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Prepare For Major Lawsuits: Some US Employers Consider Docking Paychecks Of The “Unvaccinated”

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Employers in the United States are considering making the unvaccinated financially pay for their decision to refuse the experimental gene therapy shot. The $50 fee docked from each check would be considered a “health insurance surcharge,” similar to that of a tobacco user.

So now NOT using something that is experimental and untested is going to cost you as much as someone else using something known to cause lung cancer and heart disease. That makes absolutely no sense, but the ruling class doesn’t care and neither do the businesses enforcing this type of scheme.  The end goal is to get everyone vaccinated.

This is just one more way they can force this “vaccine” into the bodies of more people.

Medical Journal: Get The COVID-19 Vaccine, Or Be Punished HARSHLY

Wade Symons, an employee benefits attorney, and partner at the New York-based consulting firm Mercer, wrote in a blog post on Thursday that a number of employers are exploring the option. According to a report by The Daily Mail, Symons wrote: “The rationale for adding a surcharge to health insurance contributions for unvaccinated employees is seen as similar to that for a tobacco-use surcharge.”

“If an employee is unvaccinated and contracts a COVID-19 infection, that creates higher claims costs, which can impact the employer’s bottom line, and mean higher future contributions for other employees,” he added. The possibility of higher insurance premiums for the unvaccinated was also recently explored in a New York Times guest essay that noted: “Getting hospitalized with Covid-19 in the United States typically generates huge bills.”

But the vaccinated are also getting COVID and dying and ending up in the hospital.

COVID Cases Among The “Vaccinated” Surge

Others went on to repeat the claim that so far has not been backed by a shred of evidence, only repeated over and over by tyrants and their puppets in the mainstream media, that it’s the un”vaccinated” being hospitalized.  “More than 97 percent of hospitalized patients last month were unvaccinated. Though the vaccines will not necessarily prevent you from catching the coronavirus, they are highly effective at ensuring you will have a milder case and are kept out of the hospital,” wrote essay authors Elisabeth Rosenthal and Glenn Kramon.

6 Fully Vaxxed Wedding Guests Caught The “Delta Variant” OUTSIDE, And 1 Died

Public Health England Says Most COVID Deaths Are In The VACCINATED

Symons said this type of punishment for a slave’s refusal to comply with their masters, is “less draconian than a vaccine mandate.” Let that sink in. Then the truth slips out.  This is about social engineering, and manufacturing consent to be enslaved. “The surcharge approach is intended to cause employees to change behavior voluntarily,” he wrote. “Employers are looking for options, but with labor shortages, vaccine mandates may remain a bridge too far.”

Stay alert and prepared, and as always, continue to employ your critical thinking skills. Doing so will require you to pay attention and look beyond the veil of illusion. We are all slaves. The sooner we figure this out, the sooner the masters lose power. No amount of punishment will keep a slave in chains once they are determined to be free.

Article posted with permission from Mac Slavo

The Washington Standard

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