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Texas Removed its Request for Restraining Order on Syrian Resettlement

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It is somewhat comparable to a city or town knocking on the door and demanding that you house strangers. But, worse, you are told that you are not allowed to find out anything about them before they get there. You have no clues to their history. You know nothing about what they believe or like. You are asked to trust your officials to have placed you and your family in a safe position. And it seems all that Texas can do is take it and deal with the fallout.

Fox 4 reports:

Texas stopped trying Friday to block Syrian refugees from resettling in the state after suing the U.S. government over fears that new arrivals from the war-torn country could pose a security risk.

The swift reversal diffused a lawsuit the Obama administration criticized as unfounded. Since the Paris attacks, at least 29 U.S. governors have vowed to keep new Syrian refugees outside their state borders. Texas on Wednesday became the first to take the federal government to court, but legal experts called the lawsuit futile, saying states have no authority over resettlements.

This is not a surprise. As I reported, the states are bound by the Constitution to accept the people the feds say are in need of asylum. So, even if Texas would have stuck to their guns, they would have had little chance of success. And apparently the federal government has given the state of Texas the needed information.

Breitbart reports:

Breitbart Texas asked officials in the Office of the Attorney General to provide information as to what type of information was requested from the federal government about these Syrian refugees and what information was provided by the federal government in response.

Breitbart Texas also asked if the attorney general is confident that these Syrian refugees have been properly screened and pose no threat to the security of Texas and Texans.

And if this is the case, then great. We should not be so closed minded to the idea that there are several thousand people in need of hope and help. The country they have fled has been in a place of death and destruction for four years. The desire for a new place and a fresh start is not a strange one. But it is strange that we are asked to take in people who hate our society. And though the left and even some Christians would have us believe differently, this is not a new development.

And we must not be fooled by the ages of these refugees.

Breitbart continues:

As a result of the lawsuit, the federal government revealed that 21 refugees are expected to be delivered to Texas next week, according to KERA News. Those refugees will include twelve children between the ages of two and fifteen, four parents, two grandparents and a Syrian woman whose mother currently lives in Houston. Those refugees are scheduled to be placed in Dallas and Houston.

So, they seem too young to want to kill us yet. They have not grown to the age to recognize and despise our non-Islamic culture. But are they not being taught that their culture and their beliefs are superior to ours? Are they not taught that all the world will be Islamic?  What about Syed Rizwan Farook? He did not come to America; he was born here. The idea that this same ideology of hate and death will not penetrate the mind of these children is naïve.

Many have called on passages of scripture to inform our minds on how we are to feel about these refugees. My heart does go out to those who really need help. It must be terrible to have to flee your home. It must be awful to have to go to a foreign land and start over. As men, the knowledge that you could not defend your home and your family must be humbling and hurtful.

With this said, we must not allow them to come here and make of our land what has been in theirs. If they will come and become one of us, then they can come. But if they come like they have in Europe, they must be refused.

*Article by Michael Ware

The Washington Standard

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