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Soros-Backed Andrew Gillum’s Ties To Dream Defenders Against Israel

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In Israel, the U.S. Embassy was moved to the capital city of Jerusalem (05-14-18). Thank you, President Donald J. Trump! The U.S. Congress enacted the transfer in 1995, but it was delayed by all intervening U.S. Presidents: William J. Clinton; George W. Bush, and Barack H. Obama. The primary excuses: Doing so would cause Muslims to protestantagonize allies among Muslim countries; upset stability of the Middle East; and result in World War III.

Tel Aviv would still be the location of the U.S. Embassy, if Hillary R. Clinton became the U.S. President, and if Tim Kaine became Vice President. Guess who was on HRC’s “short list” for V.P. in 2016? Andrew Gillum, among the fourth “food group” of prospects listed in John Podesta’s email released by Wikileaks.

Andrew Gillum is now a Florida Gubernatorial candidate. At the Florida Freedom Forum’s Democratic debate(06-11-18), Andrew Gillum stated he was “pleased and proud” to provide food to Dream Defenders during their 30-day protest for gun control at the Florida State Capitol in 2013. Gillum stated his support “to stand-up for you, and to stand beside you” in their activism, and stated: “I hope you keep at it.” The sentiment is mutual, since Gillum is supported by the Dream Defenders Action, among other liberal groups.

Dream Defenders against Israel

Dream Defenders effectively promote Black Liberation Theology.

Despite claims of antisemitism, the Dream Defenders reiterated their condemnation of Israel: The “Dream Defenders along with 50 other organizations, representing hundreds of Black people across the country launched A Vision for Black Lives, an agenda that clearly defines policies, organizing tactics and resources to advance Black liberation. The platform included a call for the US government to divest from military expenditures and US aid to the State of Israel and instead, invest this war-making money towards building infrastructure to support Black and Brown communities in the US … We stand in solidarity with Palestine and with Black and Brown people throughout the world in fighting for justice … We remain steadfast in our condemnation of the State of Israel and their illegal occupation of the Palestinian people’s homeland.”

Dream Defenders support the Palestinian-led program of Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) against Israel. They sent a Delegation to Palestine in 2015, and in their video, referred to Nazareth as Palestine. Dream Defenders’ co-founder, Phillip Agnew, described his visit as a “cold, calculating racism and ethnic privilege masquerading as a Jewish State.” [Ebony] In 2013, Andrew Gillum wrote that the United States “could use a lot more Phillip Agnews.” [IBW21]

In their Freedom Papers, Dream Defenders use Socialist doctrine to explain their socio-economic status, and seek redistribution of wealth. Following is a partial list of demands made by Dream Defenders, who, “By virtue of being born” claim an “absolute right:”

  1. to “adequate food, shelter, clothing, water, [and] healthcare;”
  2. to “reinvestment of the money spent on prisons and police to social programs.” Why? “Police and prisons have no place in ‘Justice.’ Police and prisons aren’t just racist but they work to enforce the separations [sic] of rich and poor;”
  3. to “fully funded public education … from Pre-K through college;” and
  4. to “move” across borders. After all, the “US has created highly militarized, totally arbitrary borders.”

The Dream Defenders demand “an end to islamophobia, sexism, racism and capitalism.”

On its page titled DDP Palestine, Dream Defenders seek “to end disaster capitalism.” They join solidarity “demanding ICE be abolished.” [U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement].

People for the socialist way

Andrew Gillum was an employee of People for the American Way Foundation, an affiliate of People for the American Way, whose mission has been “to fight right-wing extremism and defend constitutional values.” PFAW has “pushed back against Trump’s anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant actions,” among other liberal agendas. [See PFAW Report, 2017, p. 4].

Andrew Gillum was paid $131,235 from People for the American Way, its Foundation, and related organizations, during 2017. Contrast: Gillum reported $26,070 from PFAW on his Financial Disclosure, Form 6, 2017, but dated 06-18-18]

People for the American Way listed Andrew Gillum as “Director of Youth Leadership” during 2017. Andrew Gillum worked less than one hour per week [.80 hrs.] at PFAW; and worked a full-time position [39.2 hours] for the Foundation. Gillum received compensation respectively of PFAW: $2,450; PFAW Foundation: $120,050; and related organizations: $8,735, for a total of $131,235. [See PFAW Form 990, 2017, Part VII, columns D, E and F; also, see PFAW-Foundation Form 990, 2017, Part VII, columns D, E and F]

Andrew Gillum founded PFAW-Foundation’s progressive Young Elected Officials Network aka the YEO Network. Gillum’s photo is shown in PFAW’s Report, 2015, p. 8.

During 2017, Andrew Gillum was Mayor of Tallahassee, Florida, and paid $79,176. [See Gillum’s Financial Disclosure, Form 6, 2017]

During 2017, Andrew Gillum worked for P&P Communications, Inc, and paid $71,680. According to Tallahassee Reports, Gillum claims to have provided “leadership consulting” for a company without a “paper trail:” no online presence, and no available list of clients, although Gillum claims clients being Norman Lear, founder of PFAW; and the Gillum campaign, which shares the same address with P&P Communications.

