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Robert Mueller: The New Face Of The Deep State

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When Robert Mueller walked into the congressional hearing, he did so with two large logs in his eye and unconsciously a heavy weight around his neck. His unconscious hidden guilt—two tons of it—would be off the charts. Surely this affected his poor, seemingly befuddled performance before the House committees.

He had testified previously before Congress but never with the internal pressure he bore by swearing to tell the truth to the world while unconsciously knowing he was covering it up in spades.

As a forensic profiler and therapist, I know the unconscious mind, how it sees, how it tells. How it confesses in symbolic language—projections. And how it also guides in wise directions.

As I explained in a previous article about Mueller, I knew that he had secretly confessed to violating the rule of law both in his two-volume report and in his brief May 29th speech. This was based on the remarkable discovery of the unconscious deeper intelligence—that speaks figuratively in images far past the literal conscious mind.


The unique benefit of a forensic profile accessing his deeper-intel is we have his own mind reading him at the deepest level of the psyche. These are his own words speaking in vivid imagery telling the story only he can tell. His newly discovered deeper-intel unconscious knows him better than anyone on the face of the earth. And it insists on the truth.

As a forensic profiler, I could predict what he would talk about—in his “log in the eye” (LIE) code. His vast unconscious mind—the new deeper intelligence few know about—would constantly be “quick-reading” him. He would then constantly be describing himself in his denials and projections., all rendered in symbolic imagery language.

Speak in denials (“not me—I didn’t do this”) and projections (“you did this, not my guilt”).

Want the truth—examine your images and find yourself in them.

There’s always the key—the rule of law. Who violated it and who violated it the worst? And if you violated legal statutes, the rule of law that governs a country, then the offender can be identified.

Projection images confirm that Mueller is indeed that party. He will consciously insist that he is the most principled investigator in America. Then his deeper-intel will confess he’s completely deceiving himself.

Congressman: Mueller violated rule of law

Texas Congressman John Ratcliffe addressed Mueller’s denial, claiming he abided by the law.

Congressman Ratcliffe confronted Mueller over his testimony. He asked for, “an example other than Donald Trump where the Justice Department determined that an investigated person was not exonerated… because they failed to meet conclusive proof of innocence?”

A new standard of “proof of innocence.” But “exoneration” was not a legal principle at all.
Ratcliffe wouldn’t slow down,

“You can’t find it because…it doesn’t exist…

The special counsel’s job…. [was not] to conclusively determine Donald Trump’s innocence… the bedrock principle of our justice system is a presumption of innocence…. [It exists] for everyone… including sitting presidents.”

The Congressman addressed Mueller’s failure to follow special counsel regulations. “Respectfully, Director… it clearly says… Write a confidential report about decisions reached…[ not] about decisions that weren’t reached.”

Finally Radcliffe agreed with Mueller, “…as you said, Donald Trump is not above the law…But he damn sure shouldn’t be below the law…where Volume 2 of this report puts him.”

Mueller’s whole distorted case alleging that Trump obstructed justice is here. He’s fixated in a grandiose posture that says, in effect, “We can change the law, after all, we’re the Department of Justice. We’re the FBI.” He’s going to tell us why.

Was he in on the coup more deeply than we know? Mueller confesses the hidden story in yet another projection. He was constantly projecting onto Trump the great secret of the special counsel’s office. One big lie, one big projection. Robert Mueller was the one UNCONSCIOUSLY obstructing justice. Please don’t say he’s incompetent mentally.

Mueller’s deeper- intel confession of coup

Responding quickly to Ratcliffe’s pressure to cite a DOJ example of the “prove innocence” standard, Mueller stammered, “I…I cannot, but this is a unique situation.” His brief powerful imagery identifies who has the log in their eye. It confirms who broke the law.

Mueller’s building his illegal case that there’s every reason to break the law—presumed innocent.
Read the denial followed by his projection image. He can tell us why we contrived our own Deep State law of “proving innocence.” Because of Trump’s “unique situation.”

