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The One Question That Must Be Answered

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I had awoken this morning from a dream so strange.

I had dreamt the world was different, it somehow had changed.

Just how glorious can this beautiful world be?

To find out you must become the change you wish to see.

This morning, as I was heading towards the river to do some striper fishing, I decided to listen to Michael Savage. Friday’s podcast was of course, focused exclusively on the upcoming presidential election. Savage was instrumental in rallying the conservative base to get out and vote for Donald Trump in 2016. He is expressing some doubt as of late, whether those same people can be counted on to prevent Joe Biden’s vice-presidential pick from becoming president.

The Republican party is more split now than I can ever remember. There are those who absolutely love Trump and those who do not. We must accept that he has not, despite the hype, lived up to his promises. We have no wall, Obamacare is mostly intact, the second amendment has been weakened, there have been no mass deportations and we are an additional eight trillion dollars in debt. Trump spends money as well as any Democrat, only faster. Still, people believe that this election is the most important of our lifetime. Donald Trump is once again being presented as our last hope for freedom. Wasn’t he supposed to save us from the left in the last election?

The question is, what can Donald Trump do in a second term to reverse, or stop, what has occurred over the past four years? The reality that must be faced right now is of two possibilities. One, Donald Trump is not the strong leader people thought he was. Or, he is controlled opposition. The truth is, he can do nothing that he has not already been able to do. A Trump victory in November will not stop the tide of communism that is engulfing our nation, because he is enabling it, whether he knows it or not.

This is the truth that people refuse to see. A truth that has been self-evident since the beginning of Trump’s presidency. The first bill he signed was the omnibus spending bill, which was the concoction of Pelosi and Schumer. The Republicans controlled the house and senate at the time and were completely excluded from any negotiations. Trump and Schumer have been long time friends and Trump donated large sums of money to both his and Pelosi’s campaigns during the Obama years. After signing this bill, he stood in front of God and country and promised to never do it again. Since that time, he has signed every spending bill, every piece of legislation that increases the power of the state and zero bills that secured the blessings of liberty. This is not to say he has not done anything worthwhile, but it does seem like he is advancing the Democrat agenda. As I write, he is preparing to sign an executive order to spend another untold trillions we do not have on another stimulus package.

Why would Trump sign off on another stimulus bill instead of ignoring the radical agenda of Dr. Fauci, and opening the country? Something does not add up. Is this what there is to look forward to in 2021 ̶ ̶ a president who signs executive orders that put us further in debt?

The biggest question I have is what is the difference? Everything that has brought this country to the brink in the past few years has occurred under Trump. Of course, Obama played a major role, but Trump was supposed to stop it all. Am I supposed to believe that voting for him again is our last hope for freedom? That was the story last time, as I said earlier. What is the difference between Trump signing an executive order to spend trillions we do not have, and Biden doing it? I know one thing, if it were Biden doing it, the Republican base would not tolerate it. They also would not have tolerated the bump stock ban, which gave the ATF the unconstitutional authority to alter existing law by changing definitions within it, or ̶ ̶ would they tolerate any support for red flag laws. When President Trump sat next to gun-grabber extraordinaire, Feinstein, and said “take the guns first, go for due process later,” it was over for me. To be honest, I do not believe that half of what Trump does would be tolerated by Republicans if it were done by Democrats.

Savage made an interesting comment that caught my attention. He said that people are rallying around a strong leader to save the nation. Isn’t that the problem? America is a nation that has prided itself on its Christian heritage and yet, we are looking to men to solve our problems? Is Trump a strong leader? Savage suggests that his advisers are leading him astray and that it is their fault his poll numbers are dwindling. He suggests that some of them could possibly be saboteurs. They could very well be, I will give him that. Blaming Trump’s failures on his advisors, however, does not speak to strong leader characteristics. It suggests that he cannot think for himself while stripping him of any personal responsibility for his actions. Strong leaders face their failures and do not allow others to decide who or who is not, to blame.

Over the past four years, I have been extremely critical of Trump. I have been one to believe that he is controlled opposition. The typical reaction I get is being asked if I would rather have a democrat in office. The answer to that is of course, no. Those that ask that however, are missing the bigger question. In my opinion, this question is the one that must be answered if we ever expect to fix our country. How did we get to the point where we accept the notion, that we must vote for the lesser of two evils? Only when we answer this question can we get a real understanding of what we must change. The real problem is one of the human heart and our nations disconnect with God.

Article posted with permission from David Risselada

The Washington Standard

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