Using our “skills of math for daily living,” Andrew Gillum apparently earned a total of $282,091 during 2017. Socialists earn a good living, just ask his mentor, Bernie Sanders.

Gillum and Soros agreed on Syrian refugees

According to Tallahassee Reports, in 2016, George Soros’ “Open Society group applauded Mayor Andrew Gillum’s decision to accept Syrian refugees to the City of Tallahassee.”

“Public documents show that the Soros non-profit Open Society earmarked $700,000 in 2012 to the Gillum run Young Elected Officials Network through the People for American Way Foundation,” reported TR.

“Questions have been raised by some about Gillum’s financial arrangement with Soros backed groups and his unilateral policy decisions as Mayor. His public pronouncement on the Syrian Refugee issue was done without consultation with the City Commission.” TR asked: “Is Mayor Gillum’s financial arrangement with Open Society driving decisions that ultimately impact the City of Tallahassee?”

Imagine liberal Gillum as Governor of Florida

Obama 2.0” describes Gillum’s liberal views. From City Commissioner to Mayor of Tallahassee, Florida, Gillum campaigns to be Governor of Florida. What’s next? U.S. Senate? President? Democrats campaign as conservatives, but once elected, govern as liberals. Therefore, voters should consider a partial list of Gillum’s issues in practice:

  1. Criminal Justice Reform: Andrew Gillum’s “first priority as Governor will be appointing three new Supreme Court justices who share the values of this state, and he’ll appoint diverse, qualified judges who represent the breadth and depth of people in this state.”

Response: Andrew Gillum has an unclear statement: His goal may be to appoint three justices to oversee a committee on criminal justice reform. However, “three new” may describe increasing the number of justices from 7 to 10 on the Florida Supreme Court. Either way, Gillum will appoint “diverse” (liberal) justices to achieve what otherwise could not be passed in the Florida Legislature.

  1. Gun safety: Andrew Gillum boasts having “fought the powerful gun lobby” to “protect a law that bans firing a weapon in a city park.” Gillum provides the liberal list of non-issues, such as “universal background checks,” and other proposals already enacted in Florida’s Safety Act in 2018.

Response: A person cannot commit a crime using a gun anywhere including a city park. Andrew Gillum’s agenda of gun control has the goal to disarm the public. All Gillum achieved is prohibiting a law-abiding, concealed carry permit holder, such as this author, from carrying a gun for lawful self-defense in a park. A universal background check is only as good as government agencies documenting persons having a history of crime or mental illness. If you truly want to improve the system, support FixNICS and Project ChildSafe.

  1. Israel: Andrew Gillum claims to “support anti-Boycott, Divest and Sanctions [BDS] legislation.” Gillum claims: “Only a separate state, brought about through direct, legitimate negotiations between the Palestinians and Israel, can vest in the Palestinians the aspirations they rightfully seek to achieve.”

Response: Pardon my skepticism: Andrew Gillum supports “Dream Defenders.” Its “Co-Founder Phillip Agnew recently described a long and close working and personal relationship with Gillum and said he considers Gillum to be ‘part of the movement.’” [Breitbart] More specifically, Phillip Agnew described Andrew Gillum as being a person “who was at the center of building a movement.” [Citilab] Parse Gillum’s words: “legitimate” negotiations; and “rightfully seek” aspirations. As the typical politician, Gillum changes his message depending on the audience.

  1. Immigration: Andrew Gillum “spoke out loudly and forcefully against the Trump Administration’s inhumane and cruel zero-tolerance policy;” attacked ICE [U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement]; and stated: “President Trump’s attack on cities friendly to immigrants must end.”

Response: Andrew Gillum does not respect the rule of law. Illegal alien is the correct description of those who violate our immigration law, violate our national sovereignty, and use unlawful means to enter the United States. It was Gillum’s god, the Obama administration, which established the policy concerning minors of illegal aliens. Sanctuary Cities will be supported by Andrew Gillum, who may dance like James Kenney, Mayor of Philadelphia, PA. Hey, Gillum, how about supporting the proposed bill, Kate’s law?


Floridians will elect their next Governor in November, 2018. Voters have a duty to investigate candidates, but the vetting is difficult due to bias by online search enginesfake news by reporters with agendas; and candidates and parties who use the race card, or sexual innuendo, to discredit opponents.

In colonial America, clergy called for periods of fasting and prayer prior to elections. In church, people heard “election day sermons”: From the pulpits, Pastors used biblical doctrine to contrast candidates’ positions.

After a failed experiment with socialism, the Pilgrims’ returned to capitalism. With the incentive of private property and profit, our ingenuity truly has made America great.

Our Founding Fathers established a republican form of government. As Benjamin Franklin warned: “If you can keep it.”

During the last decade, politicians’ pursuit of socialism – identity politics, wealth redistribution, and political correctness – has caused many of us to ask, what happened to America’s greatness?

Our cries have been heard by President Trump, who, by invigorating capitalism and national pride, truly is now “Making America Great Again.” After the mid-term election, can we keep it?

Article posted with permission from Pamela Geller

Gerald Lostutter is a Florida licensed attorney, college professor, and journalist. He has worked in the print and broadcast media. His comedy can be heard on Central Florida Radio. Scroll down to WDBO-AM 580, and WMEL-AM 920.

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