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The Inflation Scam is Grand Theft by the Deep State (Video)

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Inflation is not some mysterious force that the Federal Reserve needs to constrain, but the deliberate theft of wealth by the banking cartel that owns and operates the Fed for Deep State benefit, explains The New American magazine’s Alex Newman in this episode of Behind The Deep State.

From dishonest inflation numbers and the destruction of purchasing power caused by created new currency to the broader scam that is the debt-based monetary regime. However, there are solutions—honest, sound money, for example—that Alex explores in this episode.

Article posted with permission from Alex Newman

Alex Newman

Alex Newman is an award-winning international journalist, educator, author, speaker, investor, and consultant who seeks to glorify God in everything he does. In addition to serving as president of Liberty Sentinel Media, Inc, he has written for a wide array of publications in the United States and abroad. He currently serves as a contributor to the Epoch Times, a correspondent for the Law Enforcement Intelligence Brief, foreign correspondent and senior editor for The New American magazine,  a writer for WND (World Net Daily), an education writer for FreedomProject Media, a columnist for the Illinois Family Institute, and much more. All together, Alex reaches millions of people each year with the message of faith, family and freedom. Alex is happily married and has five children, so far. Along with his family, he currently splits his time between various places, including Europe and the United States.
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