Here was a unique, unexpected president we didn’t like. Never dreaming it would happen but just in case we made up our own unique Deep State rules. In a word, we had to handle “the situation”—we conspired. You can almost hear them thinking out loud, we are the unique intelligence forces protecting America. Rationalizing away. Earlier Mueller hinted at deeper motives concerning Hillary Clinton and Russia.

Donald Trump’s truly unique now—a duly elected, persecuted president. And plans are in place to quickly unseat him under the unique Deep State rule.

Mueller’s confession reveals he had knowledge of the coup—and he’s now the chief protector of those involved. His images further reveal the hidden story in yet another projection.

Stunning imagery continues to depict hidden coup

Mueller listed the three requirements for a charge of obstruction against the president: “an ongoing federal judicial proceeding, knowledge of the proceeding, and a corrupt attempt to interfere with the proceeding.”

Subliminally Mueller confesses the Deep State story that matches perfectly.

Barr is investigating an intel coup attempt against Trump—where the Trump/Russia conspiracy myth began.

Mueller and his staff know the likely result: criminal proceedings.

They have attempted to corrupt the law—interfere with the investigation.

And still are—in Mueller’s report and his very testimony before Congress.

The coup attempt continues however deeply Mueller and the others bury it in their unconscious. But they can’t really.

Mueller sums up coup in vivid imagery

In Mueller’s introductory remarks we omit one word, “Russian,” to see his projection—see past the log in his eye. His confession stunningly describes the real coup, “Our investigation found that the…government interfered in our election in sweeping and systematic fashion.”

In other words, the secret undercover American government. They were the outsiders. The foreigners messing in our election. All the government people known to be involved. The perfect people to carry it out. A systemic intel attempted coup. “Systemic”—don’t overlook that word. As Mueller said earlier—every word in his report was “carefully chosen.”

When someone like Robert Mueller violates a major rule of law—in this case discarding the concept of presumed innocence—conspire against a sitting president, and his guilt is off the charts. Virtually every word out of his mouth is a denial or projection.

Why am I so confident of these unconscious tells? Because I’ve heard this story before in Mueller’s nine-minute May 29th speech, a condensed summary of his report. Mueller’s specific imagery will identify who these people were. People who thought Donald Trump too unique—too uniquely powerful.
Every image hints at a story and all the images together tell a cohesive narrative. You can run, but you can’t hide from your deeper intelligence. Such is the human mind.

Selective persecution of Trump’s staff

Mueller ‘s specific denials spoke loudly as did his investigation’s numerous behavioral denials—failure to investigate. Signs of naïve and incompetent investigators.

Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan confronts Mueller, Maltese academic “[Josef] Mifsud is the guy who told Papadopoulos [about Russian dirt], he was the guy who started it all… he lies three times to the FBI… The guy who starts the country through this saga—for three years …lies, you guys don’t charge him… why?”

Mueller responded: “Well, I can’t get into it and it’s obvious, I think, that we can’t get into charging decisions.”

It’s as though Mueller’s saying, “I am telling you the obvious. We intended to charge who we wanted to, avoid who we didn’t. To project our guilt over the coup onto others in a cover-up. Get into Mifsud investigation—us? Expose the facts that would indict us…as is happening. Our avoidance shouts at you—behavioral tells.”

Myth of charging Russians

Jordan continues, “You can charge 13 Russians no one’s ever heard of, no one’s ever seen, no one’s ever going to see… charge all kind of people who were around the president with false statements, but the guy who launches everything…you don’t charge him…that’s amazing.”

Once more Mueller responds with a denial: “I’m not sure I agree with your characterizations.”

In the back of his mind constantly looking at the illegal coup, his denial tell imagery again speaks, “I’m sure—I unquestionably agree. Excellent characterization. I must confess.”

Deeper-intel agrees: should have investigated Steele

Florida Congressman Greg Steube addressed Mueller about the “unverified” dossier by former British spy Christopher Steele being used by the FBI to investigate Trump.

“You had two years to investigate,” Steube said. “Not once did you… investigate how an ‘unverified’ document … paid for by a political opponent was used to obtain a warrant to spy on the opposition of a political campaign. Did you do any investigation into that?”

