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If You Think the BLM and Daniel P. Love were Bad at Bundy Ranch, Look at what They did to this Man over Indian Artifacts

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In March of 2016, I reported on the Bureau of Land Management and the leader of the BLM at Bundy Ranch, Daniel P. Love, in a case from 2009 involving Indian artifacts he discovered and the wrongful death of Dr. James Redd.  Since that time, I have been in touch with the Redd family, who provided the following information.  I have asked that person to compile information pertaining to what took place with Dr. Redd.  The following bullet points, videos and information are what I obtained.  You can download this file here that are the “attachments” mentioned in the article below.

This article by the LA Times gives a good overview of what happened to Dr. James Redd at the hands of the BLM and FBI.

This is a short summary of what happened to Dr. James Redd at the hands of the BLM and Dan Love.

-Dan Love was the Special Agent in charge of Operation Cerberus Action (the artifact raid in Blanding Utah June 10, 2009).  He was also the Special Agent in charge of the Bundy Ranch Standoff April 2014.
-The government hired a secret informant (Ted Gardiner) to set up and entrap Dr. James Redd, his wife Jeanne and others for trafficking in artifacts.  The government and Ted Gardiner knew Dr. James Redd and his wife Jeanne were not traffickers, but it appears that they were determined to make them look like they were.
-According to the head FBI agent in Utah, Tim Furhman, this trafficking was a Black market “multimillion dollar industry.” (see Salt Lake Tribune article by Patty Henetz titled “The Source: the inside story of the key player in Fed’s Indian artifacts case”).
-In the article from KSL titled “FBI boss says agency did well in artifacts bust” by Robert Gehrke June 7, 2010 it reads: “FBI Director Robert Mueller said Monday he is satisfied law enforcement acted appropriately when it broke up a black market ring selling American Indian artifacts last year.”  He continues, “There have been a number of pleas to date from everything I’ve seen we acted very appropriately,” Mueller said during a routine visit to the FBI’s Salt Lake City office.”
-There was no black market ring connected with Dr. James Redd, Jeanne Redd or anyone else in Blanding.  There was a phone call in December 2015 from an agent that was part of the raids.  He said, among many other things, that the Redds were not part of a “black market ring” in artifact trafficking and that the whole operation did not tap into any “black market” ring at all.  It was all made up by Ted Gardiner and others in order to get this bogus operation funded.
-In the article previously mentioned by Patty Henetz, we also read: “The night of June 9, a tribal elder from the Southwestern pueblo blessed more than 100 U.S. Bureau of Land management law enforcement officers and archaeologists who the next day would mount a dawn raid on Blanding, Moab and Monticello residents indicted for looting graves and trading in relics taken from tribal, BLM and Forest Service land.”  I wonder how much tax payers money was spent on paying this “tribal elder” to bless these BLM / FBI agents for their raids the next day.  As you will read below Dr. Redd was not involved in any grave robbing or looting activities or in trading, buying or selling any artifacts. (see Undercover FBI video/audio of Dr. Redd).
– Dr. James Redd was a family practice physician for over 30 years in Blanding, Utah and served the Native American people and all others he could help.
-He is the father of 5 children and grandfather to 10 grandchildren.  They will never see him again in this life.
-Dan Love and the feds sent an undercover informant (Ted Gardiner, previous artifact dealer for 11 years, drug addict and alcoholic) to Dr. Redd’s house, and some other homes, to try and entrap them in Native American artifact dealing. He wore a secret audio/video camera.
-After a two and half year undercover investigation, the feds were only able to charge Dr. Redd with one bogus “felony” count of possessing an artifact.  Jeanne was charged with 7 counts that were also all purposely inflated in value, but that is another story.
– Dr. Redd’s only charge reads:  Count 4:  On or about March 27, 2008, in the Central Division of the District of Utah, JEANNE H. REDD and JAMES D. REDD, defendants herin, did receive, conceal, and retain property belonging to an Indian tribal organization, with a value of more than $1,000 to wit: an effigy bird pendant, knowing such property to have been embezzled, stolen, or converted, and did aid and abet therin, all in violation of 18  U.S.C. 1163 and 2.
-The artifact or “effigy bird pendant” (as the feds like to call it) was a tiny little bead, which is less than half the size of a dime (see attached photo of the “effigy bird pendant”). Dr. Redd picked it up off the ground and brought it home.  He did not try to sell it or trade it or any artifact ever to Ted Gardiner or anyone else, he just showed it to the informant. (see Undercover FBI video)
-Less than a week after Dr. Redd’s untimely death, the U.S. Attorney’s Office gave a press release  In it Attorney for Utah Brett Tolman is quoted as saying, “None of the charges in the indictments is for mere possession of a protected artifact.  The charges in the indictment are for trafficking in archaeological artifacts, which includes the sale, purchase or exchange of protected artifacts.”  This is untrue.  Dr. Redd never sold, purchased or exchanged any artifact.  At the time this press release came out there were a lot of upset people about the untimely death of Dr. Redd.  It appears that in order to try and calm everyone down the US Attorney’s Office wanted everyone to think that Dr. Redd was a trafficker in illegal artifacts, which was untrue  (see undercover FBI videos of Dr. Redd also see attached Press Release).
-The bead or “effigy bird pendant” is worth $75 according to expert appraiser Dace Hyatt. (see attached Dace Hyatt affidavit from the wrongful death lawsuit by the estate of James Redd vs. Daniel P. Love)
-They lied about the value of the tiny little bead and said it was worth over $1,000 in order to charge my Dr. Redd with a felony.  The felony threshold for an artifact taken from reservation land is $1,000.  Therefore if the artifact in question has a value of over $1,000 it is a felony, but if the value is less than $1,000, it is a misdemeanor. A misdemeanor charge on Dr. Redd would not do because a misdemeanor would not take away Dr. Redd’s medical license and destroy his life, so they inflated the value by over 1,250% in order to exceed the felony threshold.
-The time the little bead is mentioned on the undercover video is a total of one minute and twenty-two seconds.  Dr. Redd actually talks for about 20 seconds.
-Dan Love and the feds raided Dr. Redd’s house on June 10, 2009.  Dan Love boasted to Dr. Redd’s daughter Jericca that he had 80 agents at Dr. Redd’s house at one time and throughout the day he said there were a total of 140 agents that visited the house.  They searched Dr. Redd’s house for 11 1/2 hours.  The other defendants in the case that were arrested that day had at the most 10-12 agents at their houses.  It appears that no other houses were searched for more than a few hours and none of the defendants said they were interrogated for more than around half an hour yet as you will read Dr. Redd was interrogated in handcuffs for about 3 1/2 hours.
