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Pfizer Clinical Trial Whistleblower: They Know That This Product Is Dangerous & Hurting People (Video)

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Brook Jackson is a Pfizer clinical trial whistleblower.  She is suing Pfizer on behalf of the American people for multiple violations under the False Claims Act, and TODAY is the last day for Pfizer to make a motion for dismissal of her case. According to Jackson, the vaccine’s FDA authorization resulted from a ‘deeply flawed’ clinical trial that violated FDA regulations.

“From day one I walked in and could see things weren’t on the up-and-up,” Jackson told CHDTV.

Ventavia Research Group, the subcontractor conducting the trials for Pfizer’s vaccine, did not properly obtain informed consent, they also unblinded patients, fraudulently removed information from patient documents, and subsequently concealed these violations from Pfizer. “There was just something not right … and on the 25th of September, I took that to the FDA, and I got fired about 6 hours after I contacted the FDA,” said Jackson. “I feel betrayed in a lot of ways. Especially knowing that they know that this product is dangerous and that it’s hurting people.”

Take a look and listen.

Jackson sought an appeal after a federal judge dismissed her lawsuit alleging fraud by Pfizer and two of its contractors.

Pfizer asked for the suit to be dismissed because government was aware of the fraud.

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

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