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Steve Bannon: “Trump Presidency is Over”

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All major news outlets and alternative media have covered Steve Bannon leaving the Trump administration and returning to Breitbart.

In an interview with The Weekly Standard, Bannon stated, “The Trump presidency that we fought for, and won, is over.  We still have a huge movement, and we will make something of this Trump presidency.  But that presidency is over.  It’ll be something else.  And, there’ll be all kinds of fights, and there’ll be good days and bad days, but that presidency is over.”

For all intents and purposes, Bannon is right.

American citizens, disenfranchised by the previous administration, frustrated by the Republican Party’s almost refusal to keep their campaign promises to stop Obama, and fed up with the Republican Party kowtowing to Democrats, saw in Donald Trump a man that understood the issues facing the common citizen.

The Electoral College overwhelmingly chose Trump as the president in November 2016, after a popular vote showed Trump taking the majority of States.

People liked his stance on Obamacare repeal, illegal alien invasion, immigration, infrastructure, and economic and foreign policies.

People liked his standing for the average citizen instead of the corrupt Washington, DC swamp, which he campaigned to drain.

Much to the disappointment of many citizens, Trump had to contend with animosity from the Republican as well as the Democratic Party.

Neither the establishment Republicans nor the lamestream enemedia could figure out why American citizens were not flocking to their choice of presidential candidate.

Eight months after Trump’s inauguration, they still can’t figure it out nor will they work with him to implement some of his policies, which would be good for America.

What America has seen is both political parties working feverishly against him.

Republicans have joined Democrats in a “one party wagon” treaty to do anything and everything to sabotage and end his presidency.

One could go so far to say that both parties have encouraged violence against Trump supporters and those standing behind the president because of issues highlighted during his campaign that directly affect their lives, which counter the direction of government.

After seven years of trying to push through Obamacare repeal, Republicans cannot even come up with one piece of legislation to do so, after campaigning heavily in 2014 to tackle it.

Many rode the coat tails of Trump’s popularity with the people, declaring to support him, to win re-election only to turn into Benedict Arnold after the election.

Not one elected or re-elected Republican who opposed illegal alien invasion and supported enforcing current immigration laws has stood to call for Republicans to ditch their animosity to work on the republic’s pressing business.

Trump cannot even get a solid foreign or economic policy established due to the “switch” baiters skulking around in his administration and opposition within the Republican Party.

Normally, a “lame duck” presidency and session of both chambers of Congress occur in the second term of a presidency when that president is of one party and the majority in both chambers of Congress another.

Yet, that did not seem to occur with the last administration and it seems to have hit within the first few months of the first term of the Trump presidency.

While Republicans relented to Obama and the minority Democrats, claiming they “need to work with the president and the other side of the aisle,” there has been no such concession made for Trump by either party.

In plain terms, both parties are rejecting the constitutionally elected president by the Electoral College, which happens to be the people’s choice, thereby, showing their rejection of the stance of the American people.

Moreover, both parties seem to condone the violence occurring against conservatives, Trump supporters and those who support nationalism.

In fact, both parties actively appear to support it by refusing to call out the minority that has continually engaged in violence since the Trump inauguration.

The “swamp” is interested in business as usual.

None wants any type of changes that would benefit Americans.

As Bannon said, there has been no funding on the border wall.

They have not supported the Perdue-Cotton immigration bill;  however, there should be nothing wrong with enforcing the laws currently in place now.

And, Bannon reiterated that none have rallied to Trump’s cause, including any measure on taxes or infrastructure.

Briefly stated, they had no interest in Trump’s program at all.

To boot, no government agency falling under the control of the executive branch has even bothered to cooperate with Trump even when executive orders were issued.

Yet, these same agencies never hesitated to do Obama’s bidding even when it included breaking the law.

These agencies are still breaking the law without missing a single step and thumbing their nose at Trump and the American people while doing it.

Basically, the Trump presidency based on his campaign platform is over.

If Trump makes it through his four-year term, one can bet he will not be able to secure the nomination for a second run.

The Republican establishment will see to that.

So, where does that leave the people of the united States?

In the same boat that has been floating around for several decades – an illusion of choice when it comes to representation.

Both parties have shown the propensity to lie in order to garner votes.  Both parties have proven to be corrupt and self-serving.  And, both parties have shown their total disdain for the American voter base.

As Herman Cain would sometimes say on his radio show, “they are busy rearranging chairs on the deck of the sinkingTitanic.”

None are interested in correcting problems government created.  None are interested in restoring freedom and ditching the surveillance state of “Big Brother.”

None care one piece of flea poop about representing the citizenry or building up this republic as long as they can line their pockets on the backs of Americans, sell this republic down the river to support donors and big business, and engage in conspiratorial traitorous actions with impunity to deliver this republic and its people upon the altar of globalism.

By now, it’s rather obvious that voting doesn’t mean diddly squat.

One only has to look at the dysfunctional representation sitting inside the Beltway to see it.

With the rampant fraud and tampering by the Democratic Party and some voters to the Department of Homeland Security usurping the election process, the next election will see those candidates elected that are “government approved.”

But, prior to the next election, both parties will fervently work to stir division and violence among fringe groups of society in order to enact strict limits on freedoms.

American culture will be destroyed, as happens with any hostile takeover.

The first move is underway – sabotaging Trump to get rid of him either by impeachment, by the use of the Twenty-Fifth Amendment, or assassination.

If the election of Donald Trump should teach Americans anything, it is that Republicans, despite their silver-tongued rhetoric, are not the party supporting conservatives, nationalists or Constitutionalists.

In fact, today’s Republican Party almost abhors those individuals subscribing to the rule of law, the Constitution, conservatism and nationalism.

If they didn’t, one would not see the actions and behavior occurring within the party with the election of Donald Trump.

Think of it in this way.  The government has become Skynet in the movie, Terminator 3:  Rise of the Machines.

While the people created the government, the government has taken on a life and mind of its own – one in which they stand against the people.

And, like John Conner in the movie, Trump is standing alone trying to help those calling for help against a network of ingrained, deep-seeded attacks toward those outside the walls of government.

Whether or not these “fringe” groups realize they are being manipulated like “useful idiots,” they are on the list as well since government will use them to accomplish a goal then terminate them when their usefulness is done.

The Trump presidency that Americans grasped onto as the last stand for the US is over.  Without the support of Congress and other government agencies, there is not a lot he can do.

And, while Congress uses their time and energy trying to find ways to “dump Trump,” the people, society, and our republic pays the price for their dysfunctional agenda.

It is the American people who will suffer for their exercise of choice in rejecting the establishment – unless, the citizenry is willing to end it.

Article by Suzanne Hamner

The Washington Standard

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