-As the feds entered the front door and handcuffed Jeanne Redd (Dr. Redd’s wife) they asked over and over again, “where’s the white bird? Where’s the white bird?”  Jeanne was in a sense relieved because she knew they did not have a “white bird” and she felt they had the wrong house.  She did not expect that this many armed agents would storm the house because they wanted the tiny little bead or “effigy bird pendant” as the feds like to call it.
-As the feds, with their firearms, mulled around 5’3″ 110 lb. Jeanne Redd in handcuffs one of the agents kept repeating to her, “do you know how much trouble you are in?  Your life is over as you know it.  This is the worst day of your life.  This is like a death in your family.”  Another agent said to her three times, “are you suicidal?”
-Dr. Redd arrived back at his house at 6:45 am the morning of June 10, 2009.  As he pulled up to his house that morning he would have seen swarms of federal agents around his home.
-One of the FBI agents drew his gun, pointed it at Dr. Redd, ripped him out of his jeep, handcuffed him and sat him down in the garage with the doors shut to begin their 3 1/2 hour interrogation concerning the minuscule little bead.
-Dan Love told Dr. Redd’s daughter, Jerrica, that he handpicked the agents that went to Dr. Redd’s house.
-In the garage the federal agents, both BLM and FBI, called him a liar over and over, asked him what shovel he liked to dig bodies with, and that he would never practice medicine again.  Dr. Redd never dug any bodies.
-Dr. Redd had to go to the bathroom, as you can imagine, so at least two agents marched him down the stairs to the bathroom.  One agent stood 6 inches from his right knee and another agent stood 6 inches from his left knee as he used the bathroom.  When he was done they would not remove his handcuffs for him to even clean himself.  They then stuffed him in a paddy wagon and drove him off to the BLM office in Monticello where they shackled him to others arrested and drove them to Moab to stand before the federal judge to hear their charges and enter a plea.  Dr. Redd”s plea was not guilty.
-According to Dan Love, he sent 7 snipers on to the roof of Dr. Redd’s house the day of the raid.  He said they were waiting for Dr. Redd’s son Javalan to drive down to the house.  Dan Love said they had a description of Jav’s car and knew what he looked like.  According to Dan Love, the reason they did this was because Jav called the house when the feds were there and said “don’t touch my animals, I’m coming down to get them. Be ready.” Dan Love said they (the feds) took this as a threat to their lives and therefore were waiting for him.  The next day, Mr. Shumway from Blanding went down to the house and said he was watching the Redd house with binoculars most of the day.  He said he saw a number of people on Dr. Redd’s roof resting next to the chimneys and other things on the roof for hours and hours, not moving.  At the time, it was unknown why they would be on the roof.  Later Dan Love clarified that he sent them on the roof to wait for Jav.
-Dan Love was at Dr. Redd’s house the whole morning until they took Dr. Redd away in the paddy wagon.  There were many other people arrested that day, but Dan Love was at the Redd house and no other.  Jericca Redd heard Dan Love on the phone throughout the morning telling the other agents to “come on down to the Redd’s house.”
-That night, Dr. Redd left his family a recorded message about 40 minutes long describing how he loved his family and speaks to each family member individually.  He also speaks in length about his love and testimony of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ and the importance of keeping the commandments. Among other things he mentions the government and that with him gone “there will be one less charge to contend with”.The one charge Dr. Redd is talking about is the false felony charge for the tiny little bead.  Approximately 24 hours after BLM agent Dan Love and the feds raided Dr. Redd’s home he asphyxiated himself in his jeep.  Dr. James Redd is gone because of a false felony charge that the feds knowingly falsified.
-Dan Love and the feds are 100% responsible for Dr. Redd’s death because of the lie they conjured up about the bogus felony charge concerning the tiny bead and how they treated him and threatened him that day in executing the arrest.
-At the Senate Judiciary Committee Meeting On June 17, 2009 (the day of Dr. James Redd’s funeral), Senator Orrin Hatch questioned Attorney General Eric Holder about the artifact raids and focused exclusively on the over-the-top treatment and heavy handedness of BLM and FBI agents in Dr. James Redd’s arrest and suicide.  At that time Senator Hatch had no idea the only charge on Dr. Redd was for a tiny little bead that he only possessed and which should have never been a felony charge.  (see attached the written transcript and video of the conversation and meeting).
-A few months after Dr. Redd’s death, in a meeting at the Old Timer Restaurant in Blanding, Utah, Dan Love and another BLM agent met with Jericca Redd (Dr. Redd’s daughter) to discuss an obscure email of Jeanne Redd’s which was never actually discussed.  During this meeting Dan Love asked Jericca how the family was doing. She politely tried to say not well. Dan Love proudly stated, “I know why your mom hates me, I’m the reason your dad is gone.”  He continued and said to not “give into the hate like the town of Blanding has done”.  At this same meeting Dan Love made many inappropriate comments to his fellow BLM agent about the teenage girls waitressing.
-About a month after Dr. Redd’s death Dan Love, Brent Range and an FBI agent were back at the Redd home.  While there Dan noticed a picture of the Prophet Joseph Smith on the kitchen table and told Jeanne and Jericca, “it’s good you have his picture there, keep praying to him.”  He was referring to Joseph Smith.  During this meeting, Dan received a phone call and after hanging up made the comment to Jericca that he had just spoken to the “secret informant” Ted Gardiner and complained that Ted continues to ask for more money. (Dan Love and Ted Gardiner, two of the main people responsible for the untimely death of Dr. Redd are discussing the exchange of money for their actions against Dr. Redd resulting in his death and then letting Dr. Redd’s daughter know about it)  As they were leaving, while standing in the garage, Dan Love gave Dr. Redd’s 3 year old grandson Sebastian a child’s BLM badge and said he could call him “Uncle Dan”.  Sebastian idolized his Poppy and the guy responsible for his death is telling him he can call him “Uncle Dan”.
-Dan Love and Brent Range were at Jamaica Redd Lyman’s (Dr. Redd’s daughter) apartment in Provo, Utah talking to Jeanne Redd, and her three daughters.  Jericca asked Dan Love why he thought Dr. Redd did what he did.  Dan Love’s response was, “I think he took one for the team”. Dan Love also told each of them what he had learned from reading all of Dr. Redd’s private journals and explained what he had learned from it.  He detailed many of the private thoughts and concerns Dr. Redd had for each of his children and his wife.  He let them know his opinion about the so called poor penmanship of Dr. Redd.  Little did he know or probably understand that Dr. Redd used shorthand and medical abbreviations in much of his writing.  At this same meeting Dan Love boasted that he did not need to follow the posted speed limit because due to his status as a federal agent these laws did not apply to him.
-Months before the raid occurred, two small bags of nominally-priced artifacts were found in Daniel P. Love’s vehicle 8 months after they were acquired by the informant Ted Gardiner.  They were from Jeanne Redd.  Why would he only have artifacts from Jeanne Redd in his car, for 8 months and no artifacts from other defendants?
