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Spike Lee is an Idiot… No Really!

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Apart from his undeniable creativity, film director Spike Lee is clearly an idiot. Now, I’m not name-calling; I truly mean that the man is an idiot in the literal sense, perhaps just a notch or two above needing 24-hour adult supervision.

I’ve discussed before how disheartening it can be when one discovers that an entertainer whose work one admires (or at least appreciates) turns out to be a pants-pissing moron, a screaming liberal, or both, but then it just isn’t that unusual when those blessed with notable talent wind up being bereft of other fundamental human qualities. For example, the representation of the classical composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in the stage and film productions Amadeus was reportedly not far from the mark, historically-speaking, wherein the brilliant, inspired individual who was crafting symphonies at age five had no social skills or sense of decorum whatsoever.

In a recent interview with TheWrap discussing his new film offering Chi-Raq, Lee said that politicians in opposition to President Obama’s executive gun controls are “in cahoots” with the National Rifle Association. According to Lee:

“Those politicians, the conservatives, they’re in cahoots with the NRA and the gun manufacturers. They’re making money, it’s blood money. I’m gonna say it — it’s blood money.”

  • Spike Lee

In an earlier column, I dismantled arguments for the new executive actions announced this week by Barack Hussein Obama relative to firearms, and illustrated how controlling governments and socialist ideologues like Obama desire an unarmed populace because such a populace is incapable of armed resistance to tyranny.

Lee shows his stupidity in failing to recognize how gun control laws in general tend to place inner-city blacks at the mercy of armed criminals; further, that many gun control laws in liberal-controlled urban areas are aimed squarely at blacks themselves, and always have been. Some of the first laws restricting firearms in America were passed in the antebellum South by whites who feared free blacks with guns, but I doubt Lee has the bandwidth to make the connection.

As far as the NRA goes, Lee is obviously unaware that the organization is primarily focused on responsible gun ownership and use, has opposed racially-tinged gun legislation since its inception, and that they – aware of the whorish nature of politicians – contribute great sums of money to both liberal and conservative politicians.

In my book, Negrophilia: From Slave Block to Pedestal – America’s Racial Obsession, I pointed out another instance of the director’s stupidity in his bigoted view of mixed race couples and individuals, which he is apparently pretty proud of:

“I give interracial couples a look. Daggers. They get uncomfortable when they see me on the street.”

  • Spike Lee

So, this hip, liberal black film maker doesn’t think the races should mix, but he has ardently supported Barack Hussein Obama – a mixed-race individual – from the beginning of his political ascendency. Spike apparently doesn’t see the hypocrisy in his position, nor the bigotry in his disdain for interracial relationships.

In either case, these are illustrative of his stupidity. What else could it be?

Concerning his new film Chi-Raq, which showcases the vulnerability of inner city blacks in Chicago to violent crime, Lee was too stupid to realize that his film was not going to be received well by Chicago’s little tin homosexual mayor Rahm Emanuel. The film’s title is a term coined by rappers, who liken Chicago’s widespread violence to the brutality associated with Iraq. Emanuel was formerly Obama’s chief of staff, and his policies have exacerbated practically every condition unfavorable to Chicago’s black residents, their exposure to violent crime being at the top of that list.

Emanuel used his influence to impede the film’s production, didn’t like the title, and claimed that the movie would portray Chicago in a bad light. Obviously, Emanuel took great offense to Lee shining a light on all the chaos occurring on his watch, but Lee was too stupid to see it coming.

He probably surmised that as friends of Obama, there would be little tension between himself and Emanuel, not knowing that liberal power players expect blacks not to make waves politically where it exposes their bigotry and hypocrisy. In Emanuel’s eyes, Lee can say whatever he wants about whitey in the generic sense, but with regard to politics, he should be a good little spook and go lay by his dish. Such conflicts occur occasionally when prominent blacks speak out against prominent white liberals’ bigotry and hypocrisy.

In Negrophilia, I also pointed out the cyclical phenomenon of inner city blacks and activists who decry police and politicians who allegedly ignore violent crime in black communities, but who cry racism when those police and politicians crack down on crime at their behest – which invariably involves prosecuting black offenders.

Perhaps if Spike Lee had made Chi-Raq a straight propaganda film and blamed the NRA for crime in the inner cities, he’d have had an easier time with Rahm Emanuel.

But then, he’s probably too stupid to have figured that one out by himself…

*Article by Erik Rush

The Washington Standard

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