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Pop Singer Seal Blasts Oprah In Meme Over Harvey Weinstein Scandal: “You’ve Been Part Of The Problem For Decades”

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Pop singer Seal recently tore into Oprah Winfrey after her pandering to ignorant star-struck Americans at the Golden Globe Awards about being a voice to America, especially when it comes to those who are sexually assaulted.

Seal sent out a meme on Wednesday that has gone viral, and for good reason.  It presents the hypocrites like Oprah Winfrey for what they truly are.

“Oh I forgot, that’s right…..you’d heard the rumours but you had no idea he was actually serially assaulting young stary-eyed actresses who in turn had no idea what they were getting into. My bad. #SanctimoniousHollywood,” Seal posted to Instagram.

The meme captured Oprah kissing Harvey Weinstein, who has been accused by a multitude of women of sexually molesting them.  It then is captioned, “When you have been part of the problem for decades, but suddenly they all think you are the solution.”

Take a look.


Sadly, it isn’t just Oprah’s silence on the issue over the years, but apparently her complicity in these things.

Adan Salazar reports:

At least one aspiring actress has accused Weinstein of using Oprah to seduce her with promises of advancing her career.

British actress Kadian Noble claimed she was raped in a hotel room by Weinstein, who had earlier greeted him with Oprah “swinging off his arm” at a London event in 2014.

“Harvey wasn’t acting alone. Harvey wasn’t allowed and enabled to do what he did to Kadian and other women without help,” said Noble’s attorney, Jeff Herman.

Oprah has been groomed for decades in the minds of many Americans who watch her less than thought-provoking show.  She’s been groomed for a run at the people’s White House.

Radio show host Bradlee Dean recently pointed out:

Let me show you how this works.  Do you not remember when Oprah Winfrey did a show with Donald Trump while planting the seeds back in 1988 concerning the possibility of a run for the presidency?

Apparently, the favor had been returned when Donald Trump was asked by Larry King, “Do you have a vice presidential candidate in mind?”

“Oprah, I love Oprah,” Trump replied.  “Oprah would always be my first choice.”

People need to understand that Oprah has been groomed over the past decades and has been placed in this position for reasons that are now unfolding before your very eyes (Matthew4:9).

Let me ask you, how do you know who Oprah Winfrey is?  Did you come to know her via the aisle at the grocery store, where her magazines are placed right before your eyes, or was it the 25 years of exposure on her television program, which aired from September 8, 1986 to May 25, 2011? Or is it Oprah’s new position as a correspondent for 60 Minutes?

If television was not the source that she was exposed to you on, maybe it was the movies?

Somehow, Oprah is now dominating the Golden Globes. Where she is being pushed as a candidate for the 2020 presidential run.

Everyone, for the most part, knows who Oprah Winfrey is.  The CIA-controlled media would have you know who she is. After all, they have labeled Oprah as the “most influential woman in the world!”

Do not forget that these are the same people that have given her the exposure needed, as well as the opportunities that have been taken advantage of by getting her into the position that she now enjoys (Mark 8:36).

Of course, Oprah’s behavior should not surprise anyone considering the host of characters that she parades around with and the fact that she is clearly set against the One at the foundations of the establishment of America, the Lord Jesus Christ as she denies that He is the only way to Heaven.

As for Seal, I’m appreciative that he is willing to go online and call her out for the hypocrite she is.  It was hardly a “Kiss from a rose,” but at least the point was made, and made very clear. I’m sure he will gain some support and also receive quite a bit of backlash, as well.  Well done, Sir!

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost

Tim Brown

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