-During a two day discussion with Dan Love and others at the BLM office in Salt Lake City, Jericca noticed maps and photos of the artifact defendants on the walls.  As she sat down she noticed another map with a photo on the floor that had appeared to have been pulled off of the wall.  She saw that the picture was of her father Dr. Redd and asked Dan Love why it was there on the floor.  He shrugged his shoulders and said yeah we need to get rid of that, yet it was there the next day.  At the end of the emotional two day meeting for Jeanne and Jericca, Dan Love and Brent Range proceeded to throw tennis balls at each other while everyone was still in the room including Jeanne Redd, Jericca and their attorney.  One of the tennis balls actually hit their attorney.
-Nine months after Dr. Redd was gone, the informant Ted Gardiner said to his friend that he “felt guilty for killing two people”.  One of those was Dr. Redd, the other one was a guy that shot himself (he was also indicted). A few days after Ted said this he had a shootout with local police then put a bullet in his head. (see the article “Report: Artifacts source blames self for suicides” by Paul Foy April 1, 2010 on KSL.com website also see Unified Police Report on Ted Gardiner’s suicide).  Why would an undercover informant who was supposedly doing his job properly to rid the U.S. of evil underground criminals, feel guilty for the actions of those he caught in secret, illegal, underground activity? Could it be because he made friends with Dr. Redd who gave him medical advice on his ankle injury, encouraged him a few times to quit smoking to improve his health, invited him to the LDS church function that night…..could it also be that Ted and the feds knew there was no black market ring and that Dr. Redd was not a dealer, trafficker or even a collector and never had been? (see FBI undercover video concerning these facts)….Ted knew he had a major part in Dr. Redd’s death because he was falsely charged a felony for a tiny little bead he merely picked up off the ground and after nine months of torment, it appears Ted could not take it anymore and therefore put a bullet in his head.  (See attachment: Police Report containing quote of friend that Ted told he felt guilty for killing two people)
-So, the result of the two and a half year undercover operation was three dead human beings, some probation for the defendants and the government was able to take whatever artifacts they desired whether legally obtained or not. From the Redd home, among other things, they took 80-year-old Pima baskets just because they wanted to. They also took a very nice collection of artifacts from Central America that had nothing to do with the raid. They destroyed a 10-year-old handmade bow and arrow because they said it had bugs on it.  They told Jeanne they did her a favor.  The bow and arrow was a decoration piece hanging in Dr. Redd’s living room.
-Dan Love was given by the BLM “special agent of the year 2009” award.  In the words from the BLM “year end review” journal it reads, “Agent Love was selected for the award because of his outstanding work conducting investigations in the protection of renewable and non-renewable resources…..The investigation could not have been completed without the unparalleled dedication of Agent Love…..Special Agent Love’s exemplary effort on this investigation has brought great credit upon him and the BLM.”  Sometime after the artifact raid Dan Love was promoted by the BLM and as of September 5, 2014 he was head of BLM law enforcement in Utah and Nevada.  One of the more recent operations he was head of was the Bundy Ranch incident at Bunkerville, Nevada in April 2014.
-A comment from Dan Love in a Deseret News article shows his character in trying to undermine the tragic events that he perpetrated on Dr. Redd.  Part of the article reads: “His widow, Jeanne, said in a wrongful death suit filed in May, that FBI and BLM agents’ “excessive, overreaching and abusive treatment” pushed her husband to suicide.  She claims that agents “manhandled” her husband and interrogated him for hours in the garage.  But Love said it didn’t appear that Dr. Redd had any animosity or anger toward authorities as a result of the investigation or the way he was treated that day.  In fact, he said Redd shook his hand and thanked him for being treated with respect and dignity.”  This article and statement occurred after the wrongful death lawsuit was filed against Dan Love by the Estate of James Redd.  Interesting how Dan Love never made this false statement about Dr. Redd and his thankfulness for the “respectful and dignified” treatment he received from the federal agents in the raid until after a lawsuit was filed against him specifically.
-Dan Love told Dr. Redd’s daughter Jericca that he had 80 agents at the Redd’s house at one time and that there were a total of 140 agents that were there throughout the day.  These are some of the Government’s responses as to the reasons they give for the need of the excessive number of agents sent to Dr. Redd’s home the day of the raid:
1.  They say they needed the excessive number of agents because of the number of felony charges they had on Dr. Redd’s wife Jeanne.  Jeanne had 7 felonies and Dr. Redd had one (false) felony.  Jeanne is 5’3” 110 lbs.  Another pair of defendants that were arrested the same day in Blanding were charged with 29 felony counts and his wife was charged with 4 felonies yet the feds sent a total of 10-12 agents to their house that day.
2.  They also say they needed the excessive number of agents because of the number of artifacts in the Redd home.  The reality is that all the artifacts could have been packed into the back seat and trunk.   For show they claimed they needed two moving trucks to move all the artifacts.  They would pack a little artifact into a large box to take up excessive space in the moving truck.  Another defendant the feds went to that day lived in Colorado.  This defendant happened to be fishing at a local pond near his house the morning of the raid and for some reason the feds didn’t want to wait for him to return or go get him at the local fishing pond. It turns out that they actually never even arrested him.  He has been a dealer in artifacts for twenty to thirty years and he has at least 10 times the amount of artifacts that Jeanne Redd had which Jeanne actually discloses in those exact words to the informant Ted Gardiner on the undercover FBI videos.  The feds sent 8-10 agents to his house that day despite the excessive amount of artifacts at his house.  The agents were at his house for about an hour or so, not the 11 ½ hours spent at Dr. Redd’s house.  Do you think if Dr. Redd had been fishing at a local pond that morning that the feds would have just not worried about arresting him and just let him keep fishing?  I think not.  And remember Dr. Redd was not a digger, dealer or collector.  He just happened to show the informant the tiny little bead one day.
3.  They also say they needed the excessive amount of agents that day because Dr. Redd was known to hunt animals.  Many of the other defendants arrested that day were also animal hunters yet none of them had more that 10-12 agents at their houses that day.
