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Old Dark, Deep Church, Grand Old Parasite- Part 1

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America is broken. Almost everyone will grant this fact; I need not make that case. Instead, this three-part essay has one goal: to call out enemies in our own Christian and ‘conservative’ camps. If you think me an idiot for doing it, I refer you to Isaiah, Jeremiah, & Co.

Years ago, I coined an aphorism that “(t)he tombstone of a civilization is laid at that point where truth is no longer defended because it cannot be known,” sort of a corollary to Upton Sinclair’s observation that “(i)t is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”

Christian celebrities enjoy their income level and honored position in society, not because they are ignorant, but, like Pontius Pilate, they realize that knowing the truth and acting on it will cost them their positions and their revenues.

The most glaring example of this treachery is Pastor Chuck Baldwin of Montana, whose sharp skewers jabbed at the hearts of his fellow white mice in pulpits and make my challenge appear mild in comparison. Mr. Baldwin’s ‘Black Robe Regiment’ meme is theater. He has no intention of taking action against the Old Dark. I have approached Chuck half a dozen times over the past decade, and he played chirping crickets in response. I understand his fear of the Deep State, as he ran to the hills of Montana, but it makes him twice the hypocrite for so often excoriating that timid species, the American pastor.

But what of more famous Christian brand names who inveigh heavily against evil every day, but never take the name of action?  I’m talking to you, Joseph Farah, who thrice in six years said of AmericaAgain! that, “I see nothing to report, David!” Indeed? If the 34 million unique visitors to your websites each month discovered a lawful, peaceful, practical way to remove Congress from Washington D.C. and then to launch our AmericaAgain! Indictment Engine™ – no, you’re right. It would mean merely restoring popular sovereignty and rule of law in America. That is not a story, Joe.

After eight years and 25,000 hours of research and development by 28 volunteers, AmericaAgain! is the only full-spectrum solution ever proposed to the American people to arrest what Peter Dale Scott called the Deep State.

What about all you famous American brands – Ravi Zacharias, Hugh Hewitt, Bill Bennett, John Hagee, Max Lucado, Dinesh D’Souza, John Whitehead, Rick Warren, Os Guinness, David Limbaugh, Charles Stanley, Chuck Swindoll, James Dobson and dozens more? You have peddled Christ to raise your own name into a national brand. Are you shockingly ignorant of the Deep State, or you are complicit?

For 15 years, the government’s preposterous story that 9/11 was planned and executed by a handful of Islamic hayseed radicals has been exhaustively, repeatedly debunked. In fact, the present Islamic war on the West is predictable blowback after a century of invasion, destruction, pillage, and plunder by the American War Machine, as Peter Dale Scott explains in his eponymous book.

Now, many of you are on a new tear about a club full of supposedly dead sexual perverts in Orlando. Except that, according to former CIA agent Robert Steele in The Orlando Mass Casualty Event, not one body has been produced – not even that of the supposed mass murderer. It is another in a series of false flag operations – the desperation of the Deep State, grasping at straws. Yet, you men of the cloth strain on it like gnats!

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing, Edmund Burke said. Oh, you famous man of God, why do you continue to studiously do nothing!? With your huge followings, do you understand that a simple act of repentant courage on your parts could turn this entire war at precisely this point?

In refusing real action, you help evil to triumph.

I call you out, my brothers in Christ. The King that you claim to serve never sought popularity; He preached the hard truth and defeated sin for our sake.

Does your staff report that you preach amazing sermons? Do the kids on campus and your book reviewers idolize you? Because your name is famous and your income stream is solid – so much more should you quake in fear, Ichabod.

The time has come for judgment to begin at the house of God.

Article by David Zuniga

The Washington Standard

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