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Stick A Fork In Ted Cruz…Because He’s Done

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Politics isn’t a profession for those that have thin skin, and from what we saw at the Republican National Convention the other night when Ted Cruz spoke, the good senator from Texas proves just that. It would have been better for all concerned if the senator had never stepped foot on that stage. While his speech started-off well enough, it ended very poorly. Nobody expected Ted Cruz to kiss Donald Trump’s backside, but here’s the bottom line: Mr. Trump won the endorsement of the delegates to be the Republican nominee for President to the United States. And yes, the primary’s were brutal and even a little bit bloodthirsty, but Cruz could’ve taken the moral high-road and given Trump his endorsement – he even gave his word to do so.

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To say that I am disappointed with Senator Cruz would be an understatement. I actually thought he’d put his personal feelings aside and endorse the Republican presidential candidate. Boy…was I wrong.

The one thing people will look back and remember in the 2020 presidential race, is that Ted Cruz broke his word, and if Ted Cruz wants to salvage his political career, he needs to “man-up” and not only apologize to Donald Trump, but apologize to the American people as well. It’s quite a shame, really, that a grown man can’t put his personal feelings aside and do what’s best for the American people. We expect this kind of childish behavior from Barack Obama…but I thought Senator Cruz was above that kind of crap…guess I was wrong.

I understand we expect politicians to lie- heck, Hillary Clinton can’t say two words without one, or both, being a lie. But from a guy like Ted Cruz, I must say, I’m very disappointed. We need strength and fearlessness in the White House right now, not cry babies. We need a man with guts to defeat our enemies without mercy. We DON’T need a weak little liar as our president…we already have one of those. Mr. Trump has endured more vindictive criticism than any presidential candidate has in a long, long time, and he’s shrugged it off and kept charging forward. THAT’S what we desperately need right now: someone who doesn’t carry a grudge and doesn’t cry in his milk because someone said some hurtful things about his family.

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Sadly, Mr. Cruz can’t muster the strength to do the same.

I wouldn’t put it past Cruz to foment a revolt within the Republican party in an effort to make Donald Trump lose the election. I guess we’ll have to wait and see about that.

I’m speaking directly to Senator Cruz right now:

Senator-if you want to salvage your political career and have a political future, then grow-up, act like a man, and quit acting like a cry baby and a sore loser.

Article by Richard Anthony

The Washington Standard

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