-In June 2010, Dan Love and BLM agent Dan Barnes presented at a meeting of the Dixie Archaeology Society in St. George, Utah.  Despite the fact that prosecutions of numerous defendants in the case were still pending BLM agents Dan Love and Dan Barnes gave a formal presentation on “Operation Cerberus.”  In the middle of the presentation, Detective Love postulated that “stealing artifacts” was a way of life for the people involved, and was a family affair in one case, showing a picture of the Redd family outdoors (confiscated during the ransacking of the family home) claiming they were out “pot hunting.”  Not only is this behavior contrary to the professional standards of law enforcement but a disregard for the Redd family’s privacy, the untruth that was presented, and the fundamental unchecked power of Dan Love to do whatever he pleases.  Less than one hour after Jay Redd found this information on the internet (the information was on a blog) the blog was changed.  The names of Dan Love and Dan Barnes were removed and the information about Dan Love showing the photos of the Redd family to the group was also removed.  Why would the names of Dan Love and Dan Barnes need to be removed? Why would it be removed so abruptly after Jay found it?  It is interesting what information was removed. (see attachment to view the blog before it was changed and what it looked like after it was changed)
-On October 21, 2010 there was an unwarranted and unannounced visit by BLM agent Dan Barnes to Dr. James Redd’s son Jay Redd’s dental office.  About a half hour after the visit this email was sent by Dan Love to Jeanne Redd’s attorney.  The first part mentions that BLM agent Dan Barnes went to Jay Redd’s office to discuss statements that were both past and continuing that he has made to members of the community.  Dan Love says that they tried to contact Jay at home but the attempt had failed.  It says that according to Dan Barnes, Jay Redd was visibly upset and that his mother’s attorney may get a call from me.  He continues and says that Mr. Redd is very close to the line in some of his statements and comments about investigators assigned to the investigation involving members of his family.  It continues and implies that SA Barnes was just making contact to visibly reinforce that statements and or threats made by Jay Redd could and in some cases would warrant investigative activity against him.  He finishes the email by implying that the matter is deemed closed, unless Jay Redd continues with his statements and ongoing pattern of behavior. He concludes by saying, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call me.. This is essentially what the email says.  Copies of the original email exist.  It is interesting to note that BLM agent Dan Barnes was one of the agents handpicked by Dan Love to interrogate Dr. Redd in his garage for about four hours the day of the raid.  He is also the other defendant sued for the wrongful death of Dr. Redd by the estate of James Redd. The statements that were made that he is referring to were that Jay feltl that those agents involved in his father’s death will have to pay for what they have done in the next life. This unwarranted visit and email was just another intimidation tactic on the Dr. Redd family that Dan Love is so prone to do.
-A challenge coin was made to remember Operation Cerberus.  See the attached photo of the informant Ted Gardiner’s coin.  When Ted Gardiner committed suicide he had an “FBI Coin” in his pocket. (see attached photo of coin and police report pages about FBI coin in Ted’s pocket)
-Jay Redd contacted Phil Lowe, CEO of the San Juan Health Service District, concerning the loss of Dr. Redd and the impact felt on the Monticello, Utah Hospital.  He wrote Jay this letter on August 2, 2011 which reads:
Dear Jay,
Just wanted to write a short note to tell you and your family how much we miss your father known to us as Dr. Redd.  He has been sorely missed on a personal level as well as on a professional level.  Our patients miss him dearly.  We have placed a large photograph of Dr. Redd in our front hospital lobby as a memorial to our friend.
His medical practice contributed significantly to the success and viability of San Juan Hospital in Monticello.  In fact, I have included some financials from our health district audited financial statements to help you see the negative impact his loss had on the health care in this area.  The health district incurred some large decreases in revenue and losses from operations comparing 2009 to 2010.  When he left us in the summer of 2009, the losses we incurred from hospital and clinic operations were very hurtful to our financial viability.  He was definitely a strong advocate for the health district and contributed significantly to its success.
We thought you would be interested in the impact his life and his death have had on the health care in this area.  Hope your family are all doing as well as can be expected.
Phil Lowe, CEO San Juan Health Service District
-Please see attached page of “statements of revenues, expenses, and changes in net assets for the years ended December 31, 2010 and 2009”.  You will see that there was about a $1.5 million dollar loss the year after Dr. Redd was gone.
– In the evening of the day of the raid (he died early the next morning) Dr. Redd went to the nursing home to check on all his patients there even though he knew he would not be alive in a few hours he still needed to make sure he did his rounds at the nursing home.  Also late that evening when he recorded his last message to his family, one of the last things he says is that he apologizes to his office manager because he didn’t get all the dictation done on his patients he had seen the day before.  So just before he leaves this mortal world he is concerned and sorry he doesn’t get the dictation done for all his patients.  That shows the character of a man that was dedicated to his job in serving the people of San Juan County.
-To think that such an integral part of the community could be singled out and destroyed by Dan Love, the BLM and the others involved because of a tiny little bead is beyond disgusting.  It seems like those responsible for Dr. Redd’s untimely death just continue on with their lives like nothing out of the ordinary happened while those who knew him suffer from their actions daily. It’s as if those involved in the death of Dr. Redd believe that the “ends justify the means” and that those who died were just collateral damage. The community of Blanding, Utah will never be the same.  This kind of treatment to one of its most important and beloved doctors and members of the LDS church and community will be missed for generations to come.
-Dr. James Redd is a man of great integrity and someone who loved America.  These three letters give a great insight into what kind of a man Dr. James Redd is.  
The first letter was written by Dr. Paul Reay, a family practice physician who worked along side Dr. Redd in San Juan County, Utah.  They were not only colleagues but friends as well.  After the untimely death of Dr. James Redd, Dr. Reay wrote a letter to Jay Redd, Dr. James Redd’s son, detailing the devastating impact the sudden loss his father has had on the medical care for the rural communities in the area.  
The next letter describes Dr. Redd’s kindness in helping those he came in contact with.  The letter was sent via Facebook to one of Dr. Redd’s daughters from Afghanistan.  The author of the letter was a soldier serving our country there.  No one in Dr. Redd’s family knew who the author of the letter was except for one of his daughters.  Dr. Redd had never mentioned to any of his family what he had done for this high school wrestler.  Dr. Redd did not do it to receive praise or recognition from others, he did it out of the kindness of his heart.  Who knows how many other people he touched in a similar manner.  The Redd family has received over 60 letters from those whose lives have been touched in one way or another by Dr. James Redd.
The third letter was written by Dr. James Redd to President Bush.  It illustrates the love he had for America, the President and the government.