Immediately Mueller replied, “I do not accept your characterization of what occurred.”

Simply read through that denial, “I do…accept your characterization of what occurred.” He implies the Deep State’s strategy to defend its use of the dossier, “We characterize our use of the dossier entirely differently.” We already see plenty of that in Brennan, Clapper, McCabe and Comey who insist everything they did was to protect America.

‘Beyond my purview’—denial confirms his unconscious sees all

Frequently, Mueller maintained that matters such as the Steele dossier were “beyond my purview.” Purview suggests a “view beyond,” the view beyond his conscious mind. That is his super-intel mind which sees the whole truth about everything. It constantly confesses in his denial and projection imagery.

His imagery identifies his natural-law higher mind given to him by his Creator from above, beyond—the guiding compass that’s controlling every word of his secret confession.

Defending his all-Democratic team and Weisman

Confronted about his staff selection of Democrats including major Clinton supporter Andrew Weisman, Mueller responds in a revealing, tell-all denial:

“I’ve been in this business for almost 25 years, and in those 25 years, I have not had occasion once to ask somebody about their political affiliation. It is not done.”

There he makes emphatic twin denial tells. Unconsciously he confesses that, of course, intuitively on multiple occasions, he has read a person’s precise political affiliation. He does it all the time. He picks up on political affiliation from a thousand clues. His deeper-intel reads them like a book as it does him.

He has no idea he exclusively assembled a team of Democrats? We are to believe that in 25 years Mueller has never thought about a staff member’s politics?

Mueller displays for the world his rigid, grandiose view of himself, his self-righteousness and lack of psychological mindedness. He’s totally ignorant about the psychology of the unconscious, especially about the deeper-intel discovery. He also remains Ignorant about the great log in the eye.

He reveals precisely how those involved in the attempted Trump coup will cling to their patriotism and their vast legal knowledge including intel skills.

Mueller adds, “What I care about is capability … do the job… do the job quickly…seriously… with integrity.”

His grandiosity continues, “I can judge integrity—perfectly.” Integrity and no presumed innocence?

He tells us all about his legal skills in this case. All we need to know about how a Deep State coup could unfold at the very highest intel levels charged with protecting America. Disrespecting their higher, super-intel awareness, certain they have the highest knowledge on the planet—when to take the law into their own hands. Create the law.

That’s their business. The brightest and the best—each and every one of them shouting at America, “absolute power corrupts absolutely” all too often.

God help us all.

Mueller puts it on full display preparing America for the truth to come. He hints how the “Band of Denial Brothers” will fight the facts of the attempted coup. Expect the “Denial Media Party” to support in lock-step their usual Democratic view, mirroring their role-model, Mueller.

Unconscious guilt again

But guilty people make blatant unconscious confessions: Mueller announcing his biased investigation from the get-go. A balanced legal team would quickly have addressed his egregious violation of presumed innocence. He couldn’t have it.

Mueller denial tales suggests delayed 2018 election

In another revealing denial in his introductory comments to Congress, Mueller states, “I continually stressed two things to the team… It was in the public interest…investigation…be complete, but not to last a day longer than was necessary.”

Read the denial, “Our investigation lasted days longer than was necessary.” Fits with the facts. To this day no specific charges have been brought against Trump conspiring with Russia. Yet between the lines Mueller continually points to the intel coup.

He’s confessing that he knew from the get-go there were no substantive charges. He suggests the investigation was “complete” the day he started. It never should have been authorized. He answers the question, “What did you know, when did you know it?”—the first day.

He confesses his subversive influence on the 2018 congressional elections that shifted control of the House of Representatives. Surely, that was one of the Deep State’s strongest desires.

His second instruction, “…investigation… conducted fairly… absolute integrity. Our team would not leak or take other actions… compromise… integrity of our work. All decisions… based on…facts and the law.”

