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Texas: Cop in Police Cruiser Runs Over Woman Carrying Groceries – Drives Off (Video)

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Houston, TX — A police officer’s actions recorded on video over the weekend have led to charges against him. Officer Omario Gatheright was captured on video running over 50-year-old woman and then fleeing the scene.

The incident happened Sunday night as Gatheright, who is an officer with the Aldine Independent School District police department, was pulling out of a driveway in the 13400 block of Topeka street. As the officer pulled out, he is seen on video plowing his cruiser into Alice Limone and then driving off.

The 50-year-old woman was left injured in the roadway as Gatheright drove off in the night.

“I fell off the hood. He pulled back around and said, ‘I’ll be back for you.’ (He) Took off and just left me on the ground,” Limone said.

According to police, Gatheright was off duty and not in uniform, yet he was still driving his patrol car. Police explained that Gatheright did say he would be right back but did not return for an hour.

We he returned, he was in a different car, and had his girlfriend in the vehicle. Gatheright then tried to pin the hit and run on his girlfriend.

According to authorities, Gatheright’s girlfriend—likely under duress—attempted to take the blame for hitting Limone. However, witness statement and the video proved Gatheright was lying and the officer had no other choice but to confess.

Assistant District Attorney Sean Teare explained how their story fell apart when investigators questioned Gatheright with their information.

“Once the defendant was challenged with footage and witness statements that it was marked police unit, once that happened, he confessed to being the operator of the vehicle,” Teare said.

Monica Anciso was filling her car with gas across the street and watched the officer run down the woman and then take off. She immediately called 911 after witnessing the crime.

Anciso explained further that she feels Gatheright deliberately ran over Limone.

“He came from the driveway right here. And I really do think he did this on purpose,” Anciso said.

When asked why she thought it was done on purpose, Anciso said, “Because of the way he hit her. He had plenty of room.”

As ClicktoHouston.com reports, “in surveillance video obtained by KPRC2, the woman, carrying grocery bags, can be seen walking out of a parking lot and crossing the street at the same time as Gatheright is pulling out of a parking lot directly across from her. He turns onto the street, then hits the woman, who is pushed several feet on the hood of the car, then slides onto the pavement when Gatheright hits the brakes.”

As the video below shows, Gatheright then drives off as the woman is left lying in the street.

After police discovered the video and heard the witness statements, Gatheright was arrested and put in jail. He is charged with failure to stop and render aid.

Gatheright has been a police officer with the school district for three years. Since his arrest, according to the department, he has been placed on administrative leave.

On Monday, the department released the following statement:

“Aldine ISD was made aware that an employee has been arrested in connection with an automobile accident that occurred while he was off-duty on Sunday night. The AISD police officer has been removed from duty and placed on administrative leave while an investigation is underway.”

Below is the disturbing video of a public servant harming an innocent woman and then fleeing the scene.

Luckily for Limone, she survived and will make a recovery. Others, however, like  57-year-old Donna Platz of Pennsylvania were not so lucky. Platz was struck and killed by State Trooper Frederick Schimp, who was not responding to a call when he ran a stop sign and plowed into the innocent woman as she crossed the street. 

Article posted with permission from The Free Thought Project

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