In Dr. Redd’s last part of the audio message he left for his family he says, “Tell Debbie I’m sorry I didn’t get everything dictated.”  He is referring to the dictation on the patients he saw the day before Dan Love and the BLM/FBI raided his home and destroyed his life over a tiny bead.  The night of the raid, which was Dr. Redd’s final evening on Earth, he went up to the nursing home to check on his elderly patients one last time before he left this mortal life.  He wanted to make sure they were taken care of and to see if there was anything he needed to do for them.  When you compare and contrast the characteristics of Dr. Redd and Dan Love there seems to be a quite a difference.  Work ethic and kindness are just two that are illustrated here.  (See the OIG’s report on the investigation into ethics violations, intimidation and coverup’s by Dan Love).
Dear Dr. Jay Redd, July 29, 2011
I am pleased to be able to respond about the value and importance of your father, James Redd, MD; and the impact of his loss both upon me personally and upon the medical community and healthcare delivery system.
James Redd shared the responsibilities for medical care in our rural area where we are chronically short of physicians.  He shared the large patient load with three or four other physicians, both in the clinics and in the emergency room.  The most difficult part of that contribution would be the “on call” hours attending to emergency room patients during the nights, on weekends and on holidays.  Those hours are the hours that steal sleep and health from physicians.  It is at times almost overwhelming and his loss added a 30% increase to labor and load of the remaining physicians in our system.  Since his death, I have questioned and I believe the other physicians have also, whether we can continue in the demands that are placed upon us.
Dr. Redd’s patients suffered as much direct personal loss as anyone.  Many of them had medical histories that existed only in Dr. Redd’s memory.  His time with them stretched back so far that records had long been lost or destroyed, and he alone carried full knowledge of their past medical care and needs.  Many of them were on medical regimens with which only he was familiar.  Many had never seen another physician.  He was especially favored by the Native Americans who saw him with fervent dedication, often at significant personal sacrifice (relinquishing completely financially subsidized care to see him).
The loss of James Redd to our hospital almost resulted in financial ruin.  It was probably the single most devastating thing that could have happened to us just from a standpoint of financial loss.  We only barely waded through the months following his death.
I’ve repeatedly called Dr. Redd, “larger than life”, and part of that reputation and legend was the extraordinary and almost extra-human things that he accomplished as a physician.  I was present on the night when he orchestrated the care of victims of a large bus accident in our area.  Five patients at a time could overwhelm our small emergency room, but 10 times that many patients were processed and cared for under his direction all through the night.  He not only coordinated the effort, and directed the other physicians, but cared for an equal share of the victims.  I would have thought what he did to be impossible had I not seen it.  He had skills that few other rural family practice physicians possess, and mind and memory so sharp that it seemed he never forgot or overlooked anything.  Losing those capacities from among us might cost the lives of patients in the future.
In addition to everything else, Dr. Redd served as the Chief of the Medical Staff.  He served on the Health Service District Board.  He championed the political causes of the underserved and neglected in this area, and was loved by them.  He was loved and will be missed by many of us.
Paul R. Reay, DO  Chief of Medical Staff, San Juan Hospital
June 2009
You probably don’t know me and I don’t know you but I knew your dad.  I lived in Blanding a while ago and was in your grade. When I was in high school I lived down the road with a family that was less fortunate than others.  I would walk home from school just about every day after wrestling practice.  I never went to any of the wrestling matches or anything like that because I didn’t have wrestling shoes.  One day on the way home from practice a car stopped and picked me up.  The man (your father) asked me where I was going and where I was coming from.  I told him and he took me home.  The next day the same thing happened and continued to happen at least three days out of the week.  I informed him that he didn’t need to pick me up everyday.  He said that he was on his way home but I’m pretty sure he would come looking for me.  One day he asked me how wrestling was going, I said good.  I didn’t tell him that I didn’t have shoes or any of the required gear because I couldn’t afford them.  I don’t know how he found out but he did.  About a week later I was sitting in school and got called to the office.  I went to the office and was given a box with a note on top.  I opened it and there were some brand new wrestling shoes and gym clothes.  The note gave me some words of encouragement and told me good luck.  The next time he picked me up I told him that I was very thankful for all the stuff but that there was no way I could repay him.  He told me to do my best and to win some matches and that would be good enough.  I mentioned that when I won state I would show him my medal.  Shortly after that I was moved to another foster family.  I started school and was not doing very well.  The guidance lady at the school told me that I didn’t really have any chance of graduating because of the credits I lacked from moving around.  Wrestling season started and I started to pass my classes.  I was pretty bad at wrestling but by my senior year I was winning a lot of my wrestling matches and was on track to graduate. I thought a lot about what your dad said to me and what he did for me.  I didn’t want to let him down.  I wanted to thank him but I didn’t know how to and was afraid so I just tried harder when it came to wrestling and school.  It is hard for me to put into words how that act of kindness has affected my life but it had a major impact. Your father didn’t know who I was but went out of his way to help me. He showed me kindness that I had never had before and it’s helped me throughout my life. What I am trying to say is that your dad helped me more than he will ever know.  I only hope that someday I can do something to make up for what he did for me. I never won state but I took third in the state final my senior year.  I wanted to call him or write him a letter to tell him but I was too scared and I was not sure how to do it.  That little act of kindness that didn’t even faze him has helped me throughout my life.  The wrestling medals I won hang in my room.  They are a constant reminder of a man that helped me more than he will ever know.
J. L.
Letter written by Dr. James Redd to President Bush on 3-23-03
Dear President Bush,               3-23-03
It has been a pleasure to observe you during your presidency.  My family appreciates your efforts on our behalf – to maintain freedom now and for our children.
I’m amazed at the mountainous challenges you have faced and are surmounting at this time.
Your demeanor, words and actions have been notable in their timeliness.
Please continue the forthright decision making.  Know that we pray for you, your associates and America daily.
James D. Redd M.D.
P.S. Do you know any good places to hunt quail in Texas?
-People may wonder why Dan Love and the Feds would want to single out the Redds and destroy them.  This next story is the reason behind their vendetta against Dr. Redd and his wife Jeanne.
Bluff incident:
