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Stop Enforcing The Law & People Will Start Killing Each Other

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The Left’s opposition to police and the justice system ushered in this nightmare.

See if you can spot what these two stories have in common.

Saratoga County Woman Killed After Turning into Wrong Driveway – Albany Times Union

84-Year-Old Is Charged in Shooting of Black Teenager Who Went to Wrong House – New York Times

The media, by which I mean the Left, has with utter racist predictably begun waving the bloody shirt about the second case. The tawdry movement is cheerfully organizing a lynch mob for an 84-year-old man, not on the merits of the case, but because of the racial identity markers in that headline. Had the races been reversed or if both participants in the tragedy were black or white, we would either not hear about it or the story would be about “gun violence”.

But let’s set the cynical racial narratives that govern our broken country aside for a little while.

The Left went on a mission to deconstruct the justice system and law enforcement. The resulting massive crime wave has people of all races terrified for their safety. Break-ins are happening in even ‘nice’ areas.

What are people doing? They’re getting guns and they’re preparing to defend themselves.

In an environment where criminals are emboldened and law enforcement has become meaningless, people, especially older homeowners (the Saratoga shooter, Kevin Monahan, was 65), are afraid and preparing to fight back.

Sometimes this leads to tragedies.

The answer is to restore law and order. That means turning the clock to the late 90s, before all the abominations of pro-crime, including the First Step Act, it means locking up the criminals, putting three-strikes laws back on the books to lock up repeat offenders and getting rid of any prosecutors who won’t do their jobs.

Vigilante responses of all sorts are happening. And despite the leftist media’s racist lies, they’re often being carried out by minorities, like the minority workers who killed criminals in self-defense in New York City recently.

If we don’t want to live in the Wild West, we have to bring back law and order. When the Left insists on freeing criminals and legalizing crime, then people will defend themselves, and lacking the training and judgment of law enforcement, innocent people may occasionally die.

But we should remember that it is the Left’s opposition to police and the justice system that ushered in this nightmare.

Article posted with permission from Daniel Greenfield

The Washington Standard

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