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The “Ring Of Fire Eclipse” On October 14th Will Combine With Another Eclipse In 2024 To Form A Giant “X” Over “The Empty Cross” In Texas

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Did you know that the path of a “ring of fire” solar eclipse is going to pass directly over the United States next month?  Everyone in the continental United States will be able to see at least a partial eclipse, but those that are in the direct path of the eclipse will get to see a truly spectacular sight.  Because the moon will be so far away from the Earth when this eclipse occurs, it will look like there is a “ring of fire” around the moon as it passes right in front of the sun…

An annular “ring of fire” solar eclipse will be visible across the Western Hemisphere on Oct. 14, and Americans across several Western states will be able to see it.

It’s called a “ring of fire” eclipse because only the outer ring of the sun will be visible during the height of the spectacle.

This isn’t something that happens too often.

If you want to see it for yourself, you will have to travel to the western half of the country.

The path of the eclipse will first hit the U.S. in Oregon, and it will leave U.S. territory in the state of Texas

The annular eclipse will first be seen in the U.S. near Eugene, Oregon, before traveling across the country with visibility in parts of Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, Texas, California, Idaho, Colorado and Arizona. It will end in Texas.

A partial solar eclipse is expected to be visible in all 48 contiguous states, as well as Alaska.

Of course this is not the only major eclipse that is headed our way.

On April 8th of next year, the “Great American Eclipse” will make headlines all over the globe.

According to NASA, the path of that eclipse will first enter the U.S. in the state of Texas, and it will also travel through the states of “Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine.”

And as I have explained previously, “the Great American Eclipse” will occur on the very first day of the year on the Hebrew calendar.

Many people out there believe that is quite significant.

If you put the paths of these two eclipses on a map, you will notice that they intersect right over the state of Texas.

In fact, the exact intersection of these two eclipses just happens to fall directly over “The Empty Cross”.

In the Coming King Sculpture Prayer Garden in Kerrville, Texas, there is a seven-story sculpture known as “The Empty Cross”, and that sculpture can be seen by vast numbers of people as they travel on Interstate 10…

The 77′ 7″ hollow cross sculpture at this site has been seen by millions of people traveling on Interstate 10, connecting California and Florida. Countless others have learned about this unique spiritual art garden through various media channels. Remarkably, the paths of the Oct. 14, 2023, Annular Solar Eclipse and the April 8, 2024, Total Solar Eclipse converge deliberately. Many believe this convergence, forming a colossal cross in the sky directly above “The Empty Cross,” is not a random occurrence but a divine sign—a message from the Creator Himself.

This sculpture is impossible to miss, because it is absolutely massive.

If you are not familiar with “The Empty Cross”, here is some information from the official website of the Coming King Sculpture Prayer Garden

The Empty Cross”™ is a seven-story Cor-ten steel sculpture by artist/evangelist, Max Greiner, Jr. This stunning signed and numbered edition Cor-ten sculpture was donated to THE COMING KING FOUNDATION by Max and Sherry Greiner, and Monte and Beverly Paddleford, owners of Eagle Bronze Foundry in Lander, WY. This unique contemporary sculpture was installed on top of a 1930’ hilltop above IH-10 on July 27, 2010.

“The Empty Cross”™ is believed to be the most symbolic cross sculpture in the world because of its Biblical symbolism. The massive open hollow cross symbolizes the Resurrection, the Door, the Narrow Gate, the Strong Tower, the Mighty Fortress, and the Light of the World, who is Jesus Christ. God sees mankind through the cross while mankind can only see the true God by looking at the cross.

Is it just a coincidence that the path of the solar eclipse on October 14th and the path of the solar eclipse on April 8th will intersect directly over this sculpture?

Of course there are a lot of bad things that are happening in Texas too.

For example, the Cathedral of Hope in Dallas just celebrated a “Drag Sunday” during which the church “held a service to bestow blessings upon the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence”

The Cathedral of Hope, the world’s largest LGBTQ-friendly church, hosted a “Drag Sunday” service honoring the satanic Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. While the churches argue that their actions are a step towards inclusivity, many conservatives see this as a blatant disregard for the sanctity of religious spaces and the teachings of the Bible.

The Cathedral of Hope in Dallas is a liberal Christian church that is part of the United Church of Christ (UCC). The UCC is a socially liberal Protestant Christian denomination with roots in the Congregational, Continental Reformed, and Lutheran traditions.

On Sunday morning, the Cathedral of Hope held a service to bestow blessings upon the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a group of queer and trans nuns known for their blasphemous acts mocking Catholicism.

Ultimately, I don’t know what all of this means.

Could it be possible that someone is trying to get our attention?

There are other eclipses that are coming in 2024, 2025 and 2026, and I believe that they are noteworthy as well.

I am going to do some more research, and this is something that I plan to discuss in future articles.

So stay tuned, because lots of really weird stuff is starting to happen in the skies above.

Article posted with permission from Michael Snyder

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