-At the end of 1995, Erv Guyman told Jeanne Redd that he had land in Cottonwood Canyon North of Bluff, Utah with some “mounds” or ruins on them.  He told her that she was welcome to gather what artifacts she would want there either by digging or screening or whatever.  On private land this is completely legal.
-On Saturday, January 6, 1996, the Redd family went to Erv Guyman’s land, opened the gate with the key he gave to them, unloaded the four-wheelers and the hotdogs to cook for lunch.  That morning the Redds actually passed Erv himself as they were driving into his land, he waved and the Redds continued on.  The Redds started to look for arrowheads and did some screening of the dirt that had already been dug up.  This site was not a cliff house but was a slightly raised area of dirt called a “mound”.  This mound had been dug over and over ever since the pioneers had settled the area in 1880.
-After the Redd family had been there for some time a police officer came to where they were.  Officer Naranjo asked what they were doing and they answered, “we are screening.”  He said, “do you know who’s land this is?”  They replied, “yes, it is Erv Guyman’s land.”  He said, “do you have permission to be here?”  They said, “yes we do.”  The officer said, “alright, thank you.”  He then left.
-What the Redds did not know at the time was that about three months earlier a person named Mr. Perkowski, had observed three people in a full size green van digging on a Sunday afternoon on the same “mound”.  It turns out there was dispute about whether the site was on Utah School Trust Land or private land owned by Erv Guyman.  BLM agent Jim Ragsdale was given the information and went to the site on November 2, 1995.  He observed where some digging had been done and he also “saw what appeared to be human bones on the west side of the hole.”  This information was written in his field notes.
-The BLM then heard that Dr. James Redd had been seen at the site two months after the bones were seen and recorded by BLM agent Jim Ragsdale.  After a few months, the State of Utah filed 3rd degree felony charges on Dr. James Redd and Jeanne Redd for desecration of a dead human body.
-Even though the BLM and State of Utah knew Dr. Redd and his wife Jeanne did not disinter a body, due to the bones already being present before the Redd’s arrived at the site, they still wanted to pin it on them.  He was a prominent physician and citizen in the area and had a nice house on a hill south of Blanding. They knew this story would make the papers.
-There was and still is dispute about who owns the tiny little piece of land and the history of its ownership.
 -On the current BLM map at the time, it indicates that the small section of land the “mound” is on is private land.
-The small area in question has no fence or demarcation that it may be anything else other than private land.  Erv Guyman thought it was his land.  School Trust Lands require ranchers that graze their cattle on School trust lands must have a permit to do so.  They never required it of the Guymans before and to this day they still do not require a permit.  Their cattle have been walking over this “mound” for years and years and continue to do so.
-In a letter written by a Utah State Archaeologist dated January 10, 1996 (4 days after Dr. Redd and his family were seen on the site) he says among other things, “I understand that Jim (Dr. Redd) stated they thought they were digging a site on private land, which is pretty close, just across the section line to the east.  In any case, everyone close to the investigation expects that there will be some sort of pressure to forget about it because of the prominence of the alleged perpetrators.  I think it is an appropriate opportunity to send a strong message that the Trust Lands Administration will not tolerate the willful and illegal destruction of the trust’s archaeological assets.  I recommend we take this case very seriously and support the sheriff in the criminal investigation, and that we commit whatever resources necessary to pursue the strongest civil action penalties possible.”
-In this letter, it says that Dr. Redd stated that he thought they were on private land then later in the letter it states that they will not tolerate anyone that “willfully” and illegally destroys school trust land archaeological sites.  It is obvious that Dr. Redd and his family thought they were on Erv Guyman’s land and that Erv thought it was his land as well yet in this letter, the archaeologist doesn’t care about that.  He wants to prosecute to the fullest extent regardless of intent or knowledge.
-There is an email sent by this same archaeologist May 20, 1996 to the same people as the letter above saying just that day (May 20, 1996 over five months since the Redds were at the site) they ascertained that the land belongs to the public schools fund.  It took them 5 months to come to the conclusion that the land actually belonged to the Public Schools Fund.  Even though it took them 5 months to determine this, according to them, Dr. Redd did not take the proper precautions to find out if the land was actually private land even though the BLM map said it was private land and Erv Guyman said it was his.
-On July 22, 1996, the Utah Special Assistant Attorney General  sent a letter to Dr. and Mrs. Redd.  In the letter, it reads among other things, “On January 6, 1996, you were observed by private citizens and law enforcement personnel excavating an ancient Indian ruin site located on trust lands in the above-referenced location.  the ruin in question has been designated in the National Register of Historic Places as site 42SA23040.”
-The significance of this letter is that the site Dr. Redd was seen at was never designated in the National Register of Historic Places.  That claim was a complete lie and the research backs it up.  Also, the site is referred to as a numbered site 42SA23040.  In order to have a number assigned to a site it must be a significant site, if the site is on private land the land owner must apply for a site number and it also takes time and must pass certain criteria to have a site number assigned.  Through research it has determined that this site number was assigned January 11, 1996, five days after Dr. Redd and his family were there.
-This was done in order to make it look as bad as possible for Dr. Redd and was done even though they knew it was wrong and a lie untrue.
-There are those who say that this was a State of Utah issue, not a Federal issue but if you look at all the players involved many if not most of them were BLM.  The archaeologist who assessed the site was BLM, all the investigators were BLM, the soil specialists were BLM.
-In short, summary the case was in the court system for 7 years.  The felony charges were first dismissed by Judge Anderson in San Juan County.  The state then appealed it to the appellate court which upheld Judge Anderson’s ruling.  The state then claimed they had “new” evidence and refiled charges.  They did not have new evidence and the case was then sent to the State Supreme Court of Utah, which was hopefully going to rule on the issue of refiling charges without new evidence (this is called a Brickey violation).  The State Supreme Court did not rule on the Brickey issue but instead said the Redd’s should have been bound over for trial on the original charges.  The case went back to San Juan County and judge Mary Manly ruled that the state violated Brickey by refiling the charges without new evidence and dismissed the criminal charges on both Dr. James Redd and his wife Jeanne.
