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The Biggest Heist In History: COVID-19, The Multi-Trillion Dollar Stimulus & Indoctrination

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As the pandemonium continues and the WWE DC match goes on while states unconstitutionally restrict the rights of the people and the people would have it so! Yet, in the midst of this, the biggest heist in US history took place with the unconstitutional stimulus passing both houses of Congress and the president signing it, but there’s more… lots more. There’s not just $2.2 trillion, but another $4.5 trillion in spending power by the Federal Reserve while the Treasury Department gobbles up securities. On top of that, you see the unconstitutional spending of education and we are really being set up for Communism.

Articles and additional information mentioned in this episode:

Education Help 101

Debt Disguised As Relief: Multi-Trillion Dollar Unconstitutional Stimulus Sells Out The People For 30 Pieces Of Silver


President Calls For Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie To Be Thrown Out Of Republican Party For Trying To Hold Congress Accountable

Dr. Fauci In New England Journal Of Medicine: Coronavirus Less Severe Than The Flu

Brooklyn: 86-Year-Old Woman Dies After Being “Hit In The Head By 32-Year-Old Woman Who Claimed She Was Violating Social Distancing Rules”


More Tyranny & Betrayers: As 911 Gets Calls For Coughing Neighbors, Kentucky Governor Opens Hotline To Allow You To Snitch To Government

Lynne also provided the following information for those interested.

1) COVID-19 latest stimulus and education. Rep. Pelosi is pushing a 4th such item as evidenced in this article. However, I cannot seem to locate how much of this will be tied to education, expect that our tax dollars at all levels go there.

From this Pelosi article, note her push to attack water and infrastructure. Water, is one of our most vital life giving natural resources. Under the UN’s SDGs, control for water is key to manipulating us. Infrastructure is the 5G push (which the President just signed a new bill into law to increase it.) 5G new activity is going on under our noses while we’re in isolation as well as being opened up for families and schools in the name of education.

From Rep. Pelosi’s website, look at her statements about a 4th stimulus bill, education, and how we need to increase federal gov’t dependency (which these  stimulus checks will do).
Link:  https://pelosi.house.gov/news/press-releases/pelosi-floor-speech-in-support-of-hr-748-the-coronavirus-aid-relief-and-economic

I’d love to find the special interest list mentioned in the above articles (not Pelosi’s statement), however, If no list to tie to education can be found on your end, you can show this to the audience as a tool for them to do their own research; from Congress.gov:

**My observations about all this:
However much the 2020 COVID-19 activities, which seem to be happening faster than there’s legislation, COULD be traced back to this mid 2019 Senate Bill, which became Public Law 116-22 (means this was made into law very early in the 116th Congressional Session).
Link:   https://www.congress.gov/116/plaws/publ22/PLAW-116publ22.pdf
Take into consideration this Feb. 2020 Senate Bill for ‘global health’ where COVID was mentioned. We really don’t know how much of this wound up in the recent Senate Bill which became Law. (That is, if any of this Bill did, in fact, get written in.)
Link:  https://www.congress.gov/116/bills/s3302/BILLS-116s3302is.pdf

Rep. Massie/Glenn Beck audio clip here (start around 1:02:00 time stamp).

(This article is written by the former TN Ed Commissioner and ties to the City Fund.
City Fund is a bunch of investors with too much money and lots of agenda to accomplish. Education is merely a tool to carry this out.
WP article also cites Brookings Inst., NWEA, Chiefs for Change, and Education Trust (all CCSS Machine members).
The most toxic of these is Education Trust (where you can find John King, former US Sec. of Education) as a leader. Look at all the CCSS Machine groups here:

See this article from the CCSS Machine’s “Chalkbeat” about the “City Trust”:

3) My Monday article with all kinds of at home ideas & resources.

**Be sure to feature the Citizens for Free Speech petition about power abuse in the name of COVID-19.

Article to support this: https://www.commoncorediva.com/2019/06/17/disregarding-orders/

4) **From Business Insider, the CDC’s data collection and spying in the name of COVID-19 ‘safety’ will involve HIPAA, which can also tie to education. Will certainly use on-line tracking.
Then, the Mediciad/CHIP in home and community based programs under COVID-19 assessment tools:

5) Your interview with Alex Newman you tagged me in:
I have some points to bring up in response, since we couldn’t have a 3 way interview.
Near the 10:37 mark, school choice debacle. Use 3rd attached picture here, and, this article:

**We’ll use that section where you’re showing the stimulus COVID-19 photos, so we can clarify all that. Near 12:20 time stamp.

Near the 28 minute mark:
**Homeschool suicides and mental health issues:

Of course, under ESSA and the current health crisis, ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) will once again surface. ACEs, from the gov’t and CCSS Machine perspective are completely avoidable IF the ENTIRE Community is aligned to the same things. We’ve discussed this before, but here are the articles for ACEs which will use COVID-19 as a justification for interferring in families (CDC, Medicaid/care, IDEA funds, etc.) Use 2nd attachment picture, here.

Near 30 minute mark, the ‘if you can read, you can teach’, I have some personal examples I can share about this,so remind me, please.

Lastly, a great read for true economics:



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Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

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