Read the denial tell, “not take other actions.” The Mueller report was one grand leak, a giant subversive action to compromise any investigation into the attempted coup. Truly the “Mueller Dossier”—revealing how great the wish to create the new law of “presume guilt.” Violate due process.
Pay attention to Mueller’s key word, “complete” (investigation). He’s instructing Barr the phony effort of his team was part of the complete Deep State plan. An attempt to put a “complete stop” on any hopes of investigating their corruption.

But his deeper-intel pleads with Barr to truly complete the investigation—“based on facts and the law.” The facts are swirling all around Mueller guided by the rule of law. His brilliant unconscious sees it all—tells it all.

The language of secret tells.

The facts of the law

Here it is—the law and the facts of the case. Did Mueller first violate the law of presumed innocent? Facts are he did–as Barr ruled. First log in his eye.

Mueller suggests the second question of fact. Was there an illegal intel coup going on against Trump before and after his election? Even to this day? A second log in Robert Mueller’s eye?

The facts republican congressman identified are on the table. More are coming. Barr will render the final verdict– who conspired, who obstructed justice if anyone.

The facts will speak. How the deeper-intel always justifies its existence. Its quick-read analysis.

Highlights America’s great internal battle

In his congressional testimony, Robert Mueller highlights the great cultural conflict at America’s core. The battle between the “make up their own rules” gang (i.e. presumed guilty) and those who adhere to the Constitution based on laws of human nature (i.e. presumed innocent). Step by step, Mueller reveals that the moral law indeed resides deep in our vast unconscious. The very facts of the case will further establish his denial and projection confession—if Barr pursues the case as he intends.

Mueller has revealed in spades his unconscious capacity to deny reality and rationalize it as the great keeper of justice.

Often a person cannot trust his conscious mind but must have a higher standard—outside knowledge—by which to evaluate himself. Consciously Mueller claims the highest integrity; unconsciously he confesses his monstrous self-deceit.

Beyond that Mueller stands as a major symbol that will determine whether or not America survives. Destroy the laws of nature and the constitution and a society crumbles into chaos. Impeaching Trump is symbolic of impeaching the law. Determining reality is “what I say it is.” Anarchy.

Robert Mueller continued his log-in-the-eye self-deceit on a decidedly grand platform before the probing eyes and ears of the American people. He and his minions have attempted to change the fundamental constitutional law of presumed innocent into presumed guilt—all seemingly to cover up a presidential coup fiasco.

Mueller has confessed powerful reasons for desperately attacking the Constitution. He also reflects the heart of the left, the current Democratic Party, aka the Media Party. An extension of the Kavanaugh hearings where the law of presumed innocence went flying out the window replaced by the “#MeToo” rule of presumed guilt.

In the spirit of Mueller’s legacy, making up his own rule-of-law, House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler—a Democrat from New York—quickly extended Mueller’s testimony. Nadler asserted that Mueller had said Trump conspired with the Russians which threw the election to him and so he should be impeached. That’s a complete fabrication. Mueller never said that. Is Nadler confessing his own projection?

Where do we go from here?

In my forthcoming forensic profile of Mueller’s nine-minute speech on May 29th, he speaks uninterrupted. And that’s exactly what his deeper intelligence needs to tell us the whole story very concisely.

Confirm in his own words, his own images that indeed there was an attempted coup. Tell us who was involved. Who should be charged and why?

How important it is for America to correct this great injustice. Our future is at stake—the signs are on the horizon.

Unconsciously Mueller intentionally stands before America as the great symbol of our internal battle, a man who solely decides the rule of law. His wiser, deeper-intel will provide clear guidance and answer that crucial question.

Article posted with permission from Sons Of Liberty Media

Andrew Hodges, MD

ANDREW G. HODGES, M.D., is a psychiatrist in private practice, a former clinical professor of psychiatry (UAB School of Medicine), and a noted forensic profiler. Experts including FBI agents believe his unique “thoughtprint decoding” method will one day become a fixture in law enforcement much as identifying fingerprints. The author of nine books, he has been interviewed extensively in the media with appearances on Fox News, CNN, ABC, MSNBC and Court TV. His website is AndrewGHodges.com
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