-After this ruling, those who were pushing all of this got the state to charge the Redds with trespassing and to go after them for $250,000 in damage to repair the site.  They knew there were people digging at the site before the Redds were there, therefore they knew the Redds did not do the damage since they were screening the dirt that had already been dug up.  Also at the time the Redds were there, they did not know who owned the little piece of land but that didn’t matter, they still wanted to hold the Redds accountable for being on land that the trust lands did not even know they may have owned.
-Legislators had the law changed because of the Redd case to include bone fragments to be a violation if not reported properly.
-Forrest Cuch was the Director of Indian Affairs for Utah from 1997-2011.  He was abruptly fired by Governor Herbert in 2011.  He was very outspoken against the Redds during the Bluff case from 1996-2003.  From an article in the Salt Lake Tribune on March 1, 1998 by Christopher Smith titled, “Burial ruling stuns Indians and Scientists”. Forrest Cuch is quoted as saying, “There is clearly an attempt to interpret this law in a loose fashion and we would certainly recommend this decision be appealed to the highest level and the Redds prosecuted to the fullest extent.”
-After seven years of dealing with this issue in the courts and in the media, Jeanne Redd agreed to a settlement with the Utah Trust Lands.  She paid $10,000.  This was in 2003 and many people thought it was over.  Then in 2006 a secret informant knocks on the door of the Redd’s home with a plan to entrap them if possible with artifacts.
-In a video clip on KSL news June 10, 2009, the day of the artifact raid in Blanding, Forrest Cuch, in speaking about the raids that day, says, “It also breaks us a big ring that has been operating for many years.  It also includes Dr. Redd and his wife who were basically slapped on the wrist a couple of years ago.  And a lot of us were not happy with that case but we think it is being redeemed now.”
-The Bluff case for the Redds lasted from 1996-2003.  The BLM was heavily involved in the attempted prosecution of the Redds at that time then in 2006, three years after the Bluff case ends there shows up at the Redds house, just out of the blue, the secret informant Ted Gardiner attempting to entrap Dr. James Redd and his wife Jeanne in purchasing, selling or trading artifacts.
-It appears that the BLM, Forrest Cuch and others were upset that the Redds were not punished for their false charges of desecrating a dead human body and then three years later Operation Cerberus began.  Their unwarranted actions are the only reason Dr. James Redd is now in the cemetery.
-It is important for the truth to get out.  That is my mission, Dr. Redd and the Redd family have nothing to hide.  A quote by our great President George Washington applies here that was taken from a letter to Charles Mynn Thurston, Philadelphia, August 10, 1794, which reads, “Truth will ultimately prevail where pains is (are) taken to bring it to light.”
-Below is transcribed word for word the undercover audio of all that was ever talked about concerning Dr. Redd’s “effigy bird pendant”.  This  is exactly what is said:
Jeanne is Dr. James Redd’s wife, Jeanne Redd
Ted is the undercover informant Ted Gardiner
Jim is Dr. James Redd
Jeanne: Down in Arizona, down by baby rock, down by mounds down there….look what….Jim found that. (Jeanne shows Ted the little tiny bead my dad, Dr. Redd picked up off the ground)
Ted: Oh that’s sweet.
Jeanne: It’s got to be a bird….and we found those (talking about some small items in the tray including the little white bird and an arrowhead)…..and that’s the arrowhead I found.
Ted: That’s a nice bull creek (a bull creek is a type of arrowhead).
Jeanne: It sure is a pretty red.
Ted: Good job.
Jeanne: It was fun but we were only gone about an hour.
Some time passes until Dr. Redd comes into the room
Dr. Redd: Hey what do you think?  What do you think of that little dude there?  Huh?  Huh?
Ted: That is nice! (sarcastic)
Everyone: Laughter from everyone due to the tiny size and insignificance of the little bead when compared to the stuff Ted and the government brought to my parent’s house.
Dr. Redd: He knows just the thing to say.
Ted: You are talking about the little white pendant, right?
Everyone: Laughter from everyone again.
Dr. Redd: Pretty good eh?
Ted: Yeah, and the bull creek’s not bad either.
Everyone: More laughter.
Dr. Redd: Oh you would have to bring that up. I guess those Anasazi were not quite as bad as I thought they were. That’s pretty tricky isn’t it? So it’s a stylized bird?
Ted: I think so.
Dr. Redd: Jeanne knew it right off.
Ted: Jim, where did you find this little white bird pendant?
Jeanne: Baby rock, Baby rock Arizona.
Dr. Redd: Yeah
Ted: OK
Jeanne: Have you been to baby rock?
Ted: It sounds familiar.
Dr. Redd: It’s on the way to Kayenta, back behind Baby rocks.
Ted: Oh, OK. Yeah I know where it is.
Dr. Redd: There used to be a service station there but there’s not.
Ted: OK.
Dr. Redd: Get up on those mesas.
And that is the end of the conversation concerning the “effigy bird pendant” that the feds said was worth over $1,000 in order to charge Dr. James Redd with a felony.  If they were going to charge him with anything it should have been a misdemeanor but that just would not work for them, they had to charge him with a felony in order to take away his medical license and destroy him.  With a misdemeanor Dr. Redd would have still been able to keep his medical license but there was no way the feds would allow that to happen.  Dr. Redd did not try to sell or trade the “effigy bird pendant” to the informant Ted Gardiner or anyone else.  After the secret video/audio tapes were reviewed concerning Dr. Redd, they could only come up with this incident (the “effigy bird pendant” incident) that they could possibly do anything with.  They would have to inflate the value of the “effigy bird pendant” by over 1,250% saying falsely that the value of “bird” was over $1,000 in order to reach the felony threshold because of the Bluff case which involved Dr. Redd that the media and many of the public would consider him guilty automatically because of the previous bogus charge of desecrating a dead human body.
-The informant Ted Gardiner was an artifact dealer for over 10 years before he became a government undercover informant and therefore knew without a doubt that the tiny little bead (effigy bird pendant) was worth about $75.  Please read the “Affidavit of Dace Hyatt” (which is included in the Biven’s Action Lawsuit against Dan Love as Exhibit #8), he confirms everything about the informant Ted Gardiner.
-You will also see a photograph of the “effigy bird pendant” which is attached to this email.  You may wonder how a photograph was taken of this all important item because you may assume that the federal agents that raided the house would take if for sure since they were yelling at Jeanne, “Where is the white bird?” It turns out that the feds did not even take the “effigy bird pendant” the day of the raid.  It was in a tray in plain sight right under their noses yet they just left it there.  The photograph of it that is attached to this email was taken about a week after the raid.  The feds went back to the Redd’s house on July 7, 2009 to take all the artifacts and that is when the “effigy bird pendant’ was taken.
-For more information please read and watch:
-This youtube video is of Jay Redd speaking at the Recapture Canyon protest in Blanding, Utah in May 2014.  Federal misdemeanor charges were filed against Jay Redd for this speech and for accidentally riding a side by side off road vehicle on a closed portion of a road in Recapture canyon.  The charges read:
  1. Conspiracy to Operate Off-Road Vehicles on Public Lands Closed to Off-Road Vehicles.
  2. Operation of Off-Road Vehicles on Public Lands Closed to Off-Road Vehicles

