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Shocking: Human Leather Products Now Being Sold Online

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There are things that are so creepy and just plain disgusting one can’t help but shudder and utter “Ewww.”

It’s even worse when you find it on Christmas morning.

Through the course of perusing the news as usual, one particular story stood out as creepy and disgusting.

Since it is the season for gift giving and trying to find unique gifts for some family members, there is a UK company that offers gifts for the “discerning shopper,” which should warrant some type of international investigation – products made from human leather.

This is not a mistake nor is it a hoax.  The website can be accessed here.  A “WhoIs” lookup produced very little results in trying to determine who registered the website.  A second search produced no results.  A third search using additional information on the pricing page produced this registration.

Infowars.com reported:

Extremely discerning clientele can now purchase their own one-of-a-kind ‘human leather’ products such as wallets, belts, and shoes online but prices start at $14,000 USD, according to the company which handcrafts the items out of the ‘finest leather known.’

That’s right, you can now order your very own wallet or belt made from a previously living human being despite the fact that human leather, much like certain fur, is illegal. [emphasis mine]

The company/website “HumanLeather.co.uk” boasts about their “exclusive real human leather products” online.

The ][uman Leather website product pages states:

Welcome to ][umanLeather. We are specialists in producing exquisite and exclusive products for an extremely discerning clientele.  All products are carefully hand-crafted by experienced master craftsmen, with years of experience in handling the finest leather known – human leather. 

Human Leather Products

We only craft the best and most beautiful products out of our unique leather.  We have produced bespoke items for some of our clients, but due to the limited size of the lengths that we work with, we are limited to what items we can fashion out of the leather. 

[Hu]man Leather Belts  –  [Hu]man Leather Wallets  –  [Hu]man Leather Shoes 

Why are your products so expensive?

We cater to a small but highly discerning clientele.  They are amongst those lucky few who have everything they could possibly desire.  Our supply is restricted and we prefer to keep it that way as we are the only firm in the world that crafts these special products.

When navigating around the site, errors are encountered when trying to view the “home” page and the “About” page.  The site is registered to a Non-UK individual named Vatsyayana Kama.  When this name is searched, the results produced are strange, indicating this may not be a real person.  The results produce listings for “The Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana,” “Vatsyayana – an Indian philosopher who lived in the second century AD, and books on “The Kama Sutra.”  This is very telling indeed.

Most importantly, this is really creepy and disgusting!  What type of individual would walk around with a “human” leather wallet, belt or shoes?  You certainly wouldn’t tell someone you are wearing “human” leather shoes.  And, what type of individual would give something like that as a gift?

Well, considering the prices, one can quickly deduce these products are for the entertainment of the elite, billionaire, globalist cabal.  However, there is some concern about the legality of the activity as seen on the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

Is this illegal?

Not at all.  However, this is an expensive business, as the raw material is not cheap to produce or process, plus their is official hindrance along the way.  We value our donors and we reward their beneficiaries and next of kin very handsomely.  In fact, we have had to turn away some potential donors, as we can accept only the highest quality human skin.  We can not give you the source of our raw product, we apologise.

They claim to have individuals willing to “donate” material for their production, but have turned some “donors” away citing “we can accept only the highest quality human skin.”  How would that be determined?  Moreover, it is just plain old creepy and disgusting to even think about all of this.

This business is so “up front” individuals seeking to purchase this “product” conduct the payment arrangements in secret.

How Do I Pay?

We will give you details on how to pay, if you become a client of ours.  We can go through what can be made with the material we have at the time and we ask for full payment in advance.  Till date, we have never had an article returned due to defects, and we aim to retain this unblemished record.

Now, does anyone actually believe this “company” gets their “material” from donors?  It’s hard to even contemplate that anyone would “donate” their body to have their skin made into “human” leather products.  And, when a company dealing in human body parts claims it is not illegal to fashion items from those parts, it does send up a “red flag” that this may be a shady operation, a scam and illegal when coupled with the statement there is “official hindrance along the way.”

Other tipoffs this could be a shady operation is paying in advance, the admission the company “rewards” beneficiaries and next of kin “very handsomely,” and the domain registration information.

It’s difficult to get past the creepy, the disgusting, and visions of “discerning clientele” walking around decked out in human leather shoes, belt and wallet since it brings with it the comparison of the movies’ portrayal of indigenous Amazon peoples walking around with shrunken heads on their belts like trophies.  Once that vision is placed on the back burner, one has to question that if it is illegal to deal in “human” leather products, which the “business” could, and probably is, shipping these products internationally, where is the investigation into this company?  The site was registered in 2008.  With all the surveillance of individuals worldwide and internet traffic, why hasn’t any law enforcement agency come forward with an announcement on an investigation?

Despite the company claim to reimburse donors’ beneficiaries and next of kin handsomely, one has to wonder if any of their “donors” have been trafficked locally or internationally.

In an article appearing in October of 2013 on the site dailydot.com, the author states, “Books bound in human skin are a staple of horror movies, and there are even a few kicking around in real life. One tends to assume that the practice has pretty much died out, presumably because it is (or should be) illegal.”  The article claims the company has not taken any new clients since 2011 despite the “high demand.”

This certainly is not something one would expect to encounter when perusing the news on the day observing the birth of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ;  nor, is this something that one would expect to see on “Oprah’s Favorite Things” when she was hosting a daytime talk show.  It is enough to throw one into a temporary cognitive dissonance when looking at this site on the web.  Is there anything anymore disgusting after murdering innocent babies in the womb than this?

Just as your mother might have washed your mouth out with soap after uttering a colorful expletive as a child, one wishes they could wash one’s eyes out with soap, irrigate one’s brain with cleaning products, and remove the memory altogether of seeing this.  But, one cannot, which means one has to face the pure evil of this company producing this type of project.  It shows there are no moral boundaries when it comes to making money, scam or not – which one this is cannot be determined.  To even use this as a scam is beyond reproach and lacks all elements of human decency.

Some people of this world have “devolved” and “degenerated” so far, there is no hope for them without Jesus Christ.  To the people making this product, if legitimate, or running this scam and those who would even contemplate a purchase such as this, “Shame on you!  Ask for salvation, forgiveness and repent of your sins.”  And, law enforcement agencies, such as Scotland Yard and Interpol, needs to investigate this company to determine if any crimes have been committed in addition to dealing in an illegal product.

Article by Suzanne Hamner

The Washington Standard

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