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Shocker: New Technology Allows the Average Person to Build a Level 4 Bio-Weapon in the Basement

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If you thought that the madness we encounter each day had just about reached its zenith, allow me to assure you that we are not quite there yet. I recently made a recording with Mike Adams for our weekly news show, Health Revolt. During the recording, Mike made some stunning assertions about a new procedure called CRISPR, a scientific methodology that could change the way war is waged and could change the way we live our lives.

There is one thing for certain that has emerged as a result of the many, many wars that we have started and waged all over the world; and that is the many, many enemies that we have created all over the world, as a result. Truly, as much as we are the most beloved nation in the world, we are also the most hated. And, our enemies will use whatever means available to kill and maim us; even manufacturing and using biological weapons.

Recently, a method was created that is so stunning, so ground-breaking that it will change the way the world operates. I’m speaking of the scientific gene technology called CRISPR; a gene altering technology that will allow the everyday person, with virtually no scientific background, the ability to create a level 4 bio-weapon in their basement or garage. The implications are staggering.

As history has proven, those wishing to harm or kill us will go to great lengths to do so, and many are even willing to pay the ultimate price to carry out their evil; as anyone who is familiar with the practice of “homicide bombing” can attest. How long before a “homicide carrier” loads up with a genetically modified, and incurable, virus and spends a couple hours walking through Grand Central in NYC? All I can say is for you to keep your eyes open, keep your immune system strong and keep your family close. Please listen to Mike Adams, in his own words, linked below.



Article reposted with permission from NorthWest Liberty News, the opinions and views shared do not necessarily reflect the views of The Washington Standard.

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