It also reads: “It was further party of the conspiracy that on or about the morning of May 10, 2014, Phillip Kay Lyman and Jay DeMar Redd spoke to a large gathering of people at a meeting held in Blanding, Utah before the proposed ATV ride, instructing and encouraging the group regarding the proposed ATV ride through the off-road vehicle restricted area in Recapture Canyon.”  Jay Redd’s speech does not even mention Recapture Canyon, closed roads or off-road vehicles.  He only speaks about what the BLM did to his father Dr. James Redd concerning the tiny little bead he picked up off the ground.  You will notice that the charges on Jay Redd were dropped when Redd produced video evidence of when he realized he was on a closed portion of the road and then walked out of the canyon.

-This is a youtube video of Jay Redd speaking about what the BLM did to his father Dr. James Redd over the tiny little bead he picked up off the ground.


-This video is of Jay Redd speaking about his father Dr. James Redd before Utah Congressmen Jason Chaffetz, Chris Stewart, Rob Bishop and Bruce Westerman of Arkansas at the Congressional Listening Session January 22, 2016.

This video is of County Commissioner Bruce Adams speaking about Dr. James Redd before the Utah Congressmen Jason Chaffetz, Chris Stewart, Rob Bishop and Bruce Westerman of Arkansas at the Congressional Listening Session January 22, 2016.

This is the complete video of the Congressional Listening Session held January 22, 2016.

-This is an article talking about what happened concerning the raid and the suicide of the secret informant
-This article is about Dan Love and the BLM.  It is titled, “Utah to BLM: Rein in your cops”.
-This is the LA Times article speaking about Operation Cerberus.  Be sure to watch the 10 minute video 1/4 of the way down the article. Jay Redd speaks on the video about his father Dr. James Redd

-Senate Judiciary Committee meeting June 17, 2009.  Senator Hatch questions Attorney General Eric Holder concerning the artifact raid and the death of Dr. James Redd.

-This article touches on the connection of FBI agent in charge Greg Bretzing, BLM agent Dan Love and the artifact raid in Blanding, Utah and the untimely death of Dr. James Redd.

-Another article speaking about the connection of FBI agent in charge in Oregon Greg Bretzing, BLM agent Dan Love and the artifact raid in Blanding, Utah in June of 2009.  It also speaks about the wrongful death lawsuit against Dan Love for the wrongful death of Dr. James Redd.

Watch these next three videos. They talk about Dr. James Redd’s death, Lavoy Finicum’s death, the BLM FBI and BLM agent Dan Love.




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