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School Girl Reports Being Raped by Teacher to School Cop, So He Raped Her Too

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Article first appeared at The Free Thought Project.

San Antonio, TX — (CN) When a school police officer learned that a teacher was raping a 14-year-old sophomore, he did it too, the girl says in a civil lawsuit, and now the teacher is in prison and the cop is awaiting trial.

In a federal lawsuit against the Edgewood Independent School District and Memorial High School, Jane Doe says both district employees used “hall passes” to pull her from class to sexually assault and sodomize her on school grounds.

Her chemistry teacher, Marcus Revilla, who impregnated her, pleaded guilty to sex crimes in state and federal courts, including sexual assault of a child and production of child pornography. He was sentenced to 13 years in state prison and a 17-year federal prison term.

Revilla filmed his sexual exploitation of the girl, and sexually assaulted and/or sodomized her “on at least 100 separate and distinct occasions,” according to her Dec. 5 lawsuit.

Former Edgewood ISD police Officer Manuel Hernandez is awaiting trial in Bexar County Court on charges of aggravated sexual assault.

She sued him too, and the school district’s police department.

“From August 2013 to April 2014, a majority of Revilla’s improper conduct with minor plaintiff that included sexual assault, and/or sexual abuse, and/or groping, and/or touching, and/or sodomy, and/or oral sex, and/or sexual intercourse, and/or sexual molestation, and/or pornographic photographic and/or recording of sex acts of or upon minor plaintiff occurred on or within the premises of defendant Edgewood Independent School District, and specifically on or within the premises of defendant Memorial High School,” the complaint states.

The sexual assaults were exposed when Revilla’s car was stolen, and recovered, and San Antonio police found the teen’s school ID and school-issued tablet computer, and starting investigating.

The sex scandal forced the resignations of the Edgewood ISD school board, its superintendent, and the Memorial High School principal, according to the complaint.

Jane Doe says her principal ignored a teacher’s reports of the assaults, and ignored reports from Revilla’s ex-fiancée.

Numerous teachers and administrators knew Revilla was molesting her, but failed to report it, “despite their statuses as mandatory reports of child abuse,” Doe says.

“Sexual harassment and other illegal conduct, including the sale of illicit drugs and firearms, were rampant at Memorial High School and tolerated generally by the staff,” the complaint states.

Memorial High School, in northwest San Antonio, is one of two high schools in Edgewood ISD. The Texas Education Agency rated it as “Met Standard” in 2015, according to publicly available information.

The school district did not reply to a request for comment Wednesday afternoon.

Jane Doe seeks punitive damages for civil rights violations, Title IX discrimination, emotional distress and counseling. She said the assaults have caused her to suffer from nightmares, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

She is represented by Luis Roberto Vera of San Antonio.

The Washington Standard

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