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Sen. Fetterman Was Not Qualified to Serve. His Doctor and Staff Lied About It

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After hospitalizing him for what staff suspected might have been another stroke, Senator John Fetterman has now been hospitalized with “clinical depression”. This comes after the New York Times reported that the newly elected senator had trouble understanding what people were saying and was trying to avoid interactions.

And it’s a safe bet that we’re being told less than half the story.

Fetterman is not qualified to serve. He can’t do his job or any job. He needs extensive medical care and he’s not able to carry out his responsibilities. Whether or not he was aware of that depends on his mental capacity.

Contrary to Nikki Haley’s recent dumb quip, voters are allowed to elect unqualified people, including shambling wrecks, but Fetterman’s doctor and his staffers, not to mention his wife, would have been aware of his real condition and they lied about it to get through an election. Having lied their way this far, the star of Bernie’s Weekend broke down. That comes as no surprise after Fetterman’s debate performance.

Democrats just pushed out Sen. Dianne Feinstein, she showed up to work every day, and maybe she didn’t remember which votes she had cast or who her colleagues were, but she’s still more functional than Fetterman.

During the campaign, Democrats were touting Fetterman as possible presidential material. Now they have to decide whether to try to have Gov. Shapiro replace him or to be stuck with a senator who may at best occasionally show up for work, but offer nothing more than a warm body and a party-line vote.

That’s the mess they lied themselves into.

In the late stage of the Soviet Union, when one elderly leader after another died off in a matter of years, Russians joked that they were “lying in power” instead of sitting in power. Fetterman is definitely lying in power. Who’s actually wielding it, staffers or his wife, is an important question, much as it is with Feinstein, but the only decent thing to do is for him to step down. And for the media to concede that they lied about a politician to win an election.

Most of those things likely won’t happen. Power is difficult to give up. The Democrats are stuck with several House and Senate members who can barely function and a president who occasionally has a good day.

They’re lying in power. In both senses of the word.

Article posted with permission from Daniel Greenfield

The Washington Standard

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