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The Media Wants To Treat Journalists Like A Protected Minority

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Who’s more oppressed than the media, asks the media.

Or at least this bizarre Washington Post write-up complaining about a Brazilian mobile game and then trying to blame President Trump for it.

‘Make him famous in a different way’: In this popular mobile game, you kill a journalist – Washington Post

Or, more accurately, it happens on one mission of a mobile game no one had heard of before.

The mission is called Breaking News. It’s the seventh mission in the game, and it comes after you’ve upgraded your sniper rifle to shoot at a distance of nearly 1,000 feet with accuracy… Sniper 3D Assassin is a mobile game available on iOS and Android. It has a rating of about 4½ stars, with a combined 12 million reviews on both platforms. The app launched in 2014 and reached 10 million downloads in the first month, according to the developer, TFG, which is based in Brazil. In 2016, the developer claims it was the most-downloaded game in the App Store.

There are a thousand games like it. The company is Brazlian. It couldn’t care less about American politics.

But let’s unpack the media’s invisible knapsack in which it’s okay to kill a variety of fictional characters, but not journalists because they’re now some sort of protected group.

Attacks and threats against journalists have skyrocketed since 2017, when Donald Trump became president. Trump has continued to call journalists “the enemy of the people,” despite criticism and fear that he is stoking tension and violence.

On June 28, a man shot multiple journalists at the Capital Gazette in Annapolis, Md. Five people died and two were injured.

This is exactly why people hate the media.

The Capital shooting had zero to do with Trump. It was about a personal grudge. Yet the Washington Post has no problem implying otherwise.

Article posted with permission from Daniel Greenfield

The Washington Standard

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