where a large population of Somali refugees were settled — as evidence of the threat and then asked whether USCIS can guarantee other communities won’t face similar threats from the thousands of Syrian war refugees that have been settled stateside.

Referring to its efforts to promote citizenship, officials from USCIS made an appeal to nationalism: “These efforts emphasize the role that shared citizenship rights and responsibilities play to unify all Americans.”

Seriously? A Senate subcommittee asked an Obama sycophantic agency that announced it would follow unilateral decree instead of constitutionally authorized legislation on immigration if they can “guarantee other communities won’t face similar threats….” Now we know how the candy company came up with the name “Airheads” for their product. On top of this, the article refers to these illegal aliens as “war refugees.” Par for the course since the Obama administration made plans to grant “Central American minors related to illegal immigrants in the US refugee or parole status, and fly them into the country” earlier this year.

These “airheads” want a government agency to state whether it can guarantee that other communities won’t face a similar threat to those in the town in Minnesota. A third grader could tell you no government agency can guarantee that when they don’t know who’s here, where they are or exactly their country of origin. It would validate that Congress is “dumber” than a third grader if they weren’t actively complicit with the Obama agenda. Truly, both chambers are not filled with “airheads” but with treasonous criminals.

Why aren’t Muslim “refugees” going to a Muslim country near to where they originated? Why is this nation importing Muslims instead of persecuted Christians? Syria is full of ISIS; and Somalia, a country lacking any type of government, is home of lawless pirates and other criminals. Why is this government illegally importing individuals from Central American countries whose governments are being overtaken by drug cartels? Simple. The Obama administration is in the business of importing terrorists and criminals to wreak havoc in this nation to destroy it while Congress complies like “good little dictator followers.”

Of course, the United Nations developed a plan to handle “refugees” for all participant nations. However, the UN cares not for any country’s right to sovereignty or direction of immigration and works actively to destroy the sovereignty of nations through its “policies” while inching power to an all-world governmental agency. The UN has the perfect opportunity to help tear down this nation, considering what currently occupies the Oval Office. Their plan is Obama’s plan, and vice versa.

No one in the Obama administration or Congress is truly concerned about the effect the rampant illegal alien invasion causes American communities. It doesn’t affect them, plus, they are complicit in supporting the agendas. Government agencies settle (more like dump) illegal aliens into average, mainstream American cities and towns, not the gated, prestigious, wealthy neighborhoods occupied by Congress, administration officials, Obama, or department heads. Subcommittee members ask “fluff” questions that get convoluted answers or no real answer at all. In their minds, they hear “no problem,” which is then pandered to the public. They quash any opposition to their fantasy quickly through backlash by the “state-controlled” lamestream enemedia and liberal bobble heads. All the while, these traitorous charlatans shield themselves from the effects of their lawlessness.

The only thing that matters in Washington, District of Corruption, is the agenda. That is all there is — the agenda. Whatever will promote and advance the agenda moves forward as planned. No one in government has an excuse for what they are actively doing to this nation. All are guilty as charged. They use issues like the Confederate Battle Flag and Cecil the Lion to divert the attention of Americans away from their lawlessness. It won’t get any better. In the coming months, it will get worse. Americans need to choose now on which side they stand, if they haven’t already.

*Article by Suzanne Hamner

The Washington Standard

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