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Why All Socialists Must Die

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There a few (actually, a very few) prominent conservative analysts and commentators out there who are hinting at how the current election season underscores the myth of the two-party system, and how irrevocably a Hillary Clinton presidency will commit America to the international socialist agenda to which Beltway politicians and their confederates are committed.

As I mentioned last week, in a perfect world, the press in general – not just conservatives in the press – would be all over the treason committed by elected officials who desecrate the Constitution and sabotage America’s sovereignty. Obviously, the establishment press is largely complicit in these crimes (even though some of them are too plain stupid to comprehend that in which they are participating), but I think that conservative news outlets and journalists have fallen short in their reportage for different reasons.

The most prominent conservatives in media are not reporting this meaningfully either because:

  1. They don’t get it;
  2. They do get it, but their producers have agendas that compromise or preclude discussion of the issue; or
  3. They do get it, but their producers and other higher-ups are terrified at what the revelation of such a far-reaching diabolical conspiracy could ignite if revealed to a preponderance of our citizens.

This is unfortunate whichever the case may be, because never have the intentions of international socialists and the gravity of what their designs portend been clearer. As I’ve stated here more times than bear mentioning, socialists killed nearly a half-billion people during the 20th century, maiming, enslaving and oppressing millions more.

Last week, I finished the second of a series of videos I am producing called “Why All Socialists Must Die,” which are being posted on my YouTube channel and select other websites. Each video showcases a socialist agenda or policy and how it has eroded individual liberties or otherwise compromised Western society – and then extrapolates the argument out to its most extreme conclusion: All socialists must die.

Produced on a shoestring, these videos aren’t meant to be award-winning offerings, just informative. The shock value of the title is meant to elicit sober reflection upon the aforementioned designs of the globalist cabal, and how insidious socialism’s encroachment has been. Lesser efforts have wound up becoming viral YouTube sensations, however, so you never know …

The “Why All Socialists Must Die” videos are parodies, of course, since I would never condone the eradication of a whole class of people, even considering their proclivity for engaging in just that sort of thing. Given socialists’ track record for mass murder, certainly any reasoning individual might eventually consider what the world might have been like if all those genocidal socialists hadn’t been around.

I intend that “Why All Socialists Must Die” will continue to address examples of pernicious socialist policies as long as they can be identified and enumerated.

Whether viewers take the videos as parodies, or if they wind up going over as well as a certain infamous anti-Muslim Tweet I posted on April 15, 2013, remains to be seen.

Erik Rush’s book on race is bold, daring and needed — now more than ever: “Negrophilia: From Slave Block to Pedestal – America’s Racial Obsession”

Article posted with permission from Erik Rush

The Washington Standard

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