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Secretary of State Blinken: We Had to Surrender to the Taliban for Ukraine

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An embarrassment of monumental failures made to happen, that is the legacy of the Biden regime.

As one commenter pointed out – ‘what’s not being talked about is: Why was the evacuation through the Kabul airport rather than the Bagram base which could have provided a secure perimeter?’

Blinken: We Had to Surrender to the Taliban for Ukraine

By: Daniel Greenfield, December 29, 2022:

The media can’t seem to get around to asking Secretary of State Blinken why the administration, including USAID, are in violation of federal law by refusing to cooperate with SIGAR, the Afghanistan war watchdog.

And what they’re hiding.

Or where all the packs of hundred dollar bills showing up in Kabul Airport is coming from. But you know the media is no more likely to ask Blinken a hard-hitting question than they are to report on a Republican October surprise as anything but Russian disinformation.

But this was another opportunity for Blinken to spout meaningless buzzwords and self-serving drivel.

“As we look ahead to 2023, we will continue to use all of our diplomatic tools to drive these priorities, and many others – including maintaining our commitment to the people of Afghanistan, particularly those who supported the U.S. mission there over 20 years, as well as to stand up for the rights of women and girls,” Secretary of State Blinken told reporters.

Throwing hundreds of millions at the Taliban has only convinced the Jihadis that they can beat women with impunity. What’s next in that incredible commitment to the people of Afghanistan, last seen hanging off planes being evacced from Kabul airport?

“The decision that we just heard come from the Taliban on denying opportunities for women to go to universities, girls to go to school – I think what you’ve already heard is a course of condemnation from around the world, and not only from us but from countries – virtually every continent, including Muslim countries, which, I think is, in and of itself, important and powerful.  What they’ve done is to try to sentence Afghan women and girls to a dark future without opportunity.  And the bottom line is that no country is going to be able to succeed, much less thrive, if it denies half its population the opportunity to contribute. And to be clear – and we are engaged with other countries on this right now – there are going to be costs if this is not reversed, if this is not changed,” Blinken rambled.

Sure. A 20% pay cut in cash sent to the Taliban?

The condemnations are awesome though. We know how much the Taliban care about international condemnations. They’ll be as effective as the international condemnations of Iran, Russia, North Korea and Venezuela.

“I’ll also say this: we ended America’s longest war.  For the first time in 20 years, Americans will not be coming home from Afghanistan in a body bag or grievously injured,” Blinken argued.

It’s unclear if he was counting the Americans he left behind in Afghanistan. Or the 13 dead in the Kabul bombing after his boss turned over the city to the Taliban.

Finally, Blinken argued that, “when it comes to Russia’s war against Ukraine, if we were still in Afghanistan, it would have, I think, made much more complicated the support that we’ve been able to give and that others have been able to give Ukraine to resist and push back against the Russian aggression.”

Had Biden not humiliated America with a disastrous retreat, Putin might not have gone into Ukraine. And the extent of Biden’s support for Ukraine is providing supplies. Is Blinken seriously claiming that we couldn’t have occasionally bombed the Taliban and sent a whole bunch of weapons to Ukraine?

We had to surrender to the Taliban for Ukraine is a hell of an argument.

Blinken then claimed that,”it doesn’t take away from our enduring commitment to stand up for the rights of women and girls, and more broadly for the rights of people in Afghanistan.”

Also the cops in Uvalde doing nothing took nothing away from their commitment to the kids and teachers being shot in the classrooms.

Article posted with permission from Pamela Geller